Vineyard Bread Project

The Vineyard Bread Project offers 20 different kinds of bread on a rotating basis. – Kate Warner

The Vineyard Bread Project isn’t your ordinary bakery — it’s a community-supported bread effort, based in West Tisbury. Instead of offering the same breads all the time, baker Kate Warner is always looking for new breads and methods to try, constantly working to perfect what she offers to her customers. Kate, who has been baking since childhood, began her quest to learn how to make really good artisan-style bread in 2005. The Bread Project began in 2008 when she started baking bread more seriously and wanted to share the fruits of her labors with friends.

Today, Kate bakes 20 different kinds of bread which are offered on a rotating basis, with three kinds available each week: a multigrain, a white, and a specialty bread. Organic and local materials are used wherever possible. Kate also offers classes for both adults and kids looking to learn how to bake good bread at home.

Bread from the Vineyard Bread Project can be ordered at or by joining their subscription based Bread Program. Prices range from $4.50-$7.50/loaf. Email inquiries to  

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