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Katie-CarrollNine decades ago, that would place us in 1924, a lot of things happened. The Washington Senators were the World Series champs. The Montreal Canadiens took home the Stanley Cup. The NCAA football championship went to Notre Dame. The first Ace Hardware stores opened in Illinois. Kleenex disposable tissues were introduced. Simon & Schuster released “The Crossword Puzzle Book.” Lenin was placed in the Mausoleum in Red Square. The first Winter Olympics were held in Chamonix, France. George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody In Blue” premiered at Carnegie Hall. King Tut’s tomb was opened. “Happy Birthday To You” was published by Claydon Sunny.

This last reference is most noteworthy because it was released just in time for the birth of James Douglas Morgan. This Sunday, March 30, is the day Mr. Morgan will celebrate the completion of ninety years on this earth. He has had a fascinating life of fishing, carving, raising children, participating in town affairs and more. Although I see his smiling face almost daily as he tools around with his bride Roberta, I look forward to the day when their Harbor Craft Shop is open and I will be able to wander by, stop and chat for a moment or two.

Looking ahead to interesting things coming up, may I suggest you mark your calendar for the thirty-third Women’s Symposium entitled “Dreams.” The event will be held at the Chilmark Community Center on Saturday, April 26 from 9 am to noon. There will be speakers, small groups and refreshments. The event is free, but donations are welcome to cover expenses. For further information call Bonnie George at 508-645-3214.

Martha’s Vineyard Community Services will hold its Spring Electronics Disposal Day on April 12 from 9 am- 2 pm at Community Services. Now’s the time to set aside your personal or old air conditioners, cell phones, computers, copiers, dehumidifiers, fax machines, microwaves, monitors, laptops, printers, refrigerators, scanners, stereo equipment, TVs, washers, dryers, etc. in preparation for the day. They will charge minimal fees and even offer a 10 percent discount for car loads. All proceeds will go to Community Services. Go to for more information.

This is the week the students in third, fourth and fifth grades will undergo the English Language Arts MCAS. Monday is the practice day, Tuesday and Wednesday are testing days and Thursday, if needed, is make up day. The main purpose of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System in elementary grades is to inform and improve curriculum and instruction, and to evaluate student, school, and district performance according to MA Curriculum Framework. In order to make the days a little more palatable, the PTO is supplying the students with yummy croissants and muffins from Scottish Bakehouse. Sharpen your pencils kiddos.

The Darling family has one fewer member this week. Windway, sitting overlooking the South Shore, will be missing its patriarch when the family reconvenes at their summer home of over seventy years. Peter Darling, husband to Della, father of Sue Greeley, Scott and Peter, and grandfather of five has completed his time on earth overlooking the shores of Stonewall Beach. He thoughtfulness, for both humans and the environment, will be missed. The Darling family will host a celebration of life at a date to be determined this summer. I bid you farewell Peter Darling. I thank you for checking in on me from time to time.

The Times is seeking a Chilmark town columnist. Please contact Jamie Stringfellow here.

Katie-Carroll12:57 pm marks the beginning of spring, the vernal equinox. Today, theoretically because snow and cold still can happen, brings us increasing daylight and temperatures, popping flowers, buds and green and the reawakening, returning and birth of fauna. Not to mention that we should see the return of a general happy buzz among us humans who have lacked enough vitamin D during the cold, gray days of our New England winter. Yes folks, today marks the day of equal day and night. The sun rose due east and will set due west. As Dickens wrote in Great Expectations, “It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”

So is it true, and folklore says it is, that you can stand a raw egg on its end on the equinox? Try it yourself, let me know what happens.

Tyler, Sarah and Charlie Shipway have returned from a spectacular vacation in the sun surrounded by friends and family. They ventured south for some much needed Vitamin D and a hug from the grandparents, Judy and Ted Mayhew. Sugarloaf Key was the destination which is just a hop, skip and a jump from Key West. Sarah’s sister Becky Hewitt, who travelled with them, returned home also. They all managed a great visit with Emmett and Kathie Carroll. Yes, they are loading up on sunshine, too. Also in the mix were Peter, Kucki, Roger, Sophie and Mark- Judy’s family from England. What a full house of fun and festivities they clearly had.

