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I was told a Globe Trotter appeared at Flanders Field softball. At first I thought to myself that this fellow is versatile — as in softball and basketball. I then realized the Commish, also known as Bill Edison, was referring to a different type of Globe-trotter. Mark Shanahan, a reporter from The Boston Globe, took to the field and gathered a little intel about the diverse cast of characters at the weekly get-togethers. Apparently, he set aside his pen and pad, donned a glove, and made a mad defensive play behind second base. He managed to pick off a line drive to center with a smile. You will be happy to know that if you manage to make the September 1 game you will enjoy a triple-header, potluck barbecue and be treated to an awards ceremony for dessert.

For someone who is vacationing in Oak Bluffs, Billie Hancock sure does spend a lot of time in Chilmark. What’s the reason? Her grandson, Christian, of course. Yes, her daughter, Buffy, and son-in-law, Gil, are close runner-ups but Christian sure tops the list.

Billie has been lucky enough to have her sister, Patsy, for a visit, too. They tool around together like the best of friends.

Andy Bluestein and his bride, Stephanie Sprout, along with pooch, Bridger, made a trip to town this past weekend. The happy trio wandered Menemsha chatting with old friends along the way. They also managed a pilgrimage to Back Door Donuts and a blue-skied adventure to Cuttyhunk.

Tori (Shanok), Will, Emma, Kate, and Will Dolan said their farewells as they made their way to the ferry this past weekend. I’ll bet the drive back to Hingham was a grueling one: none of the family members were quite ready to call it a summer on Martha’s Vineyard. We were lucky enough to add 14-year-old Emma to our Texaco family this summer. We are hoping she will return next summer and maybe even pop down for a weekend visit or two. Grandparents Susan and Bill Shanok stopped in just enough to say hello to her at work but never crossed the line when it came to checking up on their granddaughter.

The Harrison-Parker clan has been in town. Sophie, Meghan, Phoebe, and Isabel along with mom Rebecca have managed to get in some good cousin time with the Keene clan and Harrison entourage. Eldest Sophie has joined the Texaco family this summer as well. Peter and Amy Harrison have their three little girls in tow. I spotted the two littlest indulging in chocolate milk.

Chas Hollinger mentioned to me a while back he was planning to show some of his artwork at the Chilmark Sovereign Bank. I waited and waited for the details, but Chas is modest. So, a remarkable woman he fondly refers to as Mom (Kathy Coe to the rest of us) emailed me the details. The show will run from September 20 through October 4. A little shindig will mark the opening, 4–6 pm on the 20th. This must mean a great deal to Chas because he will have to cut into a little of his Derby fishing time.

Derby. Wow, did I say Derby? Check the line. Retie the knots. It’s nearly time to hit the jetty in hopes of a winner.

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The Martha’s Vineyard Boards of Health Tick Borne Illness Reduction Initiative invites all of us to a “tick talk.” A presentation with a questions and answers session with Dr. Sam Telford, an infectious disease expert and professor at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, will take place at the CCC on Friday August 23, 4–6 pm. At this point, most of us have been affected, be it firsthand or through someone we care about, so gaining some knowledge and having the opportunity to ask pertinent questions of an expert seems so sensible.

Just across the street at the Chilmark Bank, a reception from 4:30 to 6 pm will mark the opening of “Up-Island Landscapes,” an exhibition of oil paintings by landscape artist Linda Thompson. From August 23 to 29 the exhibition will hang. It features several paintings showing the dramatic changes to the cliff at Lucy Vincent Beach over the past two years. It also includes a range of up-Island landscapes showing land meeting water, including the North Shore, the Allen Sheep Farm, Aquinnah, and the Menemsha Harbor.

That same night, a panel discussion sponsored by Local Women Global Mission and The Africa Channel will take place at the Harbor View Hotel. The discussion will begin at 7 pm and will include: Robyn Nietert, Elrick Williams, Nancy Kramer, Tony Lombardi, Jason Lew, and Lorena Crespo. It will be followed by a short film “First Time Africa: Atiak” featuring the experiences in Uganda of our very own Hannah Kahl and Lila Fischer. A second showing of “First Time Africa: Atiak” will be held at 7 pm at the Katharine Cornell on Saturday August 23. It will be follwed by a Q&A will Hannah, Lila, and staff members of the Africa Channel. Also on Saturday, there will be a 4 pm showing at the Katharine Cornell Theater of “Africa United.” This film documents the extraordinary story of three Rwandan children who walked 3,000 miles to the Soccer World Cup in South Africa. This event will include African music and games which will be fun for all ages.

