Vineyard Conservation Society and Plastic Free on MV are teaming up


Vineyard Conservation Society and Plastic Free on MV are teaming up to offer a plastic reduction monthly gathering. According to a press release, these meetings are free and open to all and begin Tuesday, Feb. 13. They will continue each month on the second Tuesday of the month at the Island co-housing Common House. Meetings will run from 6 to 7 pm and kids are welcome.

The goal of these monthly meetings is to bring people together to learn more from each other about the ways they can change their habits and be more mindful of how consumption choices impact the environment and personal health. Specifically, many of the meetings will look at how to reduce daily reliance on disposable plastics. The VCS plastic bag ban and the educational efforts of Plastic Free on MV have helped raise awareness in the last couple of years about concerns with disposable plastics; this group aims to take those concerns and turn them into solutions.

The first of these meetings will focus on “Packaging-Free Grocery Shopping” and how to demystify zero-waste shopping by learning tips and tricks to avoid plastic packaging at the grocery store.

In 2014, containers and packaging accounted for 30 percent of the total solid waste generated in the United States. Much of this packaging is plastic, which often finds its way into waterways, where it poses a serious threat to marine life. Most of the trash floating on the ocean’s surface is plastic, and as it breaks down it can release toxic chemicals, harming marine life and people who eat seafood.

The average American throws away over 200 pounds of plastic every year. To limit the amount of toxins released into the environment and exposure to toxic chemicals, minimizing plastic packaging while at the grocery store is a great place to start.

In the following months the group will focus on Zero Waste Wardrobe (March 13), DIY Natural Cleaning Supplies (April 10) and Homemade Food Hacks that make it easier to skip the packaging of store-bought snack options (May 8). Subjects for subsequent group meetings will be generated from group interest and questions.

Any and all are invited to come and add their questions or suggestions to the conversation. For more info visit or call 508-693-9588.