A business opportunity awaits


To the Editor:

Beset by an iffy back like so many duffers, my heart goes out to the beach lovers dragging their heavy-laden Conestoga wagons chock full of the Chinese-made plastic playthings now deemed de rigueur for a day at the strand. While watching a group of these bourgeois bedouins setting up their tents at Lambert’s Cove, a business opportunity came to mind. Since it would be controversial to unburden the wagon draggers by allowing machines or animals to do the pulling, I suggest that the supplies be delivered by sea. I know someone on the Island who has a homemade submarine. Chances are someone else has a World War II landing boat taking up space in the backyard. Beachgoers could bring their ever-increasing load of necessities to a central dock, to be delivered to their chosen beach at the Vineyard’s usual outlandish rates. This would free up the beach paths for walkers, and allow its operator to make some always useful extra cash.


Pete Karman

West Tisbury