Women’s softball opens with a blast

Perhaps the biggest change will be the absence of Ralph Stewart, the recently ­departed sports editor of The Times who was the beloved chronicler of league play since its inception. Mr. Stewart was in attendance Tuesday night but modestly declined a public introduction, citing his completely unreasonable fear of applause.

Catching the murder express: Fairstein thriller trained on NYC’s Grand Central Terminal

“Terminal City,” by Linda Fairstein, Dutton Adult, June 17, 2014, 384 pages. $21.08. Entering or leaving New York City through Grand Central Terminal is an exotic and romantic  experience for most travelers. But even weary daily commuters will be enthralled by “Terminal City,” Linda Fairstein’s latest thriller, which explores 130 years of secrets hidden in […]

The art of the catch: Creating real images of sea life

Jeff Canha simply put his skills together. A fifth-generation Islander, Mr. Canha is a commercial fisherman and charter captain. He knows fish. And he taught automobile mechanics at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School for 14 years. He’s what we call “handy” here. The result is art. Fish art, or “gyotaku,” as Japanese fishermen called it […]