Harvard Law Professor Kenneth W. Mack talks about his new book, “The New Black: What Has Changed – and What Has Not – with Race in America,” on Thursday, August 22, at 5 pm at the Chilmark Library.

Local author Ali Berlow, founder of Island Grown Initiative and the editor of Edible Vineyard, speaks about her new book, “The Mobile Poultry Slaughterhouse,” at the Chilmark Library on Wednesday, August 28 at 5 pm.

Scott Darling, along with his bride and sons, have been visiting his parents Peter and Della at their home overlooking the south shore. I had a quick visit with them at the Texaco.

Danny Guimaraes has been in town visiting with the Nixon clan. He’s a longtime friend of Bobby and chief Snickers (one of the two Nixon pups) caregiver when in town. Also kicking back in Menemsha is Dylan Glenn. He always has a smile on his face and has the ability to turn any frown upside down.

I’ve also had Silva sightings. Michael Silva, a Texaco alum, along with Cecilia Meei-Wenn Mao, ventured east from their home in San Francisco. It was nice to chat and catch up. A few days later, brother Dan, wife Nancy and six-year-old Emmett stopped in to say hello and get a larger Squid Row T for the cute and growing boy. They travelled north from Virginia to be the official timers of the 5K Run for Jabberwocky.

According to Paul Iantosca, an avid Chilmark Softball player, the commissioner Bill Edison and Hans Solmssen had requested that he contact the secret service to invite President Obama to throw out a pitch in last Sunday morning’s game at Flanders Field. According to Paul, after a brief meeting with a special agent, it was determined that the President would be unable to attend yet hopes were high that some of the officials might make it. Paul, a Wooton Bassett resident, would like to share his appreciation for the state and local police and the secret service agents who were extremely polite and professional at all times.

Dan Pinck describes the goings on at Sunday softball as a big social event. You will meet new friends, catch up with old ones, mingle and maybe hit a dingle. Newcomers are always welcome and a sticker isn’t necessary, unlike LVB or Squibby, but be reminded to please park off the road or you may be fined or worse, publicly humiliated, by Commish Edison. Stay tuned for end of the year BBQ info.

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Just like in the major leagues, Flanders Field summer softball has some rookie players that are sure to become all stars in the future. Marguerite Benson has grandsons Lucas and Ian visiting. The young cousins, fathers in tow, purchased gloves and bats then took to the field for practice. These soon to be all-stars have ensured there will be games played and played well far into the 21st century. The farewell softball barbecue party is still in its secretive stage according to the Commish Bill Edison. Votes are being tallied for MVP and the Howie Hustle trophy. Apparently, Arlen Roth hurled a shutout and feels he deserves it. This, of course, is all hearsay.

Ian Yaffe, along with brother Zak and lovely mother, Anita, spent a long weekend puttering about town. I’m sure many of you remember Ian from his time working for the harbor department or, perhaps, volunteering for the fire department. He really was a great sunset tee-shirt salesman. It was a quick weekend trip but he promises to be back in September for a week long stay.

The Simonsen Family is celebrating the life of Vibeke Andrea Simonsen, who passed away September 14, 2012. The family will host a get together at the Simonsen family home on Flanders Lane in Chilmark on Saturday, September 21, 4–6 pm. Please join them to share thoughts and stories of the lovely woman whose license plate read “VIBS.”

Not only is Carlos Montoya of Tabor House Road Everly and Joaquin’s dad but he is the super amazing chef at Sweet Life. Carlos had the honor of preparing dinner for the Obamas Sunday evening. I happened to be across the street at Union Chapel for the Built on Stilts performance. Let me tell you, the crowd was clapping, screaming and flashing their cameras at the tip top of Circuit Avenue. I am pretty sure some of that clapping and hollering was in honor of Carlos’s remarkably cheffy skills.

Dan Lemieux along with his bride Ellen and sons Eli and Jack are in town this week. It may seem as if they are being hosted by the Secret Service, but they are, in fact, being hosted by Mary, Perry and Gabe Ambulos. Dan, former Chilmark special police officer of days gone by, is making the rounds and saying hello to old friends. He mentioned having a lovely chat with great-grandma Bette Carroll.

