Be the person who makes a difference


To the Editor:

I would like to thank the WTPD, the Tri-Town EMS and the Martha’s Vineyard ER staff.

Thank you for your quick response in a dire situation.

I ask the Island community and the youth of the community to consider the importance of looking out for one another, to be the one to make the call when things get out of hand, to be the one to call the EMS when you see someone in poor shape. To be the one to report those who are being careless and endangering those around them, whether minors or adults. To call 911 when you know someone may need help, even if you do not know who they are. You will save a life.

I understand that peer pressure is very hard to navigate. That doing the right thing is not always easy. That it is often hard at best to know when someone needs help or when situations become dangerous and can result in others around you losing their lives because no one chose to act fast. I was once a wild teen, and know that being cool and popular can often overshadow what really matters most. It is very upsetting to know that not one person called EMS before the WTPD arrived to the dire situation that could have resulted in a much worse outcome.

Be that one person who makes a difference.

It is better to ask for help rather than mourn a loss that could have been avoided.


Heather Thurber

West Tisbury