RISE dancers deserve more attention


To the Editor:

On June 3, a guest and I attended the annual recital by the young dancers from RISE Studio. We did not have any family connections with the studio, and we were not sure what to expect from the performance. The overflow parking lot should have been our first clue.

We were astounded by the high quality of the performances, which included almost 40 separate dances by young women and men ages 3 to18. The opening number by the older dancers set a high bar that persisted throughout the program. The costumes were stunning, each group melded into seamless ensembles, and the dancers maintained professional poise throughout a variety of strikingly creative choreographies.

We looked forward to reading a thoughtful review of the RISE recital, but were sorely disappointed to discover that local papers neglected to give appropriate attention to this program. The MV Times, to its credit, included a full page of photographs of the dancers (and posted dozens more on its website), but made little mention of the tremendous work and creative efforts that contributed to the experience.

As a seasonal visitor, I am consistently impressed by the incredible local talent associated with the Vineyard’s many artistic pursuits. Although family members and friends already know that performances by the students and teachers from RISE are not to be missed, it’s time to let others in on the secret.

Rosemary Chalk
Vineyard Haven