Sudden firing leads to suspicion


To the Editor:

I am deeply concerned about the sudden and unexplained firing of our hospital’s CEO, Mr. Joseph Woodin. As a  member of the year-round community who relies on the hospital for healthcare, I hope an explanation about the process and the rationale for such a decision will be forthcoming without delay.

I recently met Mr. Woodin for the first and only time, and was very impressed with his enthusiasm and sincere interest in our community, and his understanding of the essential role the hospital has in the quality of our lives here.

I write this letter because I am concerned about the outrage and confusion that has been provoked by this sudden, inexplicable decision, which at the very least, ensures suspicion and distrust in the community. As a retired university professor who was once employed at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital during the summer several years ago, I am truly at a loss for such disregard for due process.

Olga Maranjian Church