Keep traffic moving along


To the Editor:

There appear to be two traffic problems in Vineyard Haven. The first is the old guy in the drawbridge over the lagoon. When he sees a sailboat coming over the horizon, he shuts down the bridge. By the time that the sailboat makes it through the bridge, the line of traffic is up to Cronig’s on State Road. Why not delay shutting down the bridge until the sailboat is within 100 feet of the bridge?

Secondly, even when the ferry arrives in Vineyard Haven, the traffic at Five Corners works its magic, and everyone moves along in the traffic. However, the local police get involved, and all of a sudden you have a line of traffic back to the hospital. What is the rush to empty the loads of cars departing from the ferry in the first five minutes? Policemen of Vineyard Haven, take your time and let the traffic flow in an orderly fashion.

Michael Doughly

Oak Bluffs