We don’t need an emergency coordinator


To the Editor:

Regarding the article about the snowstorm causing some confusion and power outages (March 8, “February blizzard exposed disarray in Island emergency management”): To say we need a full-time, $70,000-a-year position to coordinate emergency procedures seems way over the top. We have so much duplication of equipment and emergency personnel on this Island that we can handle pretty much anything that comes along, and we always have.

It was always expected that we would lose power during any kind of storm, and we were prepared for it. However, because Commonwealth Electric, NStar, and now Eversource have done such a good job keeping the power on, I believe, people think it’s a major crisis if we do lose it for a short time. You look off-Island and see in some places the power is off for days at a time.

So there was a little miscommunication; so what? Correct it. But to create another job is crazy. That $70,000 job turns into one with full benefits, then an assistant, with raises each year, then equipment purchases, and it goes on and on. Then we get hit with higher and higher taxes.

If one wants to live here, then be prepared. A little education goes a long way. Deal with it. We have enough talent here to deal with anything that comes along.

Wayne Iacono