Stan and Marie Mercer recently returned from a driving adventure to Bay Roberts, Newfoundland. On the way north to the birthplace of Stan’s father, the couple stopped in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. From North Sydney, N.S., they travelled by seven-hour ferry to Port Aux Basque, Newfoundland. Stan’s father had described it as a beautiful place and, now that they have been there, Stan and Marie concur. The scenery is vast with a few small villages popping up here and there. One of the highlights was a whale and puffin cruise from Bay Bulls Harbor. The return ferry ride, according to Stan, made for a very long day. The Blue Puttee ferry ran aground before even getting out of port. The ferry rested partially on a dock for eight hours and when it ran aground, the tide was still going out. When it was freed, it returned to its slip to be assessed. Its passengers disembarked and then embarked on a journey aboard Highlander. That trip, along with the journey to Woods Hole, were uneventful.

I’d like to extend my condolences to the family of Jeff Kurth, who passed away this past weekend after battling illness for years. He was a man I never heard complain even if the chips appeared to be stacking up against him. It was an honor to know him.

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August. It’s hard to believe the entire month of July has come and gone. August has so many things to offer it is hard to believe they are all jam-packed into this one month. Illumination. Fireworks. Agricultural Fair. Bonito. The dog days of summer, which we defined not too long ago, are drawing to a close yet there is still time for trips to picnic point, a frolic through a sprinkler, fun times at camp, beach dates with good buddies and more. August certainly plays a pivotal role in the season of summer. Soon it will be time to change out the line and tie on new lures as the Derby will be here sooner than we know it.

Zee and Bill Gamson are having a grand time with their daughter, Jenny, her husband, Steve Seckler, and two out of three teen grandkids, Maya and Ari. The third teen, Gilad, is at camp in Great Barrington working as a counselor before starting at Brown University. Joining them from Oakland, California, are son Josh, son-in-law Richard Knight, and the always adorable Reba and Maddy. Bill’s sister, Mary Gamson, will also join them. This will be a big pick-me-up for Zee, who had a bad fall in early July and injured her right shoulder and hand. Well wishes to you, Zee.

Chandra and her husband, Lawrence, along with their children, Lucas and Ella, will be visiting with Chandra’s parents, Julie and Bill Coleman. Congratulations to Chandra and Lawrence on their marriage which was celebrated in February. Also coming for a visit is Julie and Bill’s nephew Phil Hurst with his wife, Sylvia, and their two grown sons, Clay and Alek. Rounding out the visitations at the Colemans’ South Road home is Margot Jones. Margot is the one that introduced all of the Coleman entourage to the Vineyard some 30 years ago.

Condolences to Joannie Jenkinson on the sad passing of the young cygnet, Ricky. Whether you think of Joannie as Dr. Doolittle or Mother Goose, she is an amazing asset to the world of animals, be it large or small. A quote from Mother Goose seems appropriate right about now as most of us know Joannie went to world’s end to see that four-month-old Ricky got the medical attention he needed: “For every ailment under the sun, there is a remedy, or there is none. If there be one, try to find it; If there be none, never mind it.”

I was happily surprised to see dear, sweet Genevieve Flanders come wandering through the door at the Texaco. She and her sisters, Allison and Sarah, are a few of my most favorite visitors. Gen arrived for a week-long stay with her father, Steve. I spotted her later that same day headed for a dip in Vineyard Sound with youngest sister Sarah. The two young women had fluffy beach towels tucked under their arms.

It was a fast-acting response from a teenage son that resulted in a water rescue with a happy ending at Great Rock Bight this past week. A call came in to communications reporting a man drowning. One of the first on scene was Chilmark Police Chief Brian Cioffi along with officers Liz Gebo and Jared Stobie. They found the man had been assisted on to the Great Rock by his teenage son. Chief Cioffi managed to swim to the father and son with a life jacket where they all were retrieved moments later by the Aquinnah Tribe Marine Unit rigid inflatable. The men were taken to Menemsha where they were intercepted by Tri-Town Ambulance and taken to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. It was an amazing collective effort by so many. In addition to the Chilmark Police, Tri-Town, and the Tribe, the Chilmark Fire Department and U.S. Coast Guard also responded. It was well orchestrated right down to the kids at the Texaco aiding to direct busy sunset traffic so the fire truck and ambulance could roll out unobstructed.

There were reports of two sharks being sighted at last week’s Flander’s Field softball. Jerry Murphy, manager of the Sharks, showed some mad skills (“mad” is a popular term these days similar to the “awesome” of the 1980s) at his 65 years young. John Jacobs was in attendance with his traditional shark cap cheering the players along. There are reports from the Commish, Bill Edison, of a striking new red banner. He says he has pictures to show me. I’ll be waiting.

