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Esther McCracken and her friend Margaret Tatjens of Seattle were guests of Clara Rabbitt this month. Esther’s brother Roger Sylva and his wife Gloria drove to Boston to pick up the guests. It had been 10 years since Esther and her friend had been on the Island. They all attended the wedding of cousin Carole Lee Sylva and Matt Flanders on Saturday, Sept. 13 at Farm Neck, where Esther met some family members. Other days she traveled around the Island visiting with her sisters and brothers and more cousins and their children.

Esther’s sister Donna Tomkins and husband Walter invited Clara and her visitors to their home for dinner several evenings with their children and grandchildren. Donna drove Clara, Esther, and Margaret to Gay Head and Menemsha on their last day here. They stopped for shakes and root beer floats at the Galley and visited cousin Pat Jenkinson on the way home. All had a great time, and the visitors left on the 16th.

The Tisbury Planning Board wants your input. They are creating a framework to guide town decisions in the future. They call it Vision Planning. They invite you to the first workshop, next Tuesday at 7 pm at the Tisbury Senior Center. Or you can go to the next workshop at the library a week from tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 3, at 10 am. It will be repeated at the new fire station on Saturday, Oct. 4, at 10 am. Should we focus on improving the harbor? Or parks? This is your turn to be heard before the plans are made. Then in early November the results of the workshop will be presented, and you can help determine what is most important to you for future planning decisions.

We are enjoying a striking number of visitors this fall from Australia. Most have come here for the first time. They like our weather and commented on the sights and sounds of so many American accents. A few busloads of people from our southern states are here as well.

Then more folks are here for the fishing Derby, and their friends and wives are shopping — so all of this activity is good for the Island. Some up-Islanders are only now venturing out to take advantage of the parking now available down-Island.

We have such interesting population shifts. Soon after the snowbirds come home in spring, shops, businesses, and restaurants start to open. Then the tour buses begin to arrive. Summer means the influx of the July summer people, who are soon followed by the much different August crowd. At the end of August we lose an abundance of college kids who quit their summer jobs and head back to school after a few days of summer fun.

Unfortunately, this year it seemed that all these kids, the summer persons who leave after the fair, and all the carnival workers were leaving just as the President and his family and hundreds of Secret Service and newsmen all boarded the ferries the same weekend. This major exodus lasted from that Thursday before the weekend through the following Tuesday.

But then the Island was ours — the beaches, the parking spaces, and all were just waiting for us to enjoy it. As the weather cools, fewer and fewer of us are at the beach, except for fishing, and our local activities get into gear as we end the month of September.

Thirty years ago the whole Island closed down by October 1. Now most shops and restaurants are open through Christmas. Perhaps that slowdown at the first of the year is what drives off the snowbirds who head south, leaving us with the real Island all to ourselves, and the snow and ice.

Tomorrow is the last day of summer lobster rolls at Grace Church.

Next Tuesday, Flatbread Pizza hosts a benefit for the West Tisbury library, starting with takeout at 2 pm. There will be a raffle and a silent auction for wondrous items from an exquisite handmade quilt to roundtrip Cape Air tickets to Boston or a tree from Polly Hill.

Still thinking about ACE MV? The Course Sampling Fair is next Wednesday, Oct. 1, from 5 pm to 6:30 pm at the regional high school. Meet the teachers, register for classes, and sample food prepared by the cooking instructors. You pay a $10 late fee if you sign up the day of the course. For more, call Diane Abbot at 508-693-9222. What do you want to learn?

Congratulations to Laurel Mayhew and Kevin Olson, who celebrate 15 years together tomorrow. Happy anniversary to Joe and Susan Canha, marking 45 years of bliss on Sunday.

Best wishes on Wednesday to Sandy and Sofya Nadelstein after 19 years of happiness.

Belated birthday greetings to Clara Rabbitt, who celebrated her birthday with friends and family on the 13th.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out to Jeanne Hilton today. On Saturday, wish the best to Ashleen Dorsey and Eric B. Davison. Wish a very happy birthday on Tuesday to Julie Immelt.

Best wishes go out to Deborah Suneson on Wednesday.

Heard on Main Street: One thing you can’t recycle is wasted time.

Now I am wondering what happened to summer. Suddenly the sunset is earlier and earlier and the breezes are really cool. I’m not ready yet.

Saturday, Sept. 20, is the Annual Ceremony of Remembrance at the Edgartown Lighthouse at 1 pm. The public is invited to this moving ceremony for children, commemorated at the base of the Edgartown Lighthouse in the Children’s Memorial. You can also enjoy music and light refreshments provided by the Harbor View Hotel. Rain date: Saturday, Sept. 27 (verify at 508-627-4441, ext. 110).

September is a busy month at the senior center. Visitors enjoyed a music class presented by Charles Blank, an afternoon tea & talk featuring poets Annette Sandrock and Lee McCormack, an organizational gathering of Island writers, and a session about Medicare, targeted to the boomer generation.