This Saturday, March 22, is the day we are all invited to Abel’s Hill Cemetery to say our goodbyes to Louis Larsen. 10:30 am is the time to gather, remember, reflect, honor, and pay tribute to “Big Louie.” His legacy will carry on, not only in his family members, but in all of the folks he made an impression on in his 88 years walking the earth. In traditional Chilmark fashion, there will be a potluck celebration of life at the Chilmark Community Center immediately following the graveside service.

The students at the Chilmark School have had a newsflash from their sister school, Blessed Watoto School, in Atiak, Uganda. The funds our kids raised at their October Fair were donated to help construct the school. At this time, the walls are up and the roof is scheduled to go on. Hannah Kahl, daughter of K/1 teacher Robin Smith, was the key to this school-to-school union. An assortment of pictures was sent along with the update. They have been shared at school. Apparently, and I am not quite sure how this all works in Uganda, Blessed Watoto was, for the first time, ranked second in their sub-county. Silas, Tegan, Tyler, Atlas, Emmett, Katie, Emma, Latham, William, Adam, Tristan, Brooks, Fynn, Noah, Menasha, Bella, Kiera and Immy, the grades 4/5 students, are all looking forward to receiving the letters that were promised from their Ugandan counterparts.

Mary McConneloug and Mike Broderick were lined up with some of the best mountain bike racers in the world this past weekend. They pulled up to the starting line at Bonelli Park in San Dimas, California for the second round in the 2014 USA Cycling U.S. Cup Series. Mike placed twenty-ninth in a sea of competition in the elite men’s division. Mary placed sixth out of a field of 41 riders.

Frolic on this spring day, even if you feel a chill in the air. Take a deep breath and think about all the things you will be able to accomplish, because winter is beginning to let go her mighty grip.

Katie-CarrollThe face of our community has yet another wrinkle due to the passing of a favorite. Louis Larsen has left our shores for a place with fair winds, following seas and swordfish breaching in every direction. We all have stories to share about “Big Louie.” Take a few minutes to jot them down — he and your stories are now a piece of history. My heart goes out to the entire Larsen family.

“Spring is the time of plans and projects,” Leo Tolstoy wrote.

Well, technically speaking, spring has not sprung just yet, but we did have a little taste of what’s to come this past weekend. Folks out strolling the beaches. Neighbors burning brush in their backyards. Lambs being welcomed to the barn by both their sheep mommas and human friends. The whirr of chainsaws cleaning up winter blow-downs. The sound of a peacock screaming at his turkey friends. And, yes, the call a peacock makes is actually called a scream. I looked it up for confirmation. Oh, how can I forget? – the daylight that seems to continue on nearly forever or at least until bath time for small children on a Sunday night.

How could I almost forget to mention the ducklings at The Grey Barn? Like the farm on Facebook to see the ducklings along with the piglets grow. Do it quickly because they grow fast. Stop by the farm stand if you need pork products –pork belly, pork ribs,pork sausage, andground pork are all ready for purchase.

Nancy Aronie of Chilmark Writing Workshop will be offering “Writing from the Heart” in conjunction with ACE MV. It will run from March 17 through March 20, 9 am to 12 noon each day. Writing from the Heart “is a safe place to write in your own voice, your own rhythms, and your own story. It’s not about editing or publishing. It’s about the actual writing and honoring each individual’s process.” Contact Lynn Ditchfield, 774-310-1131 or, with questions.

Three cheers for Fynn Monahan who heads to the PAC tomorrow for the All-Island Spelling Bee. He will take the stage along with representatives from the other Island schools. Fynn’s 4/5 Chilmark School classmates will all bus down with him and sit in the audience to cheer him on and support him as he attempts to spell bigger and more complex words. How many rounds do you think the spellers will go? Big thanks to classmate Menasha Leport who will be waiting in the wings if Fynn, for some reason, cannot attend.

Just a reminder: The Chilmark School Art exhibit is hanging at the Library. The grand opening party will take place on Monday, March 17, 2:45–3:45 pm.   Please stop by the library before the end of the month to check out their work which is captivating, magnetic, excellent, marvelous, dazzling, delightful, divine, elegant, exquisite, fascinating and all of those other words that are spectacular ways to simply describe beautiful.

