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From Martha’s Vineyard to D-Day, 70 years ago

Two ferry boats, the New Bedford and the Naushon, were taken by the Navy, in 1942. This meant Vineyarders were limited to only two trips off Island per day.

This was then: A full bath more than once a week

the other rules of the game included 'Sleeping long hours with windows open, Drinking as much milk as possible, but no coffee or tea, Drinking at least four glasses of water a day, and Playing part of every day out of doors.'

Sharks chomp Navigators in FCBL baseball opener, 11-1

The Martha’s Vineyard Sharks of the Futures Collegiate Baseball League raised their 2013 championship flag, then went out and chomped the North Shore Navigators...

Fred “Ted” Morgan remembers Normandy

Ted,” he said, “you’re not going to make it.” That stayed with me and I had to push myself. I couldn’t think of not doing it. I was absolutely determined that, if it killed me, I was going to prove Pete Vincent wrong.

Diploma a long time coming

After the war, he was too busy with the rest of his life to worry about getting a diploma — preoccupied by getting married, serving in the armed forces for 25 years, raising seven children, and, most recently, retiring to Poinciana, Florida with his wife, Ruth.

Martha’s Vineyard Mustangs

In the spring of 1964, Ford Motor Company introduced a new model — the Mustang — at the 1964 World's Fair in New York...

Familiar echoes in Florida ruling against Danielle Pendergraft

An Edgartown broker and a library foundation official traveled to Gainesville to testify against the former Edgartown resident.

Section 35: When addiction calls for drastic action

There’s no rehabilitation on this Island. It’s ridiculous that someone has to go to Falmouth to be evaluated. Addiction is a huge problem here. I see how frustrating it is for the addicts and the families of addicts. New Paths and Vineyard House do good work, but they’re just putting a finger in the dike.”

Tisbury selectmen throw shellfish regulations back

Selectmen chose to ignore the recommendation of the shellfish constable and advisory committee to prohibit wet storage of shellfish.

Island Housing Trust highlights energy-efficient apartment construction

The Sepiessa II rental apartments in West Tisbury feature cutting edge construction techniques.