Kathleen Samway presents a new senior center program on Monday at 1:30 pm called A Matter of Balance, introducing an eight-week series that addresses balance, falls, flexibility, strength and problem-solving. This series is designed for those who want to increase their activity level and fight the fear of falling. Kathleen is a physical therapist and clinical director of the former VNA.

Try the free Health Fair at the Tisbury Senior Center on Monday from 4 pm to 6 pm. Get your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and hearing checked, and get tested for glaucoma. Call 508-693-4205 with questions, or for an appointment for the hearing test.

The Friends of the Tisbury COA host a free Afternoon Tea on Monday, Sept. 29, from 4 pm to 5:30 pm to celebrate the end of summer. Everyone is invited. See friends, learn about events, and get involved. The Friends plan special events to raise funds for the center. You are welcome to learn about what is happening at your senior center, a community center for all stages of getting wiser. (I think that’s such a nice way to describe our aging.)

By the way, have you seen a large black snake recently? Black racers (Coluber constrictor) are important predators in grasslands, shrublands, and forest edges, all part of the Vineyard landscape. They are harmless to humans but control rodent populations, including the white-footed mice that host deer ticks (and Lyme disease). The Vineyard Conservation Society is helping to collect data on these snakes; they are really big and scary to look at, but terribly useful while not harmful to us. If you have photographed one or can say where you may have seen one lately, VCS wants to know: 508-693-9588.

Registration is open for all ACE MV fall classes: online at, by mail, or at the new ACE MV office at 35 Greenwood Ave., 2nd floor. That’s the MV Family Center building across from our library. Or sign up at the Course Sampling Fair at the high school on Wednesday, Oct. 1 from 5 pm to 6:30 pm. Class sizes are limited, and early registration is encouraged.

There are classes in job skills, math and English to prepare for college or GED, and college courses, as well as writing, jazz, canning, theater, and Thai cooking — even understanding Medicare. Adults can bring children (ages 6 to 12) to learn the basics of salsa and Latin beat together. I guess I should try the class on auto maintenance for women.

Cycle Martha’s Vineyard is only two weeks away. The cycling ride around the Island on Saturday, Oct. 4 (508-627-8303), benefits the Rotary Club and the Gay Head Light. You can ride again on Sunday — or run or golf. Sunday is a Gay Head Light 10K ( And more: The MV Golf Tournament at Mink Meadows on that Sunday benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters. Call 508-693-0101.

Belated congratulations go out to Doris Stewart and Jerome Clark, whose anniversary was yesterday. Anniversary wishes go out today to Louisa Gould and J.B. Lamont.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Hilda Illingworth. Wish the best tomorrow to Barbara Maciel. Happy birthday to Jan Dorchester and Dan Greenbaum, who celebrate on Saturday. Sunday belongs to Trip Barnes and Ken Ward. Happy birthday to Lori Dorsey on Monday. Next Wednesday there will be a run on birthday candles: Greetings go out to Muriel Laverty, Judy Federowicz, Kathy Rogers, and Kenny Davey.

Heard on Main Street: Take the edge off the darkening fall days and come together for the pleasure of learning. [ACE MV]

We are all pleased to hear that Gloria Wong is recovering well from her surgery and is now regaining her strength slowly. She is living at this time with her daughter in New Hampshire. We hope to see her back on-Island with us in a few weeks.

The MV Museum invites you to a house tour on West Chop this Saturday from noon to 3 pm.  Historian Mary Jane Carpenter will present the history of West Chop as a summer community. Five homes will be open following the talk, and guests will enjoy lemonade and cookies at the last house. Before the talk, purchase a patron ticket for brunch with mimosas at a private home. Call 508 627-4441 x117 to sign up for brunch or more information. Talk and tour is $45; tour only, $35. Tickets may be purchased next to the tennis courts at the West Chop Club until 2 pm on Saturday.

Do you remember when you were supposed to wear summer clothes and white shoes only after Memorial Day and just through Labor Day, but never later? Now you see folks wearing white shoes all year, especially if they are made by Adidas. When Mother Nature makes our fall school days as warm as summer, we have to dress in something cool and comfortable. I remember the anticipation of those wonderful first days of school, when we all had new clothes and shiny new shoes and even a new lunch box. As I think back, it seems that it did not take very long for the newness to be worn off those school clothes and lunch boxes.

Saturday is Doggie Adoption Day at The Black Dog from 10 am to 1 pm. You can see lovable dogs, including black labs, who want homes. Or just admire the happy puppies who have found new families on parade by the Black Dog Tavern. You’ll smile at the happy faces and wagging tails all around.

This Sunday is the annual 5k Run/Walk to benefit the library. Sign your kids up for the free half-mile Kid’s Fun Run for kids 13 and under. The 5k Run/Walk starts at the Vineyard Haven Library and proceeds to the West Chop lighthouse and back. You can register at the library or on Sunday, starting at 8:30 am. Forms can be downloaded The Fun Run starts at 9:45 am.