The14th annual Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival starts today. There has been a flurry of activity at the CCC trying to get it all ready for the weekend long event. Comfy couches line the first few rows in front of the screen. Prepare to nestle in among old friends and new for film, food, art and music. The festival schedule is online There are also newspaper style brochures floating around; I got a bunch from Molly Purves to share. In addition to great films for the adult set, there are a bunch of children’s events being held over the weekend. You and your family won’t need to leave the center of town to take in a show or participate in a kids’ filmmaking workshop. I’m sure if you are in the library this week, Ebba and her posse of book savvy partners would be happy to clue you in to what’s planned in their venue. Oh, and food, yummy, scrumdiddlyumptious dinner, desserts, coffees and more from some of our most favorite creators.

Happy birthday to Herb Slater who celebrates tomorrow. Also celebrating tomorrow is Sawyer Rothmann who is on the home stretch of his senior year at Avon Old Farms. He’s planning to man the pumps at the Texaco again this summer. Also celebrating this week are Nisa Counter, Owen Singer, and Emma Dolan. March 19 is the day Marshall and Patrick Jenkinson both turn 45. The hospital was busy on the day back in 1969, with two guys rolling into the world side by side. Lori Robinett, soon to be the Mrs. Johnny Graham,  celebrates that very same day.

The town of Chilmark has refilled again after a much-needed February vacation. Things are essentially unchanged: the paperwork is still piled on the desk, the load of laundry still needs to be folded, the chicken coop needs a cleaning along with the fish tank and the hamster cage, yet all of this is just fine because an escape from reality is just what the doctor ordered for most of the inhabitants of this blustery New England town.

Do tell us of the wonders you have seen. The warm sandy beaches you have walked must hold some magical story story. The mountains you have been carried up in order to ski down must have an extraordinary moment to share. The roads you have driven surely called out and said, “Let’s see what’s around the next corner.” You have an audience here. We all want to hear your stories, see your pictures, live a moment in your shoes. I’m calling you out, folks: do tell your tales.

Molly, Eric, Noah, and Jakie Glasgow are back from a trip to Woodstock, Vermont. Hillary, John, Adelaide, Thea, Ella, and Lathrop Keene are back from an awesome week at Sugarloaf Mountain in Carrabassett Valley, Maine. Also back from Sugarloaf are Alicia, Peter, Olivia, and Adam Knight and Keith, Tegan, and Laila Fenner. Mariah and Jessica Campbell have returned from an amazing adventure in Belize led by their grandmother, Fran Flanders. Bret and Graham Stearns travelled to Wellington, Florida, to catch up with the other half of their family. Ava and mom, Sarah Doyle, have been there for an extended stay at the Winter Equestrian Festival where, as always, Ava is performing like a superstar. Liz, Kevin, Solon, Barrett, Delilah, and Hollis Oliver ventured to Bass Pro, Patriot Place and Sky Zone where they clearly packed in a whole bunch of fun. Jessica Benjamin, Pinto, Silas, and Axel Abrams have returned from their travels to Utah. Patricia Bacon, Jeffrey, Atlas, Sam and Fletcher Zack had a trip of a lifetime traveling to Ecuador. Rumor has it Stephen, Kerry, Ben and Imogen Taylor took in the sights in Puerto Rico. Jonathan, Kim and Kelly Klaren ventured to the Cayman Islands to meet up with Jonathan’s folks, Sandra and Thorny Klaren. My clan ventured to Clearwater Beach, Florida, for a quick few days to check out the University of Tampa, hit Busch Gardens and have a little family time.

There are big doings at the Library during the month of March. The Chilmark School Art Show will be on display throughout the month with the opening taking place on March 17, 2:45– 3:45. Thank you, Kristen Maloney, for the official invitation to all those who are interested.

Jenny Christy invites all interested parties to the Martha’s Vineyard Cultural Council’s

(almost) spring meeting. Breakfast treats will be served as you share/listen to input from the community. Sunday, March 9, from 9 am to 12 noon, at the Howes House is the time and place. Call Beth at 508-693-3366 with any questions you might have.

June Manning, our Aquinnah neighbor, local columnist, and prominent Island resident (we all know June), has been down with a nasty bout of sciatica. Let’s all send well wishes and healing thoughts her way. It must be bad, because nothing can keep that gal down.

Shh…it’s quiet around town. It’s school vacation week. It seems like nearly everyone has ventured somewhere. Many opted for warmth and a quick dose of Vitamin D. Others chose to take advantage of the snow and take to the slopes.