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A pat on the back goes to officer Steve Pupek of the Chilmark Police who sprang into action the other day when the bucket truck where he was doing a roadside detail began to roll. Stew Kelly, an employee with RJ Bryant, the company running some extra lines for the presidents upcoming stay, was situated by Abel’s Hill high in his bucket when his truck began to roll. Officer Steve ran after the truck and managed to jump in and apply the brakes. Phew. The sweat was wiped from both of their brows after the situation was brought back under control. Thankfully, both men were unharmed, but the truck was taken out of service to, you guessed it, have the brakes repaired.

From north to south and west to east may the Kuh-mania begin. Jerome, Josh, Riley Kuh and Christina Sphar from Seattle, Washington, Peter and Diana Kuh, Nick and Finn Kuh and Nicole Carman all from England, Anne Kuh and Peter Supko from Maryland with Cathryn Supko from Montreal via Maryland, as well as Audrey and Michael Straight from Maryland, Liz Kuh from Pennsylvania, Tom and Willa Kuh round out the inundating mix. This gang travelled to town to round out the 17-plus local Kuh relations which include Mary, Perry, and Gabe Ambulos, Cathy Thompson and Sarah Kug, Sophie and Chas DeGeofroy. If I got any of the names or locations wrong or if I perhaps left someone out, let’s just blame it on Mary. I got my information from her.

This year’s Martha’s Vineyard Book Festival is a two day-two location event. On Saturday, August 3, from 11 am to 5 pm, the festival will be at the Harbor View Hotel. Distinguished authors from across the country will speak both individually and in panels discussing topical issues including the future of journalism. On Sunday, August 4, from 10:30 am to 5 pm, the festival moves to the Chilmark Community Center where the authors will speak in three different tents. Sunday’s program includes such authors as Jeanne Theoharis, Tony Horwitz, Richard Russo, Tom Reiss, Rose Styron, Laura Wainwright, Eric Asimov, Mark Slouka, Kevin Cullen, and Shelley Murphy. A detailed schedule can be found at All events are free.

The selectmen will hold an open meeting for summer residents on August 6 at 7 pm at the Community Center.

Also on Tuesday, from 11 am to 12 noon, bring your kiddos or simply yourself to meet story book character Amelia Bedelia with Kristin at the Chilmark Community Center. Kristin keeps up her tradition of incorporating music and song.

On Wednesday, August 7 at 5 pm, artist Carol Brown Goldberg will show and discuss her new short film, “The Color of Time.” The film, which is a collaboration between Carol and film-maker Anthony Szulc, premiered at the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center in Washington, D.C., back in November, and it won the Award for Excellence at the Best Shorts Competition in La Jolla, California.

Did you know Taylor Swift belted out some sweet tunes at Gillette Stadium this past week? Well, Katy, Kathy, and Bill Smith along with Bradley Carroll certainly did. They got to experience Taylor performing on her RED tour. According to the teens the show was amazing. I will admit to being just a tad jealous.

Well wishes go out to Wayne Iacono who has spent some time at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. IV antibiotics, rest and medical care is what he has needed to muscle through some nasty tick-borne stuff. Your presence has been missed at morning men’s group at the Texaco.

It’s hard to believe it’s just about time for the Chilmark Volunteer Firefighter’s Association’s Backyard Bash. Wednesday, August 7, on the grounds of the CCC from late afternoon into the evening you will find live music and raffles, tee-shirts and sweatshirts, burgers and hot dogs and more. This family-friendly community party is the biggest annual fundraising event our volunteer fire department holds. Stop by and show your support for those who jump at the sounding of a whistle to come to your aid.

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Yippee, congratulations, best wishes, and super big embracing hugs must be shared with Johnny Graham and Lori Robinett. Yes folks, Mr. Graham has asked Ms. Robinett to be his Mrs. What a wonderful pair they make. They smile at each other. They finish the other’s sentences. They clearly enjoy one another’s company. It will be a blessed union for certain.

For the past two weeks, Ava Stearns, daughter of Bret Stearns and Sarah Doyle, has been riding ponies at this summer’s Vermont Summer Festival Horse Show at Harold Beebe Farm in East Dorset, Vermont. Under the tutelage of trainer Val Renihan, she has medaled and taken victory laps saddled upon Desperado, Denmark, and Little Dancer.

