Change the date of zoning hearing


To the Editor:

I just received a notice for a public hearing before the zoning board of appeals scheduled for Thursday, August 17, 2017.

I find it in very poor taste to schedule a meeting on opening day of the fair, or any day of the fair. The fair is the largest event on the Island, and it is located in the town of West Tisbury. To schedule a meeting of such importance during those days is an insult to me and my family.

Now I am put in a situation: Do I attend the meeting, which has a major impact on the town of West Tisbury and the neighborhood I love, or do I miss the meeting, which was probably scheduled for the busiest day of the year in West Tisbury hoping for poor attendance, and do I bring my animals to the fair?

You are probably thinking, What is the big deal about bringing the animals to the fair? Well, spend a day with me and my family in the barn, and you will find out. For many, including the young, the old, the handicapped, it is their first time seeing and being up close to the animals. I don’t know whose reaction is greater, the parent or the child, when we allow the family in the stall with the animals, or when we bring the animal out into the aisle because someone (could be your relative) is in a wheelchair and they can’t get close enough to touch the animal. I could go on and on.

I am so disappointed, as there are 365 days in a year, and you made the choice to schedule the meeting during the fair.

At this time I am requesting you to change the date of the hearing.


Melissa Manter

West Tisbury


  1. As a ZBA member for WT I can honestly say that our selection of Thursday the 17th was in no way informed by a desire to limit attendance. Our board members have their own busy schedules that limit the dates we can meet and a long running hearing such as this requires the ongoing and consistent presence of our members. We strive for transparency and fairness on this board and have made every effort to include our community especially considering the sensitive nature of this application. If Ms. Manter desires opportunity for further comment on this application she could request a continuation through appropriate channels rather then publicly airing her concerns and characterizing our board as somehow acting nefariously.

  2. Did anyone hear of the woman in Florida who wanted to change the date of the Solar Eclipse because it was her son’s first day of school and she did not want him to miss it?

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