Whether it’s Mexico, Jamaica, Ecuador, Belize, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Florida, California, Hawaii or some other lush environment, I hope to hear stories of warmth and sunshine. Perhaps your adventures to Utah, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, or Colorado will provide you with some tales of black diamonds, snow boards, skis and more.

Will, Katie, Emma, Tory (Shanok) and Bill Dolan had a week of fun in the sun. Turks and Caicos was the location that drew them away from their Hingham home and to this glorious paradise vacation destination. Parasailing was one of the highlights for Tory. I hope her family was super proud of her since, like me, she is not fond of heights. Emma will be back at the Texaco this summer — which is practically right around the corner, right? — so you will have to ask her about her trip. Snorkeling, pristine beaches, warm water, and so much more made for a great family trip.

Liz Willette spent last weekend on an island, too. The island of Martha’s Vineyard was her destination. She, along with beau Greg Maynes and their pooches, walked trails, enjoyed the high school production of CATS, touched base with friends and celebrated Greg’s birthday. Spending her winter in Providence is definitely a change of pace and scenery, but we are all hopeful it will be a stepping stone to where she ultimately wants to end up in life.

My mom, Diana Lees, popped down for a couple of nights to grab a dose of grandchildren. She’s pretty go-with-the flow, so was quite happy to tag along on errands or watch Brooks play his new Lego movie X-Box game. She quite willingly darned a hole in one of my favorite sweaters, too.

A bunch of birthdays are being celebrated around us. Happy, happy to Trevor Maciel, Julie Flanders, Caleb Slater, Dardy Slavin, Dennis Jason, Cathy Walthers, Patrick Ruel, and my dad, Frank Tamoshunas (he’s a leap year baby so if you were to ask him he doesn’t actually age this year.)

Then, birthdays abound in the month of March. We kick off the month with Herschel West celebrating 90 on March 1 along with Todd Christy who celebrates that same day but not with the big 9-0. Owen Maloney, Chris Jones, and Sean Egan all celebrate on the third. Is that right? Super good buds Chris and Sean have the same birthday? Hmm, wow. Polly McDowell rounds out the week. May candles light your way to a very happy day.

If you are around this week and Audrey Hepburn is one of your favorites to watch on the big screen, then the Library tomorrow night is the place for you. On February 28, the free Friday movie is “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” I am pretty sure my dear daughter, Bradley, could recite the entire film — it is an all time favorite. Hepburn and George Peppard star in this 1961 romantic comedy about a beautiful yet vulnerable small-town girl who leaves the boonies to live the wild life in New York City hobnobbing among the city’s elite. There’s no reason to question why this one won five Academy Awards.

Katie-CarrollYes, folks, everything is fine at the Slater home. Many of us spotted the ambulance on Basin Road the other day and wondered what and who it was for. Jane filled me in and Herb’s medical emergency landed him in the hospital overnight, but he is home and a-okay. He missed one night of visiting with Jane and Conrad Neumann, who were visiting from North Carolina. However, he did manage a full long weekend with two grandsons and their folks. Sarah, Aaron, Scott and Jack Bennett ventured south for the blizzard weekend. I bumped into half of the group at the grocery store stocking up.

Speaking of blizzard, I am thankful for the glorious day it revealed. So many of you have shared your photos of snow-covered branches, pristine fields covered in fluffy white blankets and winter wonderland walks. I haven’t heard too much complaining. Perhaps the beauty has overshadowed the work involved with digging out? Thanks to all of the folks who plow tirelessly — Keith Emin, Tim Carroll, Zack Coutinho, Hutch Kerwin, and many more. And a big thanks to Marshall who plowed our driveway right down to dirt — so impressed.

A quick shout-out to Janet, Tom, Pete, and Andrew Ruimerman; Sorry for your yardly loss. Yes, I realize “yardly” isn’t actually a word but it seems fitting. One of their big trees with swooping branches that once stood majestically in front of The Homestead on DH’s Hill succumbed to the weight of winter snow and blustery wind. Its siblings still stand tall, but it will be reclaimed by the earth.

