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Nowadays, pale yellow is in vogue in and around the garden

Style is random and demanding: keeping up with the latest trendy colors can be quite a challenge.

Extra early season upends gardening calendars

Predicting how things will grow this spring is tricky business, since the season is so advanced.

Bark is often overlooked as a mark of beauty and individuality

The pattern, texture, and color of a its bark makes a tree more interesting and easier to identify.

Step-by-step guide to starting your own seeds

Tomatoes, and much more, can be yours at modest cost when you sow and grow your own.

Snow-drop madness in Britain; pragmatic garden books over here

When a solitary bulb goes for more than $1,000, gardening has become a competitive sport.

Greening the winter landscape; ordering seeds for spring

Evergreens provide relief from the mid-winter monochromatic landscape, while seed ordering offers hope for the future.

Maximixing onions, controlling voles challenge Island gardeners

Starting about now, stored vegetables are likely to start sprouting.

With just a taste of winter so far, the harvest goes on

Most years, gardens would be covered by snow by now, or turned under, but this is 2012 and who knows what's going on.

Gardening on Martha’s Vineyard: looking forward to 2012

Mulching is like a buying an insurance policy for your plants and garden, buffering them against unknown risks.

Martha’s Vineyard gardeners still picking, and planning ahead

While kale and root crops extend this season, local gardeners are planning for the next one.

Harnessing bittersweet, harvesting kale on Martha’s Vineyard

The unseasonable weather reminds gardeners that their work is never finished, really.

More fruit, leaf use, Kale soup tips

Increasing yield, using what's available, and trying new recipes keeps some gardeners continually satisfied.

Bulbs. tubers, and plans for spring on Martha’s Vineyard

Eighteenth annual Barn Raisers' Ball, Saturday 7:30 to 10 pm at the Ag Hall.

Saying goodbye to this year’s garden, and a bit on bats

Elusive bats, fluttering at dusk, their Hallowe'en shapes silhouetted against the dying light, symbolize how much of the quotidian is unknown to us.

Winter gardening on Martha’s Vineyard

Today, with forethought, it is unnecessary to kiss goodbye fresh, homegrown vegetables, especially healthful greens.

First Irene, then autumn have muted Martha’s Vineyard color

Some gardeners throw in the trowel about now, but there are plenty of seasonal options when it comes to color.

Dry weather imperils plants on Martha’s Vineyard

With no significant rain in a month, Island flora is dangerously stressed when it needs to be tough going into the dark months.

Gardening on Martha’s Vineyard starts to slow down

All the signs point to it: pesky yellow jackets, heavy dewfall, the katydid and cricket chorus, roadside banks of goldenrod. Summer is cresting and Labor Day looms.

Dog-day challenges, recalling a pair of Fair pillars

While making last-minute preparations for the Fair, the author recalls Jane Newhall and Ozzie Fischer, two Fair pillars who are no longer with us.

Bloomin’ rhodies keep at it on Martha’s Vineyard

Have actually spent much of my weekend working in the garden, instead of writing about Working in the Garden.