Aquinnah: Spring rites


Two rites of spring happened this past week: the Aquinnah Town Meeting and the Taylors’ “Cakes and Kegs” party. The town meeting did get a little contentious at times, but there were some bright moments. Alan Rugg, who is a member of the newly reconvened Financial Committee (FinCom), gave a very clear and bipartisan report about the state of town’s finances, and the warrant article to not use local resources to push the new federal immigration agenda passed with flying colors. All told, it was not too bad. It finished before 11 pm, and everyone made it home safely.

Luckily the Taylors’ party came four days after the town meeting, so any wounds that got opened were soothed with beer and cake. Although it was a cold and blustery day, many people attended the party from all over the Island. One of the highlights of the party was the tours that Noli’s parents, Charlie and Kathy Hoye, gave of their new home — built by their son-in-law, Isaac Taylor. It is a beautiful cottage that they just moved into, and everyone who saw it wanted to move in too. They will not be hurting for housesitters if they ever need them.

The party lasted into the night on Saturday, with people gathering around fire pits, musicians playing, and many different types of cake to choose from. I always think of this party as the beginning of the summer season, as it is one of the last gatherings of year-rounders to take place up-Island before the summer season is in full swing. It is great to get the chance to get caught up with everyone before the summer crush.

At the library, this week: Story time is on Thursday at 3:30 pm and Saturday at 10:30 am. The kids’ craft is on Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm, and the Afterschool Club meets on Tuesday at 4:30 pm. The next meeting of the Adult Book Group is on Thursday, May 25, at 5:30 pm. They will be discussing James Baldwin’s “Go Tell It on the Mountain.” Copies are available at the library.

As part of the third annual Martha’s Vineyard Environmental Film Festival at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center in Vineyard Haven this weekend, members of the Wampanoag Tribe will be present for the film, “Awake, A Dream from Standing Rock.” The film screens at 4 pm on Sunday, and there will be a Men’s Drum Circle and a Q and A after the film.

The Chilmark Store opened this Wednesday, and will be open seven days a week right from the start. Many of their employees of the past few seasons are returning, and the staff looks forward to seeing familiar faces and getting caught up with everyone. The Chilmark Tavern and the Outermost Inn are opening on Friday, May 19. All the restaurants at the Cliffs will be open Memorial Day weekend. The Aquinnah Shop will be open for breakfast and lunch the entire weekend. Cliffhangers and the Orange Peel Bakery Café are opening then as well. Fingers crossed for a beautiful weekend.

Congratulations to Joel Glickman and Jennifer LoRusso (owners of the Chilmark Store), who recently welcomed their daughter, Emi Abigail Glickman, into the world. She was born on April 27 in Boston. Happy birthday to Mimi Trimmer, who celebrates on Saturday.