Pathways Second Annual Connecting Creations: A Multi-Arts Performance Evening and Visual Arts Installation will take place Saturday, February 22, 7–9 pm. According to founder Marianne Goldberg, “Pathways second multi-arts installation of the season, Connecting Creations, celebrates connections to inspirational artists in our lives through a sharing of visual arts, writing, performing arts, and music. If you attend, you will see and hear works by Christina and Carlos Montoya, Shannon Rynd-Ray and Enos Ray, Natasha, Paige and Claudia Taylor, Erich and Sabrina Luening, Dean and Karin Rosenthal, Wendy Weldon and James Langlois, Gene, Jacquie, Jonathan, Chris, Justin and Gretchen Baer, Tobias and Nathan Shepard, Cyn and Kevin McGrath, and others, with the community invited to participate. The Gallery is open through March 11, 11 am to 4 pm, daily except Wednesdays.

This past week at Pathways, high school senior Thorpe Karabees played back-up music  on his cello for Claudia Taylor’s performance.

February 25 will be the last soup supper of this wintery season at the Chilmark Church.  As always, all are welcome for a hot meal, warm company and good conversation, starting at  5:30 pm. After a week’s break, pizza nights will resume on March 11. Start time is 6 pm for this fun, family-friendly, weekly get-together. If you have time, consider tossing together a salad to share or a batch of cookies. No, it’s not necessary by any means, but every once in a while something added to the table is a treat.

Congratulations to Chilmark School fifth grade students Fynn Monahan and Menasha Leport. Fynn will represent Chilmark at the All-Island Spelling Bee and Menasha will be the back-up. Friday, March 14, at 9 am at the MVRHS PAC representatives from  all the schools will gather for the Island-wide spell-off. How many rounds do you think it will take?

Did you get the chance to take in one of the performances of the high school’s version of the musical CATS? If you didn’t, wow, what a loss for you. Aquinnah junior Josh Boucher’s portrayal of Rum Tum Tugger was spot on. Chilmark School grad and high school senior Mikayla Tinus gave a fabulous version of Jellylorum. Senior Thorpe Karabees stood out on cello in his final high school musical performance. Senior Bradley Carroll spent countless hours in front of our sewing machine working on costumes and, at the last minute, ended up on stage for a quick dance solo. With some adult guidance, the students really were the ones to make the show. They dazzled and captivated the audience with their work, both on stage and behind the scenes. Consider this your big bouquet of flowers, high schoolers! I am one proud mom.

Katie-CarrollThis past weekend, well, it was all about the Chilmark School for me. Brooks, my ten-year-old fifth-grader, returned from the school’s Outing Program ski trip. Seven students in all ventured to Carrabassett Valley, Maine’s Sugarloaf Mountain. Brooks along with his classmates Noah Glasgow, Menasha Leport, Keira McCarthy, Fynn Monahan, Imogen Taylor, and Bella Thorpe had three days of skiing at the Loaf. Day one was hard pack. Day two they cruised through fresh powder. Day three they indulged in perfectly groomed slopes. Their three days offered up three different experiences. They lessoned each morning, mixed in some schoolwork after lunch, had free ski in the afternoon and a dip in the pool each evening. Noah celebrated his 11th birthday with his classmates in their Wildflower condo. The lucky seven returned from their five-day adventure seeming older, more confident, and certainly feeling a sense of accomplishment. I am so very proud of them all, even though it is a bit sobering to realize this is their last big adventure as Chilmark School students. The lucky seven will graduate in June and move on to middle school in the fall.

The four parent chaperones — Marshall Carroll, Julie Flanders, Eric Glasgow, and Nancy Leport — returned just in time to help pull together all of the finishing touches for the big PTO/Outing Program fundraiser held at the CCC this past Saturday night. The Center was transformed into a sparkly rock and blues nightclub. The music of Johnny Hoy & the Bluefish managed to pull the eclectic crowd of party-goers onto the dance floor. I must say, the joint was really jumpin’. About half way through the evening, our locally famous charter fishing captains Scott McDowell and Buddy Vanderhoop took center stage as the live auctioneers. As one would expect, there was some jovial banter back and forth between the two. We wouldn’t have had it any other way. Kudos to all of the folks who made this event happen. An extra big thank you to those who went above and beyond the call of duty running last minute errands, staying into the wee hours of the morning to clean up, climbing very tall ladders, removing a truckload of trash, and so on. Hillary Noyes-Keene, Patricia Bacon, Keith Fenner, Edie Prescott, Molly Glasgow, John Keene, Marshall Carroll, Caroline Flanders, Doug Bardwell, Jess Bradlee, Julie Flanders, Deb Hancock, and those I inadvertently may have overlooked, our children and I graciously thank you. The town of Chilmark truly is a remarkable community to be a part of. We are so lucky to be surrounded by folks who, time and time again say, “I will do that” and actually do. Life in the town of Chilmark never fails me. My friends, my neighbors, my community never offer empty promises. Oh boy, I must be overtired. You are experiencing the reflective and sappy side of me. I will stop.