Quilters need the cooler weather to do their work comfortably. The air is cooling just in time for you to begin planning your sewing and knitting projects. The Heath Hen Quilt & Yarn Shop is open at 10 am weekdays in the Woodland Shopping Center. Someone asked me the other day where Heath Hen was, and now you know.

The Shaw Cramer Gallery is closing at the end of November. This means you have a wonderful chance to get some lovely artwork at a discount now. Twenty years ago Nancy Cramer opened the gallery, featuring Island artists, and now has decided she wants more studio time to do her own work. She offers all kinds of fine art, unusual jewelry, and glass works at 56 Main Street. Check it out.

This Tuesday at 10 am you can join the new writer’s group forming at the Tisbury Senior Center.

For those of us rereading Tolstoy’s War and Peace before we meet with Professor Philip Weinstein, I should remind you that the first meeting is next Wednesday at the Cornell Theatre.

Are you a boomer? You can learn all about Medicare on Thursday at noon at the Tisbury Senior Center. Bring a sandwich and cookies, and coffee or water will be provided. Do you know how the Medicare system works? What are parts A, B, C, and D? Make wise choices for plans that work best for you. Open enrollment for part D is from mid-October to December 7.

Next week the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center brings you the Martha’s Vineyard Fashion Week at different venues and assorted times with fashion on film and on the runway. Check it out on

Happy anniversary to Chuck and Anne Downing, who should be partying today.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Susan Rice. Wish the best on Sunday to Joyce Stiles Tucker. Many happy returns to Kevin Olson on Monday. Tuesday belongs to Stephen Hammond and to my dear husband, Donald Mayhew.

Heard on Main Street: You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.

Kay-MayhewWhen I was young a few dollars was all I had for a carnival — and all I ever needed. This year our granddaughters set priorities for their spending money. The fair had some pricey rides for the children to choose. First the girls selected the ones they really wanted and then established they were not going on any rides separately. That took some off the list. The nine-year-old was too tall for Teacups. Scratch that. Last year the seven-year-old was too short for the Ferris wheel. What an exciting challenge. But both girls claimed they wanted to do the bungee cord most of all. That cost $7, a high price in my eyes. They made some hard choices and even had cash left over to buy a magic trick.

I was impressed with the bungee cord event because the girls had a wonderful time. But even more important was that the workers, all of them, were extremely careful to watch all the kids all the time. If a young one did not have enough bounce, the worker would give him a boost. If the safety harness needed adjustment, that was done immediately. The kids bounced high into the air off a really huge but softly inflated cushion, delighting all ages.

We hope you are enjoying the offerings of the Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival which continues through Sunday. Can you believe the new Film Center is only two years old?

Main Street was packed with memories and antique cars on Sunday. There were some real antiques, older than I am, from the 1920s and 1930s. Model A Fords, even a 1931 Chevy panel truck in bright yellow and one from 1940 in orange. Most were those 1950s dream convertibles popular with my teenaged friends in funny colors like aqua, mango orange, pale green. There were Corvettes and Buicks and Mustangs and Barracudas. Did the yellow Camaro belong to our fire chief?

Delightful shiny red convertible dream cars included a 1953 MG and a 1965 Sunbeam Tiger, a ’68 yellow Buick, a ’67 and ’69 Barracuda and a Mustang, a ’77 Camaro, even a 1991 Ferrari in red. You could compare a white ‘55 Jaguar with one from 1977. Names not heard lately were Willys Jeepster, Morris Minor, Ford Falcon, Nash Metropolitan, and Dodge Dart. I did admire the ’55 blue Austin Healey and ’77 white Mercedes Benz convertibles.

I had a teenaged boyfriend who built a Model A from parts, and my first car was a British Morris Minor baby blue convertible with red leather seats. Remember getting into the MGs? This show brought back a lot of memories.

Remember that the Tisbury Senior Center has lots for you to do. Try a Music Appreciation class with Charles Blank on Monday at 1:30. He will talk about Mendelssohn’s Overture to A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Learn more about this audience favorite and you will never listen to it in the same way again.

Afternoon Tea and Poetry are offered at the Tisbury Senior Center next Thursday afternoon at 1:30. Annette Sandrock and MV Poet Laureate Lee McCormack will read selected poems. A tea will be served as they talk about their experience with the Cleaveland House Poets. Both events are free. The Center would like to know if you plan to come. Call 508-696-4205.

Writers of poetry, prose, and children’s books are welcome at the Tisbury Senior Center for an organizing meeting on September 16 at 10 am. The writers group will begin meeting in October, monthly or as they decide. You will have your writing critiqued and learn how to get published. There is no fee, though membership is limited. Call to register, or just show up.

Get BUZZD, and A Taste of Honey on Tuesday evening at 7 pm at the Vineyard Haven Library. Hear from author Michael G. West and sample honey provided by Monica Miller. This is the story of corporate greed, mercenary killing, and a new agricultural chemical that endangers our Martha’s Vineyard’s ecosystem. The director reminds you that all programs at the library are free and open to the public.

