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To the Editor:

J-1 visa program is going to be cut? Oh no! Local business cannot get enough local youth to do dishes for $8 an hour. Local restaurants are not shy about charging $125 for a dinner per couple. Here is an idea: Pay $18 for a dishwasher, and the local youth will line up for those jobs.

The problem for local business is not the lack of local help, but the failure to compensate their help for their effort. If you want someone to clean the toilet and make the bed, you have to pay the help more than $8 an hour. Charging $500 or $600 a night, they have plenty of income to pay their help.

The problem is that the owners of the restaurants and hotels want to run their businesses for three or four months, and then take the rest of the time off to enjoy their vacation homes in Florida and St. John.

The idea is to hire American workers to build the local economy for everyone, and not to hire foreign workers to build up their economy. Thank goodness that we finally have someone in the White House who wants to make America great again.

Jack Branch



  1. I agree that islanders need to be paid a wage that reflects the cost of living here and the seasonal nature of many jobs here. Regarding your last point, did you know the Trump Organization hires foreign workers?

    The article states that businesses seeking to hire foreign seasonal staff must place an ad in local papers first to try attract US workers. The Trump Organization did that – but in the ad, which said to reply via fax, had no phone or fax number.

  2. Mr. Branch makes his post referring to an $8 per hour wage when it is already $11 per hour. Someone is out of touch.

  3. Well written Mr. Branch. Affordable housing becomes much more affordable when wages reflect the community in which they exist.

  4. Actually Mr. Branch, local kids will not line up for $18 an hour. As I posted on an earlier letter, I’ve had island kids with zero, again,zero carpentry experience tell me they will not work for less then $25. I have no problem paying someone with zero experience $16 or $17 an hour to clean up and hold stuff, but they just won’t do it.

    • I think they would line up for $18/hour. Let’s pass a minimum wage on this island and find out. At worst we would be giving the foreigners a better deal – the liberals should be ok with that.

  5. I am amazed that someone could vote for Trump, who, like most Republicans is vehemently opposed to any raising of the minimum wage, and then say business owners should pay their workers more.
    The Trump mantra is to give the money to the so called “job creators” . Conservatives have been pushing that line of crap uphill for decades, with little to show for it. I agree that businesses should pay workers more– Impeach trump, throw the Republicans out of the house and senate, and it might actually happen.

      • hanley– please note that 16 of 17 leading economic indicators improved during the Obama administration Care to guess when the last time the U.S had a budget surplus ? No, not under Bush 41, no not Bush 43 — no, not Obama — Who could it have been ?

        • I think that is called “thread drift” in the vernacular. If you want to talk about how Clinton contrived to show a budget “surplus” (by redefining the obligations to the social security trust fund), feel free to call. Notwithstanding glorious indicators, the voters chose Trump over the Royal Successor whose aforementioned spouse had pronounced, “It’s the economy, stupid”.

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