Island woman shoots awardwinning buck

Leah Pachico received an award for the largest buck to be submitted to the NBBC from Massachusetts taken by bow and arrow. - Eric Pachico

On July 15, 25-year-old Leah Pachico of West Tisbury traveled to Chicopee to receive an award from the Northeast Big Buck Club. The buck shot by Ms. Pachico was the largest to be submitted to the NBBC from Massachusetts for the 2016 hunting season taken by bow and arrow.

The NBBC holds a banquet every year to honor the largest deer scored from the previous hunting season. This year, more than 500 people attended the banquet. Ms. Pachico received the Diana Award, which recognizes the largest buck harvested by a woman with a bow and arrow.

The buck has an impressive nine-point rack, with a gross Pope and Young score of 155 2/8, and weighed approximately 160 pounds, which is a dressed weight. The Pope and Young Club is an official recordkeeper of North American bow-harvested big game animals. Leah harvested the deer in Chilmark. Also in attendance at the banquet were her boyfriend Jason Flanders, her dad Eric Pachico, and her two cousins, Wayne and Gregory Pachico.