The cousins were in town this week. Jennifer Wheeler along with her sons Jack and Sam ventured north from Dallas to breathe the salt air, take a dip in the Atlantic, and visit with us. I am always thankful they take the time to come see us. It takes a plane, a bus, and a ferry to get here, but they do it without breaking stride. Their presence allows me a few minutes of vacation for myself. Digging in the sand at Great Rock Bight was certainly a highlight, and of course the large quantity of bacon that was cooked for the boys each morning cannot go without mention. My mom, Diana Lees, and her sister, Wendy Broker, joined us for a couple of days as well. It was great fun having three generations under one roof.

Next Wednesday, July 31, at 5 pm, photographer and Middle Road seasonal resident Mariana Cook will talk about and show images from her new book, “Justice: Faces of the Human Rights Revolution,” at the Chilmark Library. She was lucky enough to study landscape photography as the last protégée of Ansel Adams, whom she studied with from 1978 until his death in 1984.

Amber Lasiak, who is visiting with Josh and Lindsey Scott, wandered over to Flanders Field Sunday Softball to check things out this past Sunday morning. When she arrived she encountered none other than world-famous sports commentator Bill Edison. The funny thing is, Amber attended the preschool Bill was affiliated with back in his off-season hometown of Elk, California. Goodness, crazy things happen around here that make you repeatedly say, “What a small world.” I’m sure Amber is one of the students that recalls Bill’s fine rendition of Billy Goat Gruff (yes Bill, I did some research). Of course, Amber joined in the game and readily got a hit. Did you ever hear the story about sneaky Bill rubbing pine tar on his bat? He was apparently suspended from playing and became a commissioner instead. It’s there in the record book of softball historian Dan Greenebaum. Just ask him or show up at the next game. You know you will be welcomed.

Sometimes Sunday evenings leave you searching for something to do. Weekend visitors have departed and you might be feeling a tad too lazy to fire up the grill or man the boiling pot on the stove. Why not take in dinner and some live music. You needn’t venture out of town. Just stroll down to the Home Port, order up a little back-door yumminess and enjoy the young men of Vineyard Sound. They are fun.

Congratulations and belated happy birthday to Bob Nixon. Bob has been chosen as a Walter Cronkite Award winner. According to the Stone Soup Leadership Institute, the awards are presented to those using the power of the media to create positive social change in the world. This year’s theme for choosing the winners is the environment.

If you are looking for Wesley Cottle, he just might be napping. His longtime pal Don Hurley has ventured back to his home in New York for a spell. The dynamic pair will fill their schedules and begin tooling around again in just a few short weeks, when Don returns.

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Welcome home to the West Tisbury School sixth-graders who took to the sea aboard Shenandoah. Included in the mix were Solon Oliver who celebrated his 11th birthday along with his 26 classmates and his mom, Liz, who was one of the lucky chaperones. The sailing Olivers returned home just in time to help celebrate Barrett’s ninth birthday. Barrett celebrated surrounded by the boys from his class with a backyard birthday sports-themed bash.

Ten-year-old Bella Thorpe travelled to Hits Show Ground in Saugerties, New York, where she participated in the Youth Dressage Festival put on by Lendon Grey. She won the written exam, placed second in dressage equitation, and tied for seventh in the dressage test. Bella won her whole division and returned to her Crossroad home with a gold medal in hand. To really round out her weekend she won an award for stall decorating.

Owen Singer is back in town. He arrived from his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and was happily welcomed by his teen friends and challenged to a bass fishing competition.

Susan, Jason, and Sophie Balaban had a visitor last week. An owl graced their patio on multiple occasions. Does this mean, perhaps, it is nesting nearby?

Beth Mayhew had her eyes open this past week. She spotted Doug Vanderhoop and his wife Linda enjoying a seafood supper in Menemsha. Her eyes were on the water too. She spotted an Egg Harbor which hailed from Belfast, Maine, and a Pearson whose port of call was Saint John, BVI.

Bill, Kathy, and Katy Smith travelled to Boston and took in the country tunes of Jason Aldean at Fenway Pahk.

The Slater home was filled with family once again. The Bennett gang was back in town. This time Aaron really outdid brother-in-law Caleb when he caught two, yes two, keeper bass in one evening. Caleb, his bride Chris, and daughter Celia are here for two weeks from their Northbridge home. Celia just celebrated her 15 birthday on Tuesday. I remember when she was little enough to fit in a wagon with buddy Chase Soulagnet.

William, along with buddy Dylan, is back under Betsy Burmeister’s roof for two weeks. He will be attending M.V. Adventure Camp and all the great spots Menemsha has to offer. With new boogie board in tow, the boys of Worcester with sleep well at night after enjoying the fresh salt air.