Wow. Congratulations to Lucas Murphy of Murphy’s Law Motorsports, son of Lynn and Susan, on his 11th place finish out of 150 competitors at the eighth annual Griffin King of the Hammers. This ultimate four-wheel-drive race captured the attention of Lucas and his team. Johnson Valley, deep in the heart of the California desert, is the home of this highly competitive all-day race. Lucas’s time was an impressive 10:29:10.

I’d like to extend my condolences to the family of Ted Meinelt. He was laid to rest this past weekend at the age of 97. I seemed to time my drives by his house as he was checking the mail. He would share a wave and a smile and then turn to walk back to The Old House, typically with a hand full of envelopes. His presence will certainly be missed.

Valentine’s Day has certainly crept up on me this year. If the same thing has happened to you and you find yourself buzzing by the Santander Bank, stop in and pick up some of Lisa Vanderhoop’s Sea Dogs Valentine cards. One of her cards is a definite standout with its sweet play on words — the photo is a box filled with chocolate Lab puppies. You needn’t leave town to get a delightful assortment of goodies for that someone you are sweet on. Chilmark Chocolates are a definite must, lunch out at The Food Truck, and maybe some lobsters from Stanley for an indulgent dinner. It would simply be a gastronomical fantasy. Enjoy all. May the love be with you.

Now that you’ve all heard that the Carrolls had the flu, let me tell you the story…wait, wait, ah-choo. It started on a Friday with Marshall saying he needed a nap. A nap? I thought, oh snap, that man doesn’t nap. Sniffles, sneezes, fever and chills, too. Oh, my, yes, it must be the flu. We quarantined his ailing body and I served him like Harry Potter’s little Dobby. The doctor checked in and confirmed the fact that his insides were under attack. Two days later Brooks and I joined in the dread of blankets and covers piled high on the bed. We, too, had succumbed, to an illness that makes you feel, well, like chum. Drink lots of fluids and dine on this brew for the medicine will help you get rid of that flu. We referred to Bradley as Typhoid Mary as she, somehow, managed to evade an illness that’s scary. Throw an ear infection and maybe a touch of pneumonia in for good measure, this illness was not what I call a treasure. Each day goes by with a few less aches: we’re almost better for goodness sake. Back among the land of the living, my heart has a lot of thanks to start giving.

Among others, a heartfelt thank-you and debt of gratitude to: Jeffrey Zack, Patricia Bacon, Julie Flanders, Hillary Noyes-Keene, Carl Crocker, Molly Glasgow, Tim Carroll, Scott and Jennifer Frank, Deanna Withers, and my dear, dear daughter, Bradley Carroll.

Okay, enough about me, Saturday night, Feb. 8, is the night we’ve all been gearing up for. The Chilmark School PTO and Outing Program’s “Rockin’ away the Winter Blues” with Johnny Hoy & the Bluefish.  The CCC doors will open at 7 pm. For just $15, you can join your friends and neighbors to dance the night away, nibble on tasty desserts, and bid on some awesome auction items. Cordwood, a yoga party, catered chef’s dinner, artwork, a sunset cruise on a Hinckley picnic boat, gift certificates for oil changes, breakfast, dinner, eggs, livestock (yes, livestock) and more.

