From Afar: Moving On

Labor Day 2006. The last big wave of tourists on Martha’s Vineyard departed and it was time for my Hollywood life to begin. I needed reliable transportation and sage advice, so I tossed my successful comedy writer father into the passenger seat of my Toyota and drove onto the ferry. I asked him to pack light, which he did, although he revealed in Woods Hole that he had brought nine hats.

Academic Honors

Honor Roll Oak Bluffs School, 2nd Quarter Grade 8 High Honors: Kanika Datta, Molly deBettencourt, Harrison Dorr, Rose Engler, Elizabeth O’Brien, Mia Pagliccia, Garrett Zeilinger Honors: Nicole Arruda, Nicholas Fiore, Angela Hayes, Jared Koster, Cai Lombardi, Sean O’Malley, Brianna Oliveira Grade 7 High Honors: Allyse Guyther, Blake Leasure, Abby Marchand, Maxwell Smith Honors: Giovanna Alvares, […]

Poets’ Corner: Prayer From A Parent

December 2012 To remember the slain children at Sandy Hook Elementary School It was almost impossible to recognize him at the morgue. He had been shot so many times he looked like the rag toy our dog drags around.. I couldn’t believe another human being could fire so many bullets in someone who lay helpless […]