This is the 19th year of the Eliza Brickner Poetry contest at the Chilmark Library. Stop in or give the folks at the Library a call about all the details. I’ll give you the heads up that entries, open to grades 6 though 12, are due on Monday August 12.

Aura Walker was back at her grandparents home for a visit. Aura is now a successful mental health counselor and hypnotherapist with a private practice in Los Angeles. She utilized the Church meeting room and held sessions with clients for a few days while she was here. She hopes this will be good opportunity to share her services with folks in our community. Call her at 310-382-6313 for more information.

Roxanne (Jardin) Sordi, along with her three sweet girls Samantha, Brianna, and Celina, was recently in town for a visit with grandma Judie. Sadly, dad Mark had to stay behind in Delaware to tend to patients, but the girls managed to accumulate some stories to take home to him about their adventures.

As soon as the Jardin home emptied it refilled with daughter Jackie and her clan. Husband Bo and daughters Ruthie and Isobel Hornbuckle ventured north from Maryland to visit and catch up with old friends. As always, some Bite food was in the mix and a chat session between Ruthie and my daughter Bradley took place. I smile when Jackie pops her head in at the Texaco and states “I’m here.” Why? Because no matter how long it has been, we pick right up where we left off.

Flanders Field Softball continues to be the place to witness magic happen. Bill Edison, as always, called in after a lengthy nine-inning game in the hot sun with a detailed sports report. An all-star pitching duel took place between Ziggy and Hans. The result proved, once again, that age can’t stop you if you set out to be successful. When Joel Greenberg was asked who he learned his skills from, he proclaimed it was his mother who was the influential one. You cannot discount the influence of women in baseball (or softball.)

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I’ve heard the term “dog days of summer” used multiple times over the course of the last week. The constant references prompted me to look up whether there was an actual definition to the term. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, there is an astronomical basis for the saying that means hot and humid. July 3 through August 11 is the timeframe during which the sun occupied the same area of the sky as the star Sirius, commonly known as the Dog Star. I learned something new today.

Jenna Zechner, sweetheart of Cody Coutinho, celebrated her birthday the day before we were hit by the dog days of summer. July 2 was her day to be in the limelight of happiness, parties, cake, and attention. Happy day Miss Jenna.

Also celebrating birthdays are Ted Meinelt who will turn 97 on July 15. Bob Conway will begin his life as a nonagenarian when he celebrates his 90th on July 16.

The Thursday holiday gave folks an opportunity for an extended weekend. The Patete family ventured to Menemsha on their boat, Panasea. They dined on lobster, had play dates with Westley Wlodyka and Christian Carroll, ran the dock adorned in life jackets, caught fish, and went home tired. All in all a good weekend.

Joe and Virginia Russell, whom you may remember from their days on Relemar, were also in town. Setting a spell on Squid Row, just like old times, catching up and reminiscing with old friends was certainly a highlight for all involved.

Also puttering around this past weekend you could find Marshall David off his boat, Echo. He had family members and friends in tow, which included Bob Allcock and George McLaughlin. Coffee and an ice cream rounded out their evenings as they chatted with family and friends.

Jerry, Lisa, Kelly, and Sean Keen made their way to Menemsha as well. When you see the green hull of Odontoblast coming through the jetties, you know you will soon be greeted with a hug, a kiss, a family full of smiles and genuine interest as they ask how the family is.

The entire Iantosca family has been at their Wooten Bassett home. Paul has had enjoyable outings with grandson Jaden, which always seem to include fishing and ice cream. Son Justin, who manned the Texaco pumps many years ago, stopped in for a visit too.

Lukas Frank, son of Scott and Jennifer, visited with mom and dad while his band Kitten was taking a short break from touring. He too is another Texaco alum who stopped in to offer to pull a shift for old times’ sake. As always, it’s great to see “our kids” and hear their life stories. They have all gone in so many wonderful directions.

Kudos to Aaron Bennett who reeled in a keeper bass the other night. It seems brother-in-law Caleb Slater isn’t the only one to put food on the table at the home of Jane and Herb.

Chilmark artist, Heather Sommers, will join Elizabeth Taft and Ruth Kirchmeier to talk about their art groups at the Shaw Cramer Gallery “Artists’ Talks” in Vineyard Haven on July 16 at 6 pm. Coincidentally, Heather’s daughter Lila is in town with her children, Landon, Rowan, Nevia, June, and Emmett.

