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Who’s who behind the Ag Fair

Behind the scenes, the fair is jumping into the 21st century with both feet. The “Fair Ladies,” who began their careers at the fair...

All’s Fair

Cows in the barn, cotton candy, and carnival rides are classic fair attractions, but there’s always room for something new. Around the fairgrounds, educational...

Celebrate the ones you love with homemade gifts

Making gifts is a time-honored tradition, but who has the time? The good news is that it doesn’t have to take much more time...

Kimchi and Kombucha 101

Most of us consume cultured and fermented foods — yogurt, sourdough bread, kimchi, and more — but the majority of home cooks here have...

Women and the sea

Last Saturday, the Oak Bluffs library hosted “Women and the Sea,” a presentation about songs and ballads of women and the sea. Debra Cowan...

Living Local Harvest Festival schools us on sustainability

This weekend, the 18th annual Living Local Harvest Festival will be happening at the Agricultural Hall in West Tisbury, rain or shine. The festival...

Hog heaven

Some might come to the fair to pig out, others bring their pigs. Pigs, also known as swine, have a strong footing here on...

Featherstone’s ‘Big’ opening featured new gallery space and plenty of visitors

About 500 people turned out last Friday night for the “Big” show, which opened the Francine Kelly Gallery at Featherstone Center for the Arts’s...

The special exhibits in the big barn

Exhibits of produce, art and handicrafts fill the Agricultural Hall at the fair, mostly grouped by categories — a plate of tomatoes here, a...

From splash to sizzle: The West Tisbury Firefighters’ booth endures

Some time in the foggy 1970s, the West Tisbury Firefighters’ Civic Association was looking for ways to raise money for their scholarship fund. Someone...

The Fair is a family affair

Families participate in the Fair in different ways, passing on their enthusiasm from one generation to the next.Children almost universally enjoy the rides. And...

Traditional fun for the littlest fairgoers

From the pet show and animal barn to puppets and sack races, there is a lot for kids to do at the Ag Fair.

Traditional fun for the littlest fairgoers

Much of what's special about the Fair isn't unique to this long weekend event, but it's amplified here. It's one of those places where people gather, year after year.

“Hog Wild” poster is a winner for local artist

Terry Crimmen, a relative newcomer to the art scene, got his start in art after joining his girlfriend at an art seminar on the Cape.

Animals bring Fair’s agricultural heritage to life

It's not Ferris wheels and games of chance, but animals and farm products, that are the hallmarks of decades of Agricultural Fairs.

Arts Martha’s Vineyard provides a progress report

The direct economic impact of arts and culture is estimated to be 4.2 percent of the Vineyard's overall economy, according to a recent report.

What is chili exactly? Big Chili Contest competitors elaborate

From beans to venison, contestants explain what goes in to their vats of chili for the annual contest, this coming Saturday, Jan. 28.

Deer season harvest, road kill make for fine dinner fare

I brought home my first deer carcass, a road kill, over Thanksgiving. As I sorted through it, I realized I had no idea what to do with all the meat.

First annual Kale Festival on Martha’s Vineyard

Fruits get festivals, saints and ethnic groups too. So why not celebrate kale, good for you and tasty, if you know how to prepare it.

Edgartown knitters gather to knit, perl, and socialize

Neither fishermen nor loose women, both often found around the docks, these hookers are crafty, clean-living and dedicated.