A film at the Hebrew Center on September 7 makes clear some history from WW II. Saved by Deportation, an unknown odyssey of Polish Jews, will be shown at 7 pm.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out tomorrow to Melissa Gold and Janet Stiller. Wish the best on Saturday to Mike Ciancio. Happy birthday to Craig Sias on Tuesday. Wednesday belongs to Deborah Giuffre.

Heard on Main Street: School is open. Watch for little ones who are too excited to look both ways.

Kay-MayhewWhat a wonderful Fair! We always enjoy the Blue Hills music. Kids of all ages tried their skill at the recyclaphone too.

The quilts showed more blue ribbons than ever. Each one was well deserved, with many familiar names such as Laura Beebe and Wendy Nierenberg. Wendy’s grandson will treasure those cars and trucks. Several quilts were strikingly beautiful. I loved Pamela Flan’s sea life in blues, as well as the patterns in yellows and blues by Mary Ruth Flores, and Mary King’s lovely garden quilt. Our granddaughters delighted in the farm animals quilt by Mary Louise Koch.

The art by youngsters is always good. We noted the sea horse by Amelia Wiener, Hannah Hoff’s deep blue ocean scene, and a pretty frame painted with fish by Isabelle Custer. Sophie Bonneau created a girl with colorful curls.

The kids do a grand job giving personalities to their vegetable displays. I have to ask Katie Goldsmith: was that an apple octopus on the blueberry sea? Or perhaps an apple spider? Potato animals were great, one chasing a ball and another by Matty Wolverton. Our girls’ favorite garden had dinosaurs roaming amongst rocks and green trees.

Our girls took a picture of the tiny red tomatoes entered by Harrison Davis and were also amazed by the tall sunflowers. A trip through the animal barns was made more exciting because they were invited to enter the stall with three Kiko goats. Our Fiona crouched down and the lovely small goat in velvety black approached her several times for patting. Rebecca Brown displayed several blue ribbons for these as well as her Arapawa goats. As Island Grazing she rents goats and sheep. Did you know these goats originated in New Zealand? And they do a grand job of poison ivy control.

For my part I was taken by Isabel Shattuck’s huge blue dahlia and Judy Bryant’s living wreath. Daphne DeVries had succulent plants displayed in a plain wooden frame. The different shapes and sizes and colors of the small plants drew the close attention of fairgoers. And the Bantam poultry are always a favorite stop. I do love the black and white hens but had to admire the gorgeous Bantam roosters entered by Nicola and Lucia. Thanks to all of you who put in these delightful entries.

The granddaughters and I finished the weekend with the live performance of Peter Pan. It was a magical presentation. Old and young were cheering, crowing, and thoroughly enjoying the afternoon.

While fall is the best time on the Island, some say everything quiets down. Not quite. And besides, now you can find a parking space. Tonight at 7:30 the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center offers the movie Boyhood, an ode to growing up and parenting. Then at 9:15 you can see Woody Allen’s latest film Magic in the Moonlight, a romantic comedy set in the Côte d’Azur region of France.

Next Tuesday at Flatbread the pizza sales (eat in or take out) also benefit the West Tisbury church from 5 to 9 pm. A silent auction will offer unusual and distinctive items. Enjoy your pizza and feel good about it — all ages welcome.

The Annual Evening of Music on the Lagoon will be at Jim and Pam Butterick’s house at 359 Barnes Road at 6 pm. Enjoy wine and appetizers at sunset on the Lagoon on the last Sunday of summer, and listen to the fabulous pianist Adele Dreyer play Rhapsody in Blue, also joined by musician extraordinaire Peter Boak for duets.  Donations of any amount will go to the Federated Church Organ/Music Fund and/or Hospice of Martha’s Vineyard. For more: email

Lia Kahler is an internationally known opera singer with Vineyard roots. She also donates her time and talent for Catalyst Concert fundraisers for nonprofits. On Sunday, September 14, she will be on our island to help the Chilmark Community Church. When Hurricane Sandy blew through Chilmark in 2012, she toppled the cross and damaged the steeple of the church. A Spirit Song concert of songs, spirituals, and music in the sanctuary at 3 pm will follow a silent auction opening at 2 pm. Tickets are $15, $10 for seniors or students.

Don’t forget you need to start reading to join in the seminar beginning September 17 on Tolstoy’s epic War and Peace. Swarthmore College professor Philip Weinstein will present a workshop in six sessions on Wednesday evenings at 7 at the Katharine Cornell Theatre. You need to sign up at the Vineyard Haven Library and begin reading. The classes run through December 3.

Register now for the 5K Run/Walk to benefit the Vineyard Haven Library on September 14. Runners and walkers of all ages are welcome. The fee is $15, with free tee-shirts to the first 100 registrants. The race goes from the Library to the West Chop lighthouse and back.

