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Oak Bluffs Council on Aging charts a new course

As the dust settles from a tumultuous year, members see opportunity for positive change.

Behind the scenes scramble saved the Oak Bluffs fireworks

Ralph Packer saved the day after heavy seas snapped the barge anchor lines hours before the show.

Oak Bluffs selectmen anticipate positive FEMA decision

Funding approval for clearing the little bridge channel appears imminent, but other projects face further scrutiny.

Island concrete contractor builds a foundation for recovery

When Bill Howell hires a recovering addict, he knows their situation first hand.

Benny is coming back

Benny and I fished before work. He would go to his shop and I would go to school,' Mr. Jerome, said. 'I caught some nice fish, 34-pound stripers fishing with Ed,' Mr. Mancinone said. 'But 11 years fishing the Derby, I never got a bite, not even a bite. My wife was starting to wonder if I was really fishing.

Martha’s Vineyard arena explores solar roof opportunity

The Martha’s Vineyard Arena (MVA) is showing its age. The 20-year-old roof on the 40-year-old building is leaking. Since it’s not insulated, the roof...

On the bus: riding with the White House press pool

The Times took an informal poll to see if these journalists, who are some of the best in the world at unearthing the truth, still saw the Island as an “affluent, exclusive enclave,” as so many of them describe it, after spending some time here. The unanimous response was, “Yes.”

President Obama and family return to Martha’s Vineyard for vacation

As with all presidential movements, security is everywhere. Earlier that day, Island fisherman in search of bonito by boat off the brickyard were shooed away... Fortunately for the fishermen, bonito have been scarce this year, or the situation could have ended badly.

Oak Bluffs battles summer litter surge

Swelling summer population and eco-unfriendly locals put town services to the test.

Chappy residents target Comcast CEO and President Obama in ads

The Chappaquiddick Island Association is appealing to the two chief executives to help update island infrastructure.

Oyster farmer tills Katama Bay

Mr. Blake says his career as an oysterman has been an ongoing process of trial and error and improvisation. 'There was a big learning curve. I didn’t make a dime the first three years,' he said. 'What works in Wellfleet won’t work here.'

Federal funding for Oak Bluffs faces further scrutiny

The long-running campaign by Oak Bluffs officials to secure funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to repair damage caused by Hurricane Sandy...

Oak Bluffs downtown revitalization committee begins outreach campaign

People were saying that we have to clean it up,” she said. “Clean and repair but not change the character of the town. We had to preserve the unique character of the town.

TED talks come to Martha’s Vineyard

There’s a lot of amazing people here on the Island, like Geraldine Brooks and David McCullough...They already give so much back to the community, rather than ask them to speak, we asked who they would like to hear.

Flood insurance regs create a surge of uncertainty

It was a hard job convincing people in Congress this wasn’t the case...I was told directly by other congressmen that these are rich people with waterfront homes. I tried to tell them that these are mostly family homes, many of them passed down through generations, but that was the mindset.

Big game fishing tournament debuts in Oak Bluffs

Organizers of the Bluewater Classic want to fill the void left when the shark tournament left town.

Oak Bluffs ZBA decides in favor of Goodale’s gravel pit

The zoning board of appeals reversed the building inspector’s decision and said a special permit is not needed.

Chappy Comcast signups remain short of goal

To people who resist the deal because they resent having no other choice in cable provider, Mr. Filley says that when it comes to something as crucial as technology, it’s better to have one monopoly than none at all.

Miracle in Menemsha

Over the next 48 hours, Mr. MacLeod’s loved ones faced the cruel purgatory of praying for him to live, knowing that he might never recognize them, or live without the help of a machine, again.

Martha’s Vineyard tops most expensive family vacation list

There are marvelous high-end places here. But we don’t want a young family to be scared off from visiting because they’re on a budget.