Save the Bradford pear trees


To the Editor:

I hope Tisbury residents will ask the board of selectmen to protect the Bradford pear trees on Clough Lane. These were planned and planted in 1970 by the Friends of Tisbury to improve our town. They have blossomed every spring, provided shade all summer long, and shared glorious colors with us in the fall.

Now someone building a house in back of the trees wants to cut two down. This should not be a valid reason to destroy the symmetry and beauty of this row of trees, which have been part of our lives for nearly half a century. If you object to this damage, please let the selectmen know. You can call town hall and leave a message, or go to a meeting, or just drop a letter at the town hall.

Don’t wait to complain until it is too late. Speak up now on behalf of the Friends of Tisbury, and for all of us who enjoy the beautiful avenue of trees planted 46 years ago.

Catherine Mayhew
Vineyard Haven