Register to Cycle Martha’s Vineyard by midnight on Labor Day (September 1) and receive a 10 percent discount off of the $100 registration fee. Prior participants receive an extra 10 percent off by registering early. On September 2 registration is $100 for new riders and $90 for repeat riders. The 100K route circuits the Island traveling along the Atlantic Ocean, Nantucket Sound, rolling farmland, and state forest. The 50K route offers breathtaking views of Nantucket Sound and the Atlantic Ocean.

Happy anniversary wishes go to David and Elizabeth Beim on Sunday.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Barbara Bruck. Tomorrow wish the best to Cynthia Walker. Jessica Dolliver parties on Sunday. Happy birthday on Tuesday to Edwin Gould-Hart. Wednesday belongs to Maggie Masek.

Heard on Main Street: Some are wise and some are otherwise.

Kay-MayhewThe Island lost one of the really good guys this month. Ed Colligan stood tall among them. Our condolences to his family who have made a wonderfully appropriate choice. You are invited to honor his memory with a donation to the Avenue of Flags Fund. Send your check to the American Legion Post #257, PO Box 257, Vineyard Haven MA 02568. I shall miss his calls reminding me to call for volunteers to help raise those flags. We shall all miss Ed.

Why would a seasoned skipper sail an aging ship near the path of an approaching monster hurricane? Authors Michael Tougias and Douglas Campbell examine Captain Robin Walbridge’s mystique through those who knew him. This is a harrowing tale of shipwreck in Superstorm Sandy, with a breathtaking rescue by US Coast Guard pilots in the midst of a storm. Michael will present the story of his book, “Rescue of the Bounty,” through slides and narrative next Tuesday at 7 pm at the Vineyard Haven Library.

Felicia Cheney, the children’s librarian, says that children make good use of the Lego table in the off season at the Vineyard Haven Library and can always use more Lego pieces. So, if you are looking to give some away, remember our library. Kids age five and up can build with Legos at 4 pm today or play a game with Ms. Felicia.

Felicia offers story time for little ones next Tuesday morning. Stories and songs are a great way to promote literacy with your wee ones.

Welcome to the new dentist in town. Parsia Koleini, a graduate of Boston College where he also got his graduate degrees, has recently joined Sandy Nadelstein at Lagoon Pond Dental. He is a dentist with gentle hands (I can attest to that). He recently completed a residency in cosmetic dentistry, appreciating the wealth and variety of new materials available today. Parsia is a handsome young man, only 31 and not married. He is new to the Island though he visited as a child. He enjoys boating, hiking, and soccer and may be found at Mocha Mott’s enjoying coffee and a book, probably on history. He is doing his best to get to know some Islanders.

Best wishes for a rapid recovery to Gloria Wong. She will welcome your prayers and good wishes.

Remember that the Grace Church lobster rolls are served every Friday all summer, now $17. For orders call 508-693-0332.

Every Tuesday from 4 to 7:30 pm you can eat in air-conditioned comfort or take it out to eat on the beach. There is also chowder and plenty of parking at the American Legion Hall.

Last week brought a number of buyers to Island shops. Oddly most seemed to be from out of state and were aware of the tax-free weekend.

The YMCA invites you to the Martha’s Vineyard’s premier 70.3 triathlon, on September 7. A breathtaking coastal race course with scenic ocean views includes the 56-mile bike route. Participate in the full triathlon alone, or make it a team effort in the relay. Don’t enjoy running? Then the aquabike is for you. There is an open water swim only option as well. The event is limited to 300’ register now at the YMCA of Martha’s Vineyard. All proceeds benefit the YMCA.

This Island never fails to amaze me. I had never thought about but never knew there were flocks of egrets here until we saw them roost for the night in a dead tree along side the Tiasquam. Another friend has an eagle who calls her yard home. We still have too many turkeys, but having little girls who love to yell and chase them has helped cut down on the numbers.

Our lovely granddaughters are here this week for Nana Camp and the Fair. They also enjoyed attempting scrimshaw, the hand carving done by whalers in the past. This was at a class held at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum. A couple of weeks ago the girls made harpoons there. These drew a lot of attention when they carried them off Island aboard the ferry.

All good wishes for a successful year go to Alistair Rizza as she begins her studies at Bard College at Simon’s Rock. For her and others starting college the world lies before them.

Congratulations to Anthony and Pam Campagna as they mark 44 years of married bliss on Saturday.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out to Sherm Goldstein next Monday.

Heard on Main Street: However good or bad a situation, it will change.

Kay-MayhewThis Saturday from 12 noon to 4 pm you’ll want to be at the Peach Festival at the Congregational Church in West Tisbury. Enjoy peach treats on the lawn and enter a raffle to win your own peach tree. On offer will be fresh peaches, peach smoothies or shortcake, blueberry peach cobbler, and peach pies. All proceeds support the church. If it rains, the event will be held indoors.

