Made on MVY: Slip77

Slip77's designs are inspired by the attempted secession of Martha's Vineyard in 1977.

Slip77 was created as a celebration of Island history. Looking to develop a brand that not only matched the year-round lifestyle of Islanders, but also incorporated Martha’s Vineyard into its identity, the store was aptly named after the year 1977. It’s a little-known bit of Island history that in 1977, Martha’s Vineyard attempted a secession from the state of Massachusetts (along with our neighbor Nantucket), and it was our goal to continue this legacy through our apparel. We personally develop the graphics for our clothing, aiming to capture the essence of 1977 through the use of the Vineyard secession flag or other imagery. We work with a variety of graphic designers, screenprinters, and other manufacturers to create each piece, focusing on made-in-the-USA products as much as possible. Slip77 has been in business since 2012, with our original location being right across from Nancy’s restaurant (hence the double meaning of “Slip,” like a boat slip). Our products range in price from $5 up to $119.
Slip77 is located at 19 Circuit Ave. in Oak Bluffs. 508-687-9975;, or email

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