Oak Bluffs

The town seems a bit empty with the schools on vacation. Many students and their families have left for warmer climates or, in some cases, headed north for ski holidays. I guess our warm weather is over for a while as single figure temperatures and possibly snow are predicted for this week. The birds have […]

Poets’ Corner: Winter’s Concert

Singing through the sparkling night sky the sound of winter’s chilling cry Trees dancing with delight to a tune sung in chorus under a smiling moon Running brooks joining in beneath the ice — giggle and grin Banging branches and sweeping leaves providing backup beneath heaven’s eaves And piercing through it all the night owl’s […]


It is almost worth getting older to have a birthday weekend with two lovely granddaughters trying to outdo each other to help me celebrate. Their cake decorations were crazy, their hand drawn cards were spectacular, their eagerness to celebrate was indefatigable — and I am exhausted but very happy now. Next Monday you can begin […]