On Sunday, the Vineyard Haven Band Concert is in Owen Park. Music begins at 8 pm so you can enjoy the harbor view with beautiful music.

Tuesday morning, little ones have storytime with Kathy Forrester at the Vineyard Haven Library. This is the last summer storytime with Kathy. On Wednesday afternoon at 4 pm, kids age eight and up are invited to try lantern painting for illumination night. They will paint and take home a lantern. Thursday at 4 pm kids five and up can build with Legos or play a game at the library.

Tuesday evening you can meet Marsha Winsryg and learn about the African Artists Community Project which helps the Mama Bakhita Center for disabled children in Zambia. This will be an overview of the project, accompanied by Rick Bausman, Jane Norton, and Cynthia Bloomquist, all at 7 pm.

Our library continues to offer the most wonderful treats. You can take the upcoming free seminar, “Tolstoy’s Modern Epic: War and Peace,” led by Philip Weinstein of Aquinnah and Swarthmore College.There is an advance reading assignment. Beginning in September, the six-part workshop on Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace will meet on Wednesday evenings at 7 pm at the Cornell Theatre. Class dates are September 17, October 1, 15, 29; November 12 and December 3. Reading 200 pages per session (every two weeks, for three months) will take the time necessary to do justice to Tolstoy’s masterpiece.

You must register in advance, online or at the library. To prepare for the first class, read Volume One, Parts One and Two. Professor Weinstein will be using the Pevear/Volokhonsky translation of the book. A limited number of copies are on reserve at the library.

ACE MV will offer 36 classes this fall. Did you know local sponsors include McIntosh Motors (Auto Maintenance for Women) and the Chilmark Writing Workshop (Writing from the Heart)? There are classes for credits from Fitchburg State University. You can register online now at, or by mail or at the high school. Check out the Course Sampling Fair on October 1 at the high school from 5 to 6:30 pm. More at or call Lynn at 774-310-1131. You can find the catalog in any library.

Next week is the Fair: our fair is the Island party. I hope you will let me know if you see something we should mention in the news. My favorites are the kids’ entries and of course the quilts. Kids put together scenes of wonderful vegetables, artworks, and imaginative creations. Even little kids complete entries that will astonish you. Be sure to see the efforts of the next generation: I guarantee you will be impressed.

The quilts are supposed to be applique or patchwork made by one person and quilted by that same person as well. You have to be impressed with all that needlework done by one person. A quilt top created by one person and quilted by another is a group quilt. That is still an awful lot of work. Years ago all of this was done by hand. Many modern quilts are sewn by machine and are often quilted by machine. The talent to put all this together is remarkable.

Mary Goethals of our town and Tucson, Arizona, joined her older brother, George Goethals of Richmond, Virginia, and Pine Island, New York, on a trip to Panama for the 100th anniversary of the Panama Canal. Their paternal great grandfather was General George Washington Goethals, who also summered in Vineyard Haven. He was the head engineer and first governor of the canal. Mary and George are the children of the late Barbara B. Nevin of Edgartown.

Are you dying to gamble? Try Foxwoods with Friends of the Oak Bluffs COA on Tuesday, August 26. Bus cost is $30, round trip from Woods Hole. You buy your SSA ticket and take spending money. You leave on the SSA at 7 am and come home on the 6:15 from Woods Hole. Sign up now with Rose at 508-693-4509, ext 3.

Congratulations go out today to Skip and Carol Bailey who mark 20 happy years together.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out tomorrow to Ray Frazio and Braden Kuehne. Leslie Stark parties on Monday as do Larry Levine and Kathy Welch. Jeff Damon Pratt and Alistair Rizza celebrate on Wednesday.

Heard on Main Street: See you at the Fair!

Got Tisbury news? Contact Kay Mayhew here

Kay-Mayhew What a wonderful week. Our darling granddaughters Rory and Fiona are back at Camp Nana, which this week includes adventures with Kids Discovery Days at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum.

Ages 5 and up learn all about bugs today at 4 pm at the Vineyard Haven Library. Marvelous Marvin teaches bug habits and the importance of bugs to humans with circus arts, magic, and music. Next Thursday at 4 pm, Mister Rocketman will show us how to make amazing rockets.The kids launch their creations, and it’s anyone’s guess as to where they will land.

You are familiar with Moth and NPR. Saturday evening at the Tabernacle hear islanders sharing brief true stories told live. Time is 7:30; cost is $40.

Tom Dresser, Herb Foster, and Jay Schofield will be in the Community Room at Hillside Village at 2 pm Sunday, after the NAACP meeting. Their book, “Martha’s Vineyard in World War II,” is already in a second printing. They talked with Vineyarders who were here during the war, including my husband and his cousin Buddy Mayhew, and researched files of the Gazette and the Museum. Views of life on the home front of Martha’s Vineyard during the war range from plane spotters at town hall to workers at the Martha’s Vineyard Shipyard. The talk is free, the book is $20.

