Nothing to gain from nuclear plant but failure


To the Editor and the Town of Plymouth Selectmen:

The recent statements from the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) about the dangers of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station must not be taken lightly. Consider them a foreshadowing of concrete problems to come if immediate action is not taken, and a blessing to have been given sufficient evidence to close the plant immediately.

The dangers of the nuclear plant affect not only the town of Plymouth but also the aquaculture industry, fishing industry, tourist industry, and the public health of all peoples in our state.

Please weigh the risk versus reward of this situation, and close the plant ahead of the 2019 shutdown.

We have nothing to gain from the plant at this point except failure.

At a minimum, begin the encapsulation of spent fuel rods. These unprotected rods pose the greatest risk to our livelihood.

Now is the time to act.

Dan Martino

Cottage City Oysters