Supporting partners in Vineyard House’s mission

To the Editor: As Vineyard House breaks ground on the construction of our new consolidated campus, it is only appropriate to thank other Island agencies that also support our population and our mission. Primary among these is the New Paths Program at Community Services. This six-week day program offers counseling and helps those in early […]

How could anyone support it?

To the Editor: The proposal under consideration for the monstrous expansion of the Stop & Shop is appalling to say the least. I was brought up in Vineyard Haven. Generations of my family have been full or part time residents of the town, and many still are. It has always been the perfect place for […]

A preposterous proposal

To the Editor: This letter is to voice our concern over the proposed new Stop & Shop supermarket complex in Vineyard Haven. The regional impact on this already troubled waterfront must be taken seriously, and the Martha’s Vineyard Commissioners be held accountable to the mission statement defining their organization: “….to help carefully manage growth so […]

More choices in Chilmark

To the Editor: Stewardship is defined as “the responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving.” At their annual town meeting, Chilmark will be asked to vote on Article 20, which asks voters to pursue a plan to build a $4 million, 19.5-foot wide, two-lane bridge to access the 12 houses […]

Say no to Stop & Shop

To the Editor: Following is a letter that I have emailed to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission about the enormous scale of the proposed Stop & Shop project. (I do hope that the MV Times will step up the reporting on this important issue as the deadline draws near. It is going to have a huge […]

Editorial: Dukes County, once again, intrudes on airport affairs

For the umpteenth time in recent history, the Dukes County commissioners have demonstrated their latent but persistent determination to get their mitts on county airport management. The commissioners declined the reappointment of two airport commissioners, using the fireworks over the dismissal of an airport employee as the pretext. Airport management and its union employees have been […]

A trio of Chilmark Dunkls in opposition to Stop & Shop

To the Editor: 1. Chapter 831 states, and I quote – “The purpose of the commission created by this act shall be to further protect the health, safety and general welfare of island residents and visitors by preserving and conserving for the enjoyment of present and future generations, the unique natural, historical, ecological, scientific and […]