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From Afar: Possessions and Concessions

The funniest thing for me about packing is how it unearths exhibit after exhibit of bad decisions. Why did I buy a twelve pack of floss? Do we have room in the car for that much floss? Who do I know who will take a twelve pack of floss without thinking I’m a serial killer?

Oak Bluffs candidates make their case

Townspeople heard what the candidates had to say in a forum organized by the League of Women Voters.

Loose horse struck and killed by driver in West Tisbury

A driver struck and killed a horse that had got loose from its enclosure and strayed on to Old County Road in West Tisbury...

Alex’s Place at the YMCA is always changing

Opportunities for all ages at the Alexandra Gagnon Teen Center.

After Eighteen: College is feeling like college

If I get dealt a good hand, I just say 'college' and go about smiling. In this case I was dealt a very, very bad hand, which consisted of countless all-nighters, a lot of reading, pounds and pounds of junk food and a lot of energy shots. But nevertheless, I just chalked it up to 'college,' and I took care of business.

Whole lotta campin’ going on

School lets out this year on June 27th. How will your kids spend their summer vacation? With our comprehensive guide to camps on Martha's...

Hungry for knowledge about Eccentric Edible Trees

The next event at Polly Hill Arboretum (PHA) is all about Eccentric Edible Trees, this Saturday, March 29, from 10 to 11 am. PHA plant...

Martha’s Vineyard Museum seeks your photos from the 1960s

In anticipation of its upcoming exhibit Sea Change: Martha’s Vineyard in the 1960s, the Martha’s Vineyard Museum hosts a photo collection day on Saturday,...

Real Estate Transactions: March 17 – 21, 2014


Longtime MV Times editor retires

Doug Cabral announced his May 1 departure, at the weekly meeting of the newspaper’s staff on March 27