Avid sportsman Bill Edison shared that Junior Farell put on quite a display at Flanders Field Softball. After a tremendous home run in the first game, he belted one so high in the second that it disappeared into the fog and didn’t return to earth for twenty minutes. Apparently this unbelievable feat was captured on film for those unbelievers and can be viewed by request. Junior has made his way in to the elite homer class — a sort of hall of fame situation — with the likes of David Flanders himself, according to Bill.

Chatting in the car with my ten-year-old, Brooks, resulted in his composing the following poem:

Summer is here. It’s hotter than hot. You can see the steam rising off your favorite fishing spot. Chogsies and scup fill our trap. We lay claim to a spot you can only find by secret map. With sunblock on my skin and salt in my hair, I stay up late and count days till the fair. Cooper is my councillor at Community Center camp. The one thing that is missing is a bike jump and ramp. I woke one morning to a baby chick in our coop. I’m doubtful it can reach the basketball hoop. It’s name is “Surprise” because that’s what he was. He is so small he’s covered in fuzz. When the sun goes down all the people clap. That’s my cue to go take a nap. Good night.

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Did you know Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry could be found on South Road last weekend? Yes, Minerva McGonagall herself invited perspective students to the home of Tyler Shipway for a birthday celebration. Fun was certainly had by all.

Congratulations to Christina Costello and Erik Cioffi. The happy couple celebrated their marriage surrounded by family and friends.

Robert, Stephanie, Jack and Clare Shalhope, in town from Denver, didn’t even have their bags unpacked before granddad Bob and Jack were perusing the lures and scheming on how to catch a big one.

Sarah (Slater), Aaron, Jack and Scott Bennett are moseying about town this week while they visiting Sarah’s folks, Herb and Jane. Hiking the mighty Prospect Hill, strolling Dutcher Dock, along with other fun-filled activities have made the to-do list.

Jonathan Neumann was in town from Portland, Oregon, to spend some time with his folks, Jane and Conrad Neumann. He is always a pleasure to chat with. All are looking forward to his return in a few weeks with Christina, Simona, and Elijah in the mix.

Arlan Wise and Jay Ayer are back from an exciting eight days in Costa Rica. They traveled with Michael Lutin with the purpose of finding a place in Costa Rica where Arlan and Michael could hold an Astrology/ Writing workshop. They found a terrific spot on the Oso peninsula. Once the work was done, sightseeing took them to the Arenal volcano, the cloud forest of Monteverde, and the Poas volcano.

Big, tender, juicy, overstuffed lobster rolls are being served up on Tuesdays at the Chilmark Church. Offered for a reasonable fee, they are sold to go with chips, drink, and optional cookie, and they certainly make the palate happy. Judy Mayhew and her dedicated group of friends including Kathie Carroll, Emily Broderick, and others will be at the Church Tuesday evenings from 4:30 to 7 pm. Stick around on the lawn and enjoy yourself, and maybe listen to the boys of Vineyard Sound who take the stage at 8 pm.

Congratulations to Sandra Klaren for completing the Vineyard Youth Tennis 5K along with her granddaughter Kelly. Both lovely ladies took firsts in their age groups. Sandra was more proud of Kelly than of herself, like every grandmother should be, but she did happen to have a shiny medal around her neck while we chatted.

Don Hurley has, once again, been spotted tooling around with longtime pal Wesley Cottle. Those two can certainly spark some banter when they are together. Don is getting around beautifully with his new hip. As always, I enjoy their visits because I know they will inevitably put smiles on the faces of all those they engage in conversation. There’s a poem that goes something like:

Smiling is infectious you catch it like the flu.

When someone smiled at me today I started smiling too.

It goes on for a few more lines which I won’t put in print, but rather I’ll simply say it’s what I think of when these two characters are around.

Bernie Levy was one of the luckiest grandfathers around. He had the pleasure of a visit from grandsons Sam and Josh along with their parents Sarah and Eugene Langner. They had a weekend filled with strolls along the dock, silly jokes, Snickers bars, and lots of laughs and giggles.

According to sports commentator Bill Edison, ten-year-old-to-be Sophie Balaban is not only the provider of sweet lemonade but a super pinch hitter and runner for the aged who show up at Flanders Field softball. A tipped red cap and toot of the horn go out to the young starlet at Flanders Field.

Yes, there’s more from Flanders Field softball. The neighbors may have thought they heard firecrackers this past Sunday in preparation for the Fourth. But no, it was the renaissance man himself, Peter Neuman, playing his French horn along with wife Liz on her tuba. They will be back for an encore performance this Sunday for anyone who missed their musical contribution to the game. Despite the soggy conditions, 40 players turned out for what ended up as a triple-header.

