Photos don’t help those arrested


To the Editor:

The nation is facing an opioid crisis. Instead of criminalizing this health crisis, many in law enforcement are using compassion so that people can rebuild their lives. Recovering addicts have a hard enough time getting sober. That is why I take issue with The Times printing the mug shots of those arrested for opioid possession or distribution. Many dealers deal because they are addicts. Also, the arrested may be innocent.

Erik Albert
Oak Bluffs


  1. erik– I am agreeing with you again. Especially before a conviction. One of the strongest principles of our legal system is that you are innocent until proven guilty.
    Mo fuzz seems to think he already knows that the person who’s photo he sees is guilty.

  2. This is Martha’s Vineyard, where people are virtually hung in the MV Times and on social media, whether or not they are actually guilty of anything. Unless, of course, you’re special– like if you’re an incompetent, lying VH cop. In that case, you get a 12 week paid vacation and people forget all about your wrong-doing until the next time you are caught. You see, certain very damaging behavior is acceptable, or easily forgivable, or quickly forgettable, while certain other anti-community behavior is… not. It depends on who you are and what your relationship/standing is within the community.

  3. Pictures do seems a bit unnecessary.
    However, thank you for discrediting you’re own point maxz – the times and gazette have ‘virtually hung’ Officer Santon, your comments included. You’re comparing him to a dealer? Please, he’s one of the only good ones left, despite the narrative being pushed by individuals who live online.

    • Actually, Whale, the independent investigation found the cop to be a liar and incompetent– neither the newspapers nor I nor anyone else did. No one compared him to an alleged dealer. Do your homework and learn the difference between reporting on proven facts and pretending a liar is not a liar. And then, if you want to promote the old boy network of overlooking the damage to the community of liars and incompetents, have at it.

      A perfect example of unfairly hanging someone onine can be found in comments in both papers and on social media over Mr. Vandall painting over the crummy, poorly executed murals at the highschool, when it was well past time for the shoddy artwork to go and for new student work, hopefully more skillfully rendered, to line the hallway. The importance of history and diversity can be better expresssed and maybe the history teacher has some artistic taste and recognizes it’s time to give other students a try at it. People have assigned all kinds of malicious intent to the man where it doesn’t even make sense that there was any.

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