Trying to make sense of it all


To the Editor:

I woke up the other morning and opened Facebook, and was confronted by posts concerning the firing of the director of the FBI, with the usual cries of government corruption and calls for the impeachment of the president and the resignation of everyone in the administration. There were also pictures of the sunrise and cheery welcomes to the new day.

So before I had my coffee, I was totally confused: Are we facing Armageddon, or Shangri-la? Is there going to be a constitutional crisis, or will life go pleasantly on — all peaches and cream?

I suspect neither of these scenarios will prevail.

By the time this is being read, it’s probable that no one will remember who James Comey was, and another “crisis” will have taken place. Given this administration’s immorality and lack of ethics or principles, we will be in for one episode after another of malfeasance emanating from the White House. In the current political climate, impeachment, or even a reprimand of Mr. Trump, will never occur. It is probable that those of us who live for the next four years will just have to tough it out and soothe ourselves with mood-altering substances. Of course, given that the electorate consists of a significant number of people who worship this man, we may have to extend our misery for an additional four years. My own saving grace is that at my age, I’ll either be dead or too senile to know what’s going on.

As far as the Pollyanna setting, unfortunately that is also unrealistic. While sunrises are beautiful and pictures of birds are lovely, these can only go so far in improving one’s frame of mind. Cheerful sayings and optimistic thoughts are of no avail when competing with mendacity and cynicism.

So what will it be? Heaven or hell? Democracy or dictatorship? The best of times or the worst of times? Not at all sure or perhaps not even caring, I turned over and went back to sleep.

Ted Jochsberger
West Tisbury