Local lowdown on feds’ cannabis crackdown

Geoff Rose, CEO of Patient Centric, has taken initial steps to obtain a recreational marijuana license.

Responding to the new mandate from U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions that U.S. state prosecutors enforce federal cannabis laws in states where marijuana is legal, Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling has stated his office will focus on bulk traffickers and criminal gangs, not organizations working within state, voter-approved regulations.

“This office will pursue federal marijuana crimes as part of its overall approach to reducing violent crime, stemming the tide of the drug crisis, and dismantling criminal gangs, and in particular the threat posed by bulk trafficking of marijuana, which has had a devastating impact on local communities,” Mr. Lelling said in a statement.

Geoff Rose, CEO of Patient Centric of Martha’s Vineyard, the only licensed medical dispensary on the Island, sees Mr. Lelling’s stance in a positive light. “If we look at how Massachusetts has dealt with this issue, it says those of us who are working prudently within the system can move forward,” he said.

Patient Centric of M.V. has all necessary cultivation and dispensary permits from the state. It now awaits building permit approval from the West Tisbury planning board.

At the state level, the Cannabis Control Commision is moving forward as planned. “The role of the Cannabis Control Commission remains the same — to fulfill the will of the voters of Massachusetts by implementing and administering a regulatory process that is safe, equitable, and efficient,” the commission said in a press release Thursday. “Our priority has always been to protect public safety and develop regulations that are compliant with all laws, including those passed by the voters and the legislature legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in the Commonwealth.”


  1. Remember folks Federal Law **TRUMPS** state laws and folks who want to make sanctuary this & that!
    Get over it there is a new President in our country and he is the top law enforcer.

  2. How about owning commentary on this – or ANY – site? Cloaking yourself behind a “handle” shows you don’t want accountability for your words. Hate to tell you this Friendo, but you sound EXACTLY like those you condemn

  3. To Both of you smart **** — “Can the president fire his attorney general”?
    Yes!!! Just as the president appoints the attorney general, subject to Senate approval, he can also dismiss the attorney general.
    ALSO we have to use a “handle” which is OK by the MVTs guidelines and very simply because you liberals outnumber us patriotic Conservatives a zillion to 5 on the story book island here especially after the recent election that you totally lost and still cant get over it and our small children have been harassed your types for their parents beliefs, opinions, standards and patriotism.
    I hate your Fake opinions, comments & outright lies especially since you totally lost the last election but it is just something we will have to live with for the next 7 years and I am loving it. Draining the Swamp that is & Making America Great Again.

  4. I use a handle online so I don’t have to hear rants like the one above in person. However,if I meet someone and the subject comes up, I share my handle freely. On the subject of legalized weed, the Trumpians have lost and can not get over it. Legalized weed from coast to coast is a fait accompli no matter how hard Sessions(the country’s top law enforcement official) tries to stop it.

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