Banner year for festivals


To the Editor:

Sold Out!

On behalf of the First Congregational Church of West Tisbury, we extend our deep appreciation and heartfelt gratitude to our Island friends, seasonal visitors, and tourists from all parts of the world. We also want to thank the following local businesses for their continued commitment to the success of our events: Morning Glory Farm, Mad Martha’s Ice Cream, Cash and Carry, Jardin Mahoney, Vineyard Gardens, Tilton tent rentals, and Stop and Shop. You have lifted our spirits with your generous support of our summer fruit festivals in June, July, and August. Our most recent Peach Festival broke all previous records with 1,215 attending, buying, and enjoying all things peachy. We promise to have more pies next year.

These annual fundraising activities help to provide ministry to others all year round, most especially the community suppers served on Wednesday evenings from January through April each year. Thank you one and all. We look forward to seeing you again next summer.


Peggy Yoars, Strawberry Festival chair

Marilyn Jackson-Adams, Blueberry Festival chair

Dinny Montrowl, Peach Festival chair