On Tuesday adults can hear Susan Klein speak on Folklore & Mythology From A Woman’s Perspective. That’s at 8 pm at Featherstone.

Students from fifth grade through high school were chosen by their music teachers as the most talented and hardworking young singers and instrumentalists on the Island. They will perform at 7:30 pm on Tuesday at the West Tisbury Grange Hall to benefit the new West Tisbury Library. Tickets are $15 and half price for age 12 and under, available in advance at Tisberry Fro Yo off Main Street.

I should remind you that shopping online harms our local businesses. But I am a realist; I know you sometimes order stuff from Amazon anyway. Next time you do that, use this address because 1% of the sale can go to charity:

Next Wednesday, author Josh Ruxin will speak about his new book “A Thousand Hills to Heaven: Love, Hope, and a Restaurant in Rwanda” at 7 pm at the Vineyard Haven Library.

This is the story of a Columbia University professor picking up and moving to deepest Rwanda, where he helped revitalize a village and fell in love with a little restaurant called Heaven. Hear about living in Rwanda, building a village, then constructing a restaurant, and, during it all, beginning his own family.

How can anyone think bicycles don’t have the same rights as cars on our roads? The moped riders have these rights, too. Owning a vehicle does not give you the right to be the only one on the road. If you find these people slow you down, you should have left home earlier. Your being late is not their fault.

Peter Pan! Live! A week from tomorrow, August 15, the Island Theater Workshop presents a benefit performance of Peter Pan at 7:30 pm at the MVRHS Performing Arts Center. The performance is directed by Kevin Ryan to benefit the MV Center for Living and support services for Island seniors. $25 for adults and $12 for children. More at 508-939-9440.

You will want to know about two special events at the Federated Church in Edgartown next week. On Sunday morning from 8:30 to 10:30 is the annual blueberry breakfast. Then on Tuesday afternoon five lovely homes on School Street and South Water Street in Edgartown will be open for you as a benefit for the church. Historian Mary Jane Carpenter will speak at 1 pm before the afternoon tour begins. Tea and refreshments are offered at the Mayhew Parsonage. Tickets are $35 at the Meetinghouse on the afternoon of the tour. More: Anne Vose at 508-627-7077.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out to John Edmond Coogan today. Wish the best tomorrow to Bobbie Donavan. Happy birthday to Goodie Stiller Corriveau who parties next Wednesday. Belated greetings go out to Sharon Coogan.

Heard on Main Street: It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. But the second one is up to you and no one else.

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Kay-MayhewThere is a memorial tribute to Sheldon Hackney tonight at 7:30 pm at the Chilmark Community Center as part of the M.V. Book Festival. Many who contributed to the book “Dixie Redux” will speak. Hackney was president of the University of Pennsylvania for many years and head of the National Endowment for the Humanities under President Clinton. Charlayne Hunter-Gault will moderate and a reception will follow. More from Suellen Lazarus,

Careful — here comes August. Where has the summer gone?

Reserve your spot now for the concert at the MV Film Center on Friday evening at 7:30 pm. Meet New Orleans jazz-based cellist, singer, and composer Helen Gillet on the Island. This is the first of several musical concerts this summer at the film center.

This Sunday evening at 8 pm be sure to enjoy the concert in Owen Park with the Vineyard Haven Band. Take a picnic and appreciate the sunset as you listen to the music.

Today at the Vineyard Haven Library at 4 pm, kids aged five and up will enjoy a mystery activity. Whatever it is, be prepared to get messy. Also brought to you by the library, kids can see the Whalemobile at the Tisbury School on Wednesday, August 6. Marvelous Marvin will bring circus arts, magic, and music to the library next week on August 7 at 4 pm for five and up.

Under three year olds will enjoy storytime on Tuesday at 10. Three and up are offered Chappaquiddick Lullaby story time with author Stacy Hall at 11 am.

If you haven’t signed up for summer reading at the library, it’s not too late. You could win Bunch of Grapes gift certificates and Island Cove Mini Golf all-expenses paid adventures.

This Saturday the Tabernacle Craft Fair opens from 9 am to 3 pm with a grand assortment of Island-made products from photographs and jewelry to hand-knit sweaters. Celebrate the handiwork of Island artists in a casual stroll around the Tabernacle.

Our daughter, Laurel Mayhew Olson, was visiting this week from Fort Collins, Colorado. Her one request was for lobster. I believe I can safely say that she is sated — at least for the time being. She had not been back on the Island for some years which meant she had fun visiting all over the Island. We hope she comes back again soon.

She and her brother, Craig, had just completed a week-long bicycle ride across New York state. They were delighted with the trip and the weather and especially their time together. They returned home just in time to celebrate the ninth birthday of Craig’s eldest daughter, Rory.

Next Monday you can revel in the music of Johnny Hoy and the Bluefish at Featherstone’s Musical Monday from 6:30 to 8 pm. Cost is $10 for adults, $5 with Our Island Club, children under 14 are free. You can go back to Featherstone on Tuesday to ponder a purchase at the Flea & Fine Arts Market from 9:30 am to 2 pm.

