Dancing in the streets at Best Fest



Best Fest brought out the best in the Island on Saturday, Sept. 9, in Oak Bluffs. Following the Wind Festival that morning, music began at 4 pm in Ocean Park and played through the night. However, what began as a peaceful night on the lawn turned into a parade of instruments through the streets. The Extraordinary Rendition Band, a guerrilla-style marching (and dancing) band, roared down Circuit Avenue, trumpets, drums, and all. Hearing horns and cheers in the distance, people raced to the scene. Two dancers were at the forefront, leading the band behind them down the street. The only things separating the audience from the band itself were the glittering costumes and the instruments; otherwise everybody was intertwined in the narrow street, making it difficult not to join in on the fun. Best Fest is an annual event, so don’t be sore if you missed out — there’s always next year.