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What a busy weekend in Edgartown! With the Food and Wine Festival taking place in venues throughout town, the Pumpkin Festival over at Morning Glory, and the final Derby weigh-in — not to mention, about eight thousand weddings — town was bursting at the seams.

Kudos to the ladies at the Board of Trade on another successful weekend of food, wine, and fun events. I made it to one of the wine tastings on Friday, and the room was packed. From what I understand, nearly every seminar, tasting, and party was sold out. Bravo.

Congrats to the winners of the Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby, and to all the organizers and volunteers for another successful year on the books. A special shout-out goes to Brice Contessa for his Grand Slam win, which is awarded to the angler who weighs in the heaviest aggregate (total weight) of the four species of fish in the tournament — that is