Junior high football kick off season with loss against Winchester


The Martha’s Vineyard junior high football team opened its season with a home game against Winchester at the MVRHS field on Sunday afternoon.

Although the 22-member Vineyard team held their own against the 60-member Winchester team, the combination of Winchester’s fresh legs and the day’s heat took a toll on the home team. The game ended in a loss for the Vineyard, 20-14.​

Head Coach Zeke Vought said the two big touchdowns by Jayden Coyle and Antone Moreis were good for the team, but also said the whole team “played extremely well for the heat and the opponent, and the fact that the line is basically all new this year.”

Right out of the gate, Winchester scored a touchdown on their first drive against the Vineyarders.

Winchester regained possession and nearly scored again, but for the efforts of the defensive line. Jayden Coyle and Hiaggo Gonsalves responded by moving the ball to the 20-yard line and putting the Vineyard on the scoreboard.

Later in the afternoon, Antone Moreis dropped to pass, but finding no one open, ran 80 yards for a touchdown. In the second half, Jayden Coyle scored a second touchdown with a 60-yard run.