A big heartfelt thank-you must be extended to the folks at Island Spirit Kayak. The third and fourth graders at the Chilmark School marked the last day of their school year with a kayak adventure on Sengenkontacket Pond as part of the school’s unique Outing Program. Learning has no limits and can certainly be done outside of the four walls of a classroom. Happy Summer. Happy Fourth!

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All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten. Rule number 6 is: Don’t take things that aren’t yours. In preparation for opening day at Flanders Field Summer Softball and in honor of a player visiting from Liverpool, a red Liverpool soccer banner was hoisted up the flagpole. It was raised on Friday, still there on Saturday, but it had disappeared by Sunday morning. Please, if you are aware of its whereabouts, put it back on the pole prior to next Sunday morning’s game. No questions will be asked and Steve Harrington, that Liverpool visitor who traded his cricket bat for a softball bat, will appreciate its return.

Summer must really be here. I’m once again the lucky receiver of a weekly phone call and/or hand-written note from my sports commentator, Bill Edison. According to Bill, all of the old faithfuls showed up to cheer Wesley Cottle on as he heaved out the first pitch in the 2013 summer series. Caleb Caldwell, Ziggy van Raan, Hans Solmssen, and Lenny Jason sang as Howard Wall played “Take me out to the Ballgame” on his bagpipes. Bizu Horwitz made the winning run in the ninth inning. All are most welcome to play: all ages and all abilities simply need to show up at Flanders Field for the 8:30 am game. However, you should arrive early. Once there are enough players the game is bound to begin no matter what the time. Stop by, toss your glove in the pile and get ready to hear the crack of the bat.

Heather Johnstone has been visiting family at their Larsen Lane home. She ventured north from her home in Atlanta, Georgia, and has made the Menemsha rounds with her rather large dog, Koji the Akita, in tow. The two even managed a photo op on Squid Row. It’s a cute moment captured that may give Lisa Vanderhoop’s Sea Dogs Squid Row shot a little competition.

A little birdie (shhh!) named Nancy Shaw Cramer told me that my neighbor David Geiger will be giving an artist’s talk at Shaw Cramer Gallery on July 2. Not only is David is a fabulous horticulturist but his sculpting and glass work is museum quality. You will find him at 56 Main Street in Vineyard Haven on July 2 at 6 pm discussing the hand-cast glass process he uses to create his sculptures.

This Sunday at 2 pm there will be a celebration of life in honor of our friend Richard “Dick” Smith who died unexpectedly on May 22. According to his family, he would have appreciated a fun, festive time in his honor, so that is what’s in store. The place is 32 Frog Alley, the second road on the left off Tea Lane as you enter from Middle Road. No need to bring anything. The party is “on him,” as his loving daughter Tracey put it, so come as you are — salty from a morning at the beach or overheated from mowing the lawn is a-okay. Stop by, have a bite, share a toast, and share a story about a dear old friend who has passed.

Ebba Heirta shared some more digital news from the library. The Friends of the Library have purchased for us a Kindle Fire and an IPad mini so library patrons who don’t own an e-reader can see for themselves what all the fuss is about. Patrons can check them out for an hour at a time, for use inside the library only, and experiment. Stop by and take one for a test ride.

Martha’s Vineyard Magazine recently held their Best of the Vineyard party to honor the Island’s best businesses, events, and other local goodies. In Chilmark, congratulations go to winners The Yard, Chilmark Chocolates, MV Savings Bank, and Beach Plum Inn. Beetlebung Dry Goods received a runner-up spot.

Thanks to Thomas Bena for letting me know the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival’s summer lineup can now be found online at Here’s a little glimpse of what’s to come. On Wednesdays, and the first was last night, they will continue the tradition of Cinema Circus. You will find a playful hour of circus-style fun with live music, dinner, and movies at the Chilmark Community Center. As always, kids’ films start at 5 pm and feature presentations begin at 8 pm. Next week’s lineup includes kids’ pick “Keep it Moving” and the feature film “Dirty Wars.”

Want to be part of the action and score free tickets? Be an MVFF volunteer. It takes many sets of hands to make the magic happen every week, and they’d love to have your help. Spend a couple of hours working and they’ll hook you up with a movie ticket and all the popcorn you can eat. Email to join the MVFF volunteer corps.

Ask Annalee Hoy about her Cinema Circus birthday party. She’s celebrating a little off-date but the Circus is only in town for a few short months. Yes folks, inquire, they do birthday parties too.