Oak Bluffs: A treat for the Falkenburgs


One look out the window this Monday morning says it all. Everywhere I look the scenery is white, and more snow is coming. It will stop sometime. It always does, but in the meantime, here are a few reminders that will make life a little easier for everyone. If you have a hydrant near your house, please shovel it out, so if it is needed the fire department will have quick access to it. Check on your neighbors to make sure they are well and have heat and food, and remember the streets and sidewalks are coated with ice under all the new snow that is still falling. Most of us have now learned to do the “penguin waddle” as we maneuver over the icy paths.

Carol Christopher Clark is very grateful to everyone who donated to or attended her fundraiser. As a result of your generosity, she has been able to resolve some of the medical expenses that were incurred during her extended medical treatments. Thankfully, Carol is now in remission from her illness.

Back in the day — way, way back in the day actually — Saturday-night movies at the Capawock Theatre in Vineyard Haven were our wintertime entertainment. Now the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse, along with Island Entertainment, has launched a Monday Night at the Movies program. On Feb. 6 at 7:30 pm, the feature will be Batman, the Movie. So venture out on that night and enjoy 105 minutes of constant action and excitement that will bring a pleasant interruption to this dreary winter.

The Martha’s Vineyard Museum has a new exhibit, “Victorian Secrets.” The museum is exploring underwear’s place in history. “Victorian Secrets” will open on Friday, Feb. 13, with a reception from 5 pm to 7 pm in the Museum Galleries. Admission is free to members and $7 for nonmembers. The exhibit will be open through May 25.

Here is a story to warm your hearts in these cold days. Jodie and Bob Falkenburg decided to use their Christmas gift card for Offshore Ale last week to celebrate 65 years since their first date. While seated in the restaurant, they mentioned to the waiter that this was a special night, and told him why. Two men seated at the next table asked them if it were really true that they had their first date 65 years ago, and they told them it certainly was. They enjoyed their dinner, and when they asked the waiter for the bill, he said that the men sitting next to them had already taken care of it. Needless to say, they were overwhelmed by such a generous act from people they didn’t even know. The Falkenburgs are hoping that perhaps the men read this column and then will know how much they appreciated their generosity.

More interesting programs are coming up at our Oak Bluffs library. The Valentine Party for Kids will take place on Saturday, Feb. 14, from 10 am to 12 noon. There will be special crafts, candy, and more at this event for all ages. Enjoy Hearts and Hot Chocolate, also on Saturday, from 10 am to 2 pm. You can write a valentine to your favorite character in literature, and the best valentine wins a prize.

Birthday smiles for February to Woodside Village residents Rita Reynolds, Dennis Morrow, Glenda Cataloni, Ada Macomber, Rosemary Brown, Norman Either, Jeffrey Sullivan, John Bettencourt, Jack Shimmelman, Anne Sylvester, and Elaine Goldin. Smiles to Tory Pasqualino on Feb. 13, Susan Christopher on the 14th, brothers Eric and Michael deBettencourt and Lorraine Mavro on the 15th, Carol deBettencourt, Kathy Farrissey, and Fr. Michael Nagle on the 16th, and Carrie Tankard and Joel Rebello on the 18th.

Bring your hearts to the Linden Tree

Please join Sense of Wonder Creations’ young people this Saturday, Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day, from 10 am to 2 pm and after to place your homemade heart (make it waterproof if possible, or we can help with that) on the Linden Tree on Main Street in Vineyard Haven (next to Capawock), with your heartfelt hopes, dreams, or prayers for your family, friends, the world, or anyone you know who is in need. Then it is up to you and universal love to make your valentine promise come true. See you on Saturday. Write Pam Benjamin with any questions: psb@senseofwondercreations.org.

Enjoy your week, and don’t forget your special Valentine person Saturday. Peace.