Spindrift Studios’ Spin Crew wins top score

Colleen Carroll and Ellie Dolby. — Courtesy Cherish Harris

The Spindrift Studios’ Spin Crew won the highest score in their category at the Diva Dance competition in Worcester on Feb. 10 with a dance choreographed by Alise Haigazian. The dancers earned the Ultimate Sapphire Award, two Judge’s Choice Awards, and scholarships to a weeklong dance intensive program in New York City.

Dancers in the Spin Crew include Madeleine Bengtsson, Sam Benjamin, Mabel DeRoche, Juliana DeSouza, Amity Harris, Jasmyn Hershey, Jaylin Johnson, Julia Murray, Ella Oskan, Hannah Tate, Clementine Zeender, Sienna Crowell, Sage Kleinhenz, Zora Morais, Gianni Navarrete, Madison Pitman, Nala Pitman, Freya Sterns, and Griffin Buehler.

Spindrift Studios brought 29 dancers in six dances to the competition, all earning top awards. Emmanuelle Woodford took home an Ultimate Diamond Award for her ballet pointe solo choreographed by Sandra Stone.

Julia, Murray, Hannah Tate, and Sophia Arroyo took home an Ultimate Diamond Award and a Special Judge’s Choice award for their jazz trio choreographed by Sophie Hiller.

Sofia Fisher, Georgia DeRoche, and Brynn Savva earned an Ultimate Diamond Award for their modern trio choreographed by Stone.

Colleen Carroll and Ellie Dolby earned an Ultimate Diamond Award for their contemporary duet choreographed by Hiller, and they were joined by Kasey Varkonda in a contemporary trio choreographed by Stone, winning another Ultimate Diamond Award as well as a Special Judge’s Award for extraordinary choreography.

All dancers were invited to compete in the Nationals.