True and transparent explanation needed


To the Editor:

This letter expresses my deep disappointment at the peremptory firing of Joe Woodin as CEO of Martha’s Vineyard Hospital (MVH). In his brief time on the Island, Mr. Woodin has approached many of the problems facing healthcare in Dukes County, has developed well-thought-out plans for maintaining the financial viability of the hospital, and has been an eloquent spokesperson for quality medical care and the future of the organization he led.
We are now told that several of the MVH board members were not even aware of the action taken in the name of the board. One must wonder what exactly was going on, what the issues are that apparently could not be thoughtfully discussed by the board, and what the real reason is for the abysmal manner in which Mr. Woodin was treated. There will be obvious repercussions, including difficulty in recruiting another quality CEO. Who would desire a job in which the risk of instantaneous firing without warning is the modus operandi? The community served by this important medical resource deserves a true and transparent explanation by the hospital board.


Charles Hodge, M.D.