The second in a series of four community lunches at the Chilmark School took place last Friday. Local pork tacos made with meat from the Grey Barn and Farm was served with lime sour cream, salsa, cheese, and guacamole. Salad with sprouts from Robin Smith and Eleanor Neubert’s K/1 class’s Island Grown School’s activity with mom and farmer Meg Athearn were mixed with greens donated by IGI from Thimble Farm. The salad was topped with local feta and yogurt dressing from Allen Healy and Caitlin Jones’s Mermaid Farm. Also on the menu was cabbage, beet and carrot slaw from Morning Glory Farm vegetables. To round out the tasty lunch, an apple cranberry crisp was served as a sweet treat for dessert. Parent volunteers who helped prep, set up, and clean up included chefs Robert Lionette and Kendra Buresch, Meg Higgins, Caroline Flanders, Johna McVey, Lindsey Scott, Patricia Bacon, Julie Flanders, Meg Athearn, Hillary Noyes-Keene, and Sarah Davis along with darling daughter Mira. The school children and staff were joined at the luncheon by Reagan Wilda, Sarah McKay, Pam and Nat Benjamin, Matthew D’Andrea, Janet Weidner, Lindsay Miner, Amy Tierney, Phil Campbell, Superintendent of Schools Jim Weiss, and Claire LeFavre. The reviews following the meal included comments like: I wish I could have thirds; that was awesome; that was delicious and when is the next meal?

In other school news, the fifth grade students will return tomorrow after a five-day adventure to Carrabassett Valley, Maine. Yes, this week Brooks Carroll, Noah Glasgow, Menasha Leport, Keira McCarthy, Fynn Monahan, Imogen Taylor, and Bella Thorpe are swooshing and snowplowing their way down Sugarloaf Mountain. This trip is one of the highlights of the Chilmark School’s outing program. We all know learning has no limits and education can certainly be found outside the classroom. The seven students were joined by teacher Becky Barca-Tinus, school nurse Janice Brown, and parents Marshall Carroll, Julie Flanders, Eric Glasgow, and Nancy Leport. Their trip encompasses everything from skiing to school work, friendship to teamwork, and an overall well-rounded life experience. How lucky they are to live it. How lucky we are as a community to give them the ability.

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Anne Ganz took a stroll last week along the north shore with a bourbon bottle in hand. Inside the bourbon bottle was a message in a bottle that she had composed. It was about 3:30 pm when she wandered around Cape Higgon, drew her arm back, and gave the bottle a nice strong toss into the waves. It splashed and rolled its way towards Naushon. The very next day, Anne received an email from a woman named Pam. Pam was out walking along Surf Drive in Woods Hole looking for a few scallops to tuck in her pockets for a nice tasty meal. The gulls were working the shoreline with such intensity that Pam didn’t stand a chance. Her consolation prize was the bourbon bottle and message tucked inside. Rather than open it standing right there alone on the beach, she thought it would be great fun to open it surrounded by her morning breakfast companions at Pie in the Sky. It, of course, prompted great breakfast conversation among the group and a good story for Anne to share with me.

The W. T. School’s Fourth Grade Theater Project is performing two community performances of their original production, “Shakespeare Strikes Back,” next weekend. Chilmark kids Matthew Karlinsky, Ingrid Moore, Barrett Oliver, and Graham Stearns, along with their classmates, will take the stage at the CCC and perform Friday, January 24, at 6 pm and Saturday, January 25 at 4:30 pm. Admission is free, but if you bring a food item for the Food Pantry it would be greatly appreciated.

There are a couple of fun things going on at the library this week. This week’s free Friday movie is “Notorious Landlady.” Fred Astaire, Jack Lemmon, and Kim Novak star in this 1962 film. Sorry, no Audrey Hepburn this week but Fred is ready to go. As always, the 7 pm show comes with free admission, popcorn, and juice.

Another Library fun event is geared towards small children. Story book character Biscuit will be trotting around on Saturday, January 25, at 10:30am. Join Kristin as she reads some of Biscuit’s books and sing for him, too.

Keep a sharp look out for Josh Aronie and his new foodie venture, The Food Truck. It appears that the powers at be have given him their blessing and lunch in the center of town, that’s not a brown bag from home, is an option. You should, in no time flat, find the truck parked alongside the Chilmark Store during lunchtime hours.

Stanley and Lanette Larsen at Menemsha Fish Market will continue to offer up hot chowders, bisques, fish cakes, and more. So we are lucky in Chilmark to have two grab and go options for a midday meal.

Don’t forget. The time is fast approaching for the Chilmark School PTO/Outing Program big fundraiser with Johnny Hoy & the Bluefish. Save that date — February 8, 7–11 pm, at the CCC. We are still looking for auction items so give me a shout if you have something you’d like to contribute to help ensure our town’s children continue to get the unique education we’ve all strived so hard to maintain. It is bound to be THE party of the year, so dust off your dancin’ shoes.

Patriots. Darn. What can I say? I guess our plans for a Super Bowl party are off.