Common sense needed by Land Bank


To the Editor:

Opponents of the five-foot fence, intended for the Trade Wind park in Oak Bluffs, met with the Oak Bluffs Land Bank Board Tuesday night.

The fence, apparently, is supposed to block off the middle of the field from the public (and dog walkers), preventing them from disturbing an endangered plant. Julie Russell, referred to often as the “scientist,” informed us that this species grows along the Eastern seacoast and the islands.

As far as I remember (I’m 68), there have been well-worn paths across and all around the perimeter of the park. I don’t know how the plant has ever grown or will grow on these old, trodden-down pathways.

Building a fence?

Doesn’t that seem to contradict the very purpose of why we voted for a Land Bank in the first place? Its use was to protect this Island’s special beauty, not litter it.

An issue not mentioned last night was the fact that Trade Wind is used as an airfield occasionally. When the planes land, how do they avoid the endangered plant?

Come on, Land Bank people, let’s use some common sense. There are far more deadly forces that will impact Martha’s Vineyard, erosion being among the most important.

Step back, ease your focus on this lovely park, and work on the more serious issues.


Genevieve Hart Abbot
Oak Bluffs