At Large: Irresistible April

Our habit of centuries and of generations is to venerate the town meeting as the pure, raw essence of democratic self-government. But, we’ve been duped. It’s just eyewash. After all, town government, measured by town meeting attendance, spends much but involves few. And sometimes, the few become too few, and a town meeting fails to […]

At Large: Medical marijuana trending now

Statewide, voters, including especially eager Islanders, have embraced so-called medicinal marijuana sales. Voters nationally lean toward marijuana, whether gilded with a pseudo-health care attribute or not. The harmful effects of pot use on cognition, ambition, socialization, and general health have not entered influentially into the national discussion. And, this is so despite the results of […]

At Large: Well, this was a change of tune for online comments

We have a winner. Commenters have declared without reservations, that the Pacheco family’s Reliable Market, on Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs is the best Island grocery store. Of course, it’s an informal survey with a limited group of survey respondents, but nevertheless, it’s a unanimous conclusion. A while ago, in an effort to shape, not […]

At Large: Bowling alley is not MVC business

Elsewhere on these Editorial and OpEd Pages this morning, the chairman of the Martha’s Vineyard Commission (MVC), under the pretext of defending his beleaguered regulatory and planning overlord agency, takes his constituents — that is, us — to task. He accuses us of “bashing” the MVC, harsh and undeserved behavior by his lights. And he […]

At Large: Leaving home

Friday afternoon, some significant segment of the Vineyard population, the majority of them teachers, parents, and children, all of whose desperation was palpable, left home. There were a few unconnected to the grueling routines associated with rearing children, who were plotting their own escapes with no reasonable excuses except that they wanted to go, desperate […]

At Large: Towns should claw back their depreciated prerogatives

In the mid-1970s, when the ground rules for implementing the Martha’s Vineyard Commission’s enabling legislation were being written, a general goal was to identify and devise protective protocols for fragile landscapes, for delicate and delightful environmental features, and for open space, which was under assault. A companion objective was the protection from regional regulatory intrusion […]

At Large: The simple sense of it

The politicians who drafted the Martha’s Vineyard Commission’s enabling legislation in 1974 tried to strike a delicate balance. They wanted to empower the commission to push out the town-by-town boundaries of limited zoning and subdivision regulation, but they also wanted the commission’s jurisdiction to function as a limited grant of authority from the towns and […]