Dying to gamble? Try Foxwoods with Friends of the Oak Bluffs Council on Aging on Tuesday, August 26. Bus cost is $30 round trip from Woods Hole. You buy your SSA ticket and take spending money. You leave on the SSA at 7 am and come home on the 6:15 from Woods Hole. Sign up now with Rose at 508 693-4509, ext 3.

The Grace Church Lobster Rolls are served every Friday all summer from 4 to 7:30 pm, now $17. For info and orders, call 508-693-0332

Did you know that August this year will have five Fridays, five Saturdays and five Sundays. This happens only once every 823 years. Such an event is supposed to be good luck for all. It is said the Chinese call this phenomenon “Silver pockets full.”

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Dale Perry. On Saturday wish the best of birthdays to Ellen Miller. Sunday belongs to Nancy Gardella and Tom Colligan (that’s Thomas H. Colligan). Mary Goss and Jesse James Little celebrate birthdays along with Dr. Peter Laursen on Wednesday.

Heard on Main Street: Get out in the world every day. Miracles are waiting everywhere.

Kay-MayhewSavor the moment: Tomorrow is the opening reception from 4 to 6 pm of the Della Hardman 10th Anniversary Art Show at Featherstone. The show continues, 12 noon to 4 pm, on Saturday and Sunday.

All are welcome to enjoy chicken dinner at the First Baptist Church parish house on Saturday at 5:30 pm. Takeout available, $12, includes beverage and dessert. Info at 508-693-1539.

Folks always say the July visitors are nicer than those who come in August. A few weeks ago Anne Sylvester was in line at the Stop & Shop with a cart full of food. The couple behind her had only one item so she invited them to go ahead of her. Then the cashier told her they had put her groceries on their credit card. These July folks were nicer than most.

The little church in the Campground is selling lobster rolls and potato chips every day, Monday through Saturday, for $14. Not only can you get a freshly made lobster roll, but also this goes to pay for the community suppers in the winter.

Island children are learning to cope with autism. You can help. The Island Autism Group holds their eighth fundraiser next Wednesday from 3 to 5 pm at the Daniel Fisher House in Edgartown. Admission is free. Donations are welcome. There will be a raffle and auction as well as light refreshments served. For more, call Marcy Bettencourt at 508-693-2106.

You may want to call or write your state legislators. An amendment to the state constitution will allow for a graduated income tax. The income disparity between the top one percent and the rest of us is growing. Those earning more can afford to pay more. Commonwealth representatives for the Island are Senator Dan Wolf and Representative Tim Madden.

Tim is at State House Room 167, Boston MA 02133 or Dan is at State House Room 511B, Boston MA 02133 or Remember, your opinion counts. Let them know what you think.

Next Tuesday at the the Vineyard Haven Library at 7 pm, Peter Simon shares his view of the last 40 years in “Through the Lens.” He photographed historic events from the protest-filled 1960s, hippie communes, nude beaches and many great names in rock and pop music, major league baseball, not to mention the majesty of Martha’s Vineyard. He will speak about his privileged background and an addictive personality that finally got the better of him and affected his relationships with family and friends.

Kerouac fans will be at the MV Film Center on Tuesday for a benefit showing of One Fast Move or I’m Gone: Kerouac’s Big Sur. Also live readings about Kerouac’s Big Sur. Proceeds go to landscaping at the new West Tisbury Library.

What’s it worth? Appraisers from Skinner Inc. will evaluate your prized objects on appraisal day at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum on August 1 from 9 am to 3 pm. Items may be consigned for sale by Skinner with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the Museum. Reservations required. Call Jessica, 508-627-4441, ext. 117. Appraisal of one item costs $15, or three for $40.

Did your kids enjoy the visit of the whaling ship Charles W. Morgan? Now they can see a life-sized whale. Can you believe 43 feet long? Cynde McInnis, owner of The Whalemobile, will be bringing her life-sized (43 feet) inflatable whale, Nile, to the Tisbury School Gym on August 6 at 4 pm as part of the Vineyard Haven Library’s summer reading program. Because the whale is too big to fit in the library, the program will be held at the Tisbury School Gym.

First kids will see a slide show introducing us to the toothed whales and baleen whales found off the coast of Massachusetts and in the Gulf of Maine. The students will go inside the inflatable whale and see ways in which whales are similar to humans. Artifacts such as baleen, teeth and bones are available for children to see and feel. At the end, students will learn about what they can do to keep the oceans safe for all the animals. This program is free. For more Felicia Cheney at 508-696-4211, ext. 14 or

Happy anniversary to Lil and Ed Colligan. They’ve been together 63 loving years.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out tomorrow to Tom Colligan. Wish the best on Saturday to Michael Bulkin, Pam Cassel, and Rory Mayhew. Sunday belongs to Michael Cobban and Nancy Zamarro.

Heard on Main Street: When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.