Pursuit of 9/11 truth


To the Editor:

Speaking of 9/11, let the people decide.

Thanks to the censorship of 17 years by government and mainstream media (MSM) outlets, 9/11 truth and the solving of actual crimes that were so blatantly committed continues to evade us while the fear-mongering of subsequent, longest running, most expensive, intractable, illegal wars (against an invisible enemy) and unconstitutional domestic spying … all based on falsehoods … continues to thrive. Anyone who gets their news from independent channels of YouTube, where one is expected to think critically of what is being said (vs. absorb what they are being told to believe as “news” by highly monopolized, established, corporate news agencies) is immediately aware of the GROWING disconnect between the two realities. This is at least a start.

Something has to give as the chasm continues to widen. What makes the truth so exceptional is that it is not so fragile as liars would have us believe. What makes the truth “truth” is that it can and will stand up to ANY and ALL questioning. Truth encourages questioning. Lies run from it or worse, have to create new lies to substantiate previous lies. One truth I’m sure we can all agree upon is that the survival of our democracy depends upon transparency, and finding and acting upon the the truth, or as close as we can get to it. Questions regarding 9/11 abound. Exposing a lie and dealing with it, no matter how long it takes, holding guilty accountable while we can, while they are still alive, makes us, our country, and the democratic example we wish to set around the world stronger, not weaker.

The wheels of justice may be slow to start turning, but once they start, there can be no turning back. Such is the way with an irreversible 9/11 truth movement that continues to gather speed and momentum as more are continually awakened. All citizens should be aware of the petition filed by the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, 17 years after the fact, to the Attorney General, Southern District of New York, requesting a special grand jury scientifically and criminally investigate the extensive evidence presented in their 50-plus-page petition on the use of explosives in relation to the total destruction of World Trade Center One, Two, and Seven on Sept. 11, 2001.

The U.S. Attorney’s duty to relay this evidence to a special grand jury is a mandatory one under federal law. It will be interesting to see how both the attorney general and the mainstream media respond.

It is through the ongoing crime of the coverup that we can define, chase down, and expose the crime of the actual event of 9/11. Who in the coverup (MSM, Justice Department, militants, politicians?) is denying the pursuit of truth, and why, are the questions that will lead us to the answers we seek. The scientific evidence of controlled demolitions having been used in the destruction of the WTC is overwhelmingly clear to anyone who completed high school science. One doesn’t have to be a structural engineer to understand the argument(s). Yet not a peep from an MSM that tells us it “has our backs.” Getting the mainstream media to go there, and finding out why it won’t, is the matter at hand. Until 9/11 can be fully exposed for the lie that it has become, there can be no unity in our country, nor peace o’er the world. Perhaps that is the intention of the real culprits. That 17 years might turn into another five or 10 years will be the fault of only those who wish to continue to live in denial, being more afraid of the truth than false information of hidden agendas. Talk it up, not down.

Nick van Ness
West Tisbury