Bacheller wasn’t eligible for committee


Imagine you want to volunteer for a town committee, the board of selectmen invites you in, they interview you for 10 minutes, and then realize you’re ineligible.

That’s what happened to John Bacheller Tuesday night at the Tisbury board of selectmen’s meeting.

Mr. Bacheller, a former civics and social studies teacher, was being considered for the selectmen’s representative to a government study panel.

Trouble is, he is already a representative on the William Street Historic District committee and the Community Preservation committee. The article passed at town meeting requires members who aren’t on elected or appointed boards.

“I thought this would be something I’d be interested in,” Mr. Bacheller said. He is retired and looking for opportunities to help out the town, he said.

After a town employee looked up the article during the discussion, Mr. Bacheller was determined to be ineligible for the appointment.

Once the members are appointed, the government study committee is being tasked with looking at all aspects of town government to determine what works and what doesn’t for Tisbury. “The whole enchilada,” Selectman Tristan Israel said.