Not pleased with headline


To the Editor:

“Aquinnah employee escorted out for working OT.”

Wow, that certainly caught my eye. Why would an employee be requested to exit

because of overtime? Certainly a sensational headline.

The article reiterated that the employee was escorted from the building. However,

what was the real reason that it occurred?

Has fake news finally arrived on our shores?  Where is “all the news that’s fit to print?”

Was there a fact-check, an attempt to investigate? We are living in a time of fake news.

Let’s do a better job on the Vineyard and not become part of the reigning political culture.


Jim Newman

Chair, Board of Selectmen



  1. Fake / Bias / Liberal News – The Times & the Gazette are neck and neck for that Trophy but the Gazette has the biggest shredder for their censored comments, for the moment anyways!!

  2. Not pleased with the aquinnnah selectman continuing to mix personal quarrels with regular business. Who wrote this letter.. oh wait.

  3. The Gazette usually allows next to nothing that doesn’t fall into line with what they promote editorially. This is their bias, but not “fake” or “liberal”. When comments disagree with their points of view, they’ll publish the more illiterate or poorly written ones, I suppose to show how dumb it is to disagree with the arrogant Gazette view. This is too bad because the Gazette defeats their biased purposes, which only serves to encourage attitudes which sees smart people who disagree with him as “elite” and “fake” and of course, “liberal”. The Gazette is a smart newspaper, but it is waaaay too full of itself and has a ridiculously censored comment feature. The Times is better in that regard, but Times comments are no longer an important part of engaging the community they way they used to. Now it’s just mostly the same old boring blowhards who like to hear themselves talk!

  4. Jim, I am certain there are two sides to this this story but aren’t you continuing to be rather petty?

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