Key endorsement


To the Editor:

This morning I was driving near the Triangle in Edgartown. Got a call, so I pulled into the parking lot near the Mailroom. Finished the call and decided to head for Dippin’ Donuts to freshen my cup. Opened the car door and sure enough, the keys slipped out of my hand and tumbled into the runoff drain next to my car. (Yep, with the clicker.)

Called Sgt. (Joel) DeRoche of EPD who called Edgartown public works. Shortly, two guys show up, lifted the grate, and there were my keys . . . under water, of course. Out came the magnet on a piece of rope and voila! Back in business. Even suggested putting the clicker in a bag of white rice for 24 hours to remove the moisture. Thanks, Edgartown, for the great service. Do we live in a great place or not?

Gary Cogley
Vineyard Haven