Power lines blocked Lagoon Pond Road

Power lines were pulled down by a truck on Lagoon Pond Road Friday afternoon.

Updated 4:30 pm

Lagoon Pond Road was closed in both directions near the Chicken Alley Thrift shop after a Barnes moving truck ripped power lines down a little after 2 pm Friday. Tisbury police, Eversource, and the Tisbury Fire Department responded.

The accident doesn’t appear to be the fault of the truck driver, Tisbury Fire Chief John Schilling told The Times. He said it appeared that someone towing a sailboat last Thursday struck the lines, breaking some of their supports and causing them to sag lower than normal. When the Barnes truck came along, it snagged the sagging lines and actually tore the electrical service off the side of 33 Lagoon Pond Road. In the process, the propane lines at that address were damaged. The chief noted that the occupants of the Barnes truck had the wisdom to remain in the cab because the truck became draped with live wires after the accident.
In the end no one was injured. “It was a close call for all concerned,” the chief said. The propane tanks were secured allowing the road to be reopened.

Chief Schilling commended the swift response from Eversource.

The utility responded to the call in a little more than 30 minutes, Eversource spokesman Michael Durand wrote in an email to The Times. “According to our records, a box truck caught the service wire, pulling it from the house and ripping the service entrance cable and point of attachment from the house,” he wrote. “After making the area safe, the line crew informed our customer they would need an electrician to make repairs to the equipment they own and that we need the local electrical inspector’s approval to reconnect the service.”