Who are we to threaten 25 million people?


To the Editor:

America has elected Donald Trump to represent it as its head of state. What he does and says reflects on us as a people, and we and our children and grandchildren will be held responsible for it through the ages.

Speaking at the United Nations on our behalf to the whole world of “totally destroying” a country (which we have flattened once before) means we are prepared to quadruple the number of the victims of the Holocaust.

We should also remember that the United Nations was created after World War II for the purpose of preventing, if at all possible, such butchery from happening ever again.

We were the first that brought the curse of nuclear weapons into this world, and yes, we are strong enough to destroy large parts of the globe.

Is anyone asking, “And then what?”

Brigitte Lent



  1. Who are we? The country that will always have the crosshairs of the world on it. Freedom is a poisonous and equally contagious disease, most feared by those who wish to limit it. It’s defense does not simply come from closing your eyes and thinking everything will be ok.

    • Most of Puerto Rico still has no electricity, the people have no food, water, or medical supplies, their homes are destroyed, whatever motor vehicles have been rendered unusable by flood waters, and roads washed out. Reports are there are thousands of shipping containers in the ports. How do the supplies get to the people? How do the people even know the supplies are there? Open your eyes, your wishing has accomplished nothing.

  2. This is what happens when people live in a bubble. Those who fail to remember history are doomed to repeat it. It was North Korea which initiated hostilities NOT the United States, it is North Korea that is launching missiles over Japan and threatening the United States.

    • Yes, North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950 and it took 3 years to push them back. A repeat was avoided for the next 60+ years, whether by crafty diplomacy, the threat of more war, or the DPRK actually respected the cease-fire. But now they claim weapons to make the rest of the world pay attention.

      Wars are expensive they’ve bankrupted governments for millennia. America’s industrial might doesn’t provide effort for free, the last of the World War Two debt was paid early in the Reagan years. Who will pay for this one?

      • In other words “crafty diplomacy” works in a vacuum. It had nothing to do with our military support for our allies. Diplomacy is another word for do nothing and wish for the best, the UN is a prime example the only time anything gets settled is when the military option is used. You can have your option but not your facts DPRK has not respected the cease fire they have been killing Americans and South Koreans not that factors into your view of the world and South Koreans and we respond with diplomacy. Google USS Pueblo that is what diplomacy gets you.

        • Diplomacy gets a civilization with a livable world. Countries can fail because they won their war. There is a solution, a miracle if Trump thinks of it but it’s there.

  3. It is the liberal snowflakes & buttercups that are more dangerous to us and the world than President Trump could ever be.
    The past 8 years have put us and the rest of the world in the cross hairs of N. Korea.
    Just make sure your safe room is well stocked with cookies & warm milk and let the men do the work making America Great & Safe Again.

    • Yes, blame the snowflake diplomacy of 11 Presidents for there being no war on the Korean peninsula. You talk like you want a war, why is that?

    • What do you mean “safe”? Like all the 3.4 million starving and dying of thirst Americans in Puerto Rico? I, and millions of others, happen to think the greedy, selfish bum tweeting from his luxury golf resort can’t do anything because that’s exacty what he’s done for our country and its people: nothing. All he has proven to the world is that he cannot read, cannot speak, cannot write, cannot understand our Constitution, cannot empathize, cannot tell the truth, cannot carry out the most basic duties of a President. He is so full of his own ego he cannot stop himself from tweeting ugly, low, vile attacks and garbage, while the world suffers aroud him. Who attacks Americans who are in the midst of a devastating humanitarian crisis? Trump, your hero. He is a disgusting embarrassment to every American who has a decent bone in his body.

      • Keep reading the fake news and believing your right, isn’t that work liberals do? Do you expect Trump to rain Lexus and I phones on Puerto Rico, do you really believe that the US has the ability to rebuild an island with a corrupt government built on US welfare overnight? It amazes me how so many people ignorant of the facts can immediately blame Trump.

        • There are supplies in the ports of Puerto Rico but the residents don’t have trucks anymore, those were destroyed in the storm, and roads are washed out.

          Their economy is in a shambles because of the Jones Act. If Trump understood business, he’d know why it’s a bad thing. You should read, suffer some fake media. It’s easier to verify as true than Fox.

        • What Trump tweets is not fake, although he does lie quite a bit when he tweets, and when he opens his mouth– like when he and his wife promoted the birther movement, the epitome of FAKE news. At any rate, you don’t criticize Americans in the middle of a humanitarian crisis. That’s like saying to the people of New Orleans after Katrina, “Well, you lived below ground level, so suck it up”. Anyone who sticks up for a bullying bum who does that, even if he is the president, is a racist. Trump had a very different response to Texas and Florida than he has to Puerto Rico, and so do you, OldRacist. Plus, the bum spent the first 5 days after PR was destroyed tweeting about football players. Your comment is as disgusting as Trump’s tweets, and neither you nor he have any awareness of it. At least the people around trump told him his comments were racist and vile and made him delete them.

          • Yeah except Puerto Rico has been provided with more aid than it can handle. We are fortunate to have an administration that has actually used FEMA to their full extent. Do you know how Many Feds and federal assets are there right now?? If you did you probably wouldn’t write such a silly
            Never waste a good tradegy…that’s what your msm and reflective comments show. You’re telling a story that doesn’t exist. How are those PR teamsters doing by the way?

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