Mikel Hunter hosts “Propaganda #2,” an artisanal meeting of the minds

Earlier this summer, portrait artist Elizabeth Whelan unveiled this painting of Mikel Hunter in front of his Edgartown gallery. Photo courtesy of Facebook

Mikel Hunter, the boutique and gallery on Winter Street in Edgartown, will be hosting a unique four-day event starting on Saturday, August 8.

“Propaganda #2” will feature artists and artisans, representatives from a national art magazine, live music, and libations, in a celebration open to the public. Mr. Hunter refers to the event as an Artisanal Expo, as opposed to a trunk show, because of the eclectic nature of the event. “Everyone whom I’ve invited to participate are owners and creators of the products that they sell and represent,” said Mr. Hunter.

Some of the featured guests will even be working on creations during the expo. As well as offering the public the chance to meet the creative force behind the jewelry, clothing, and other items that Mr. Hunter carries in his art- and fashion-centric store, the hope is that the event will also serve as a sort of a meeting of the minds.

“It’s about the interaction and exchange of ideas,” says Mr. Hunter. “I wanted my favorite creative people to meet each other and my customers.”

Among those representing their work at “Propaganda #2” will be designers from WXYZ jewelry and from Neon Zinn rope jewelry, the local design team at Kenworthy fashion and accessories, and artisans from Hardenco denim and leather goods and Artesano hats from Ecuador.

Designer Nellie Partow will offer a preview of her fall line. Members of the staff of New Orleans–based Momma Tried, a “conceptual nudie mag,” will also be on hand. Mr. Hunter carries the print-only magazine in his shop.

Last year, according to Mr. Hunter, the experience was a truly interactive one, not only among visitors and artists/artisans, but among the invited guests themselves. During the first expo, not only did some of the designers receive suggestions and inspiration from customers, but some creative collaborations were hatched.

“I pulled something together and set it free. I had no expectations,” says Mr. Hunter of the previous expo last August. “I couldn’t imagine that it would have the scope that it did.”

The boutique/gallery owner is encouraged by the collection of new stores that are populating the Winter Street neighborhood. “Our tag line is the New Left Bank,” he says. “I really want to enhance the atmosphere of this interesting block of unique owner-occupied businesses.” Designer Stina Sayre recently joined the cluster of shops that includes Nikki Sedacca Gallery, the Great Put-On boutique and Sea Spa Salon, among others.

“Propaganda #2 Artisanal Expo” will run from August 8 through 11 at Mikel Hunter, 11 Winter Street, Edgartown. Music, libations, and a chance to meet and greet artists and designers from all over whose work is featured in the store. Music by Good Night Louise, John O’Toole, Pick Pocket and others. Free.