Care needed for aging population


To the Editor:

After reading the article by George Brennan in the Sept. 14 issue about the closing of Wildflower Court, I had the feeling that the hospital leaders have chosen to try to improve the bottom line over trying to find a way to provide more beds for those people (read Vineyarders) who are in need now, on the waiting list, and those in the near and distant future. Our growing population is aging. Now, I realize that it is important to be fiscally sound, and that there is a lack of private paying customers. After all, most Islanders do not have deep pockets, but they are deserving of a place for their loved ones on the Island if and when needed. Perhaps fundraising events would help if it became known how desperate the situation is.

In the article, Mathew Muratore, the interim administrator, said that Windemere was down from 106 beds to 61 total beds because of Wildflower Court closing. I was told recently that there are six beds for men. Mr. Muratore said that with the advent of assisted living facilities, more people are going to those, or are remaining in their homes. It would be nice to have an assisted living place on the Island that accepted Medicare or Medicaid, and thus be more affordable for the average person.

How can we get the proper care for all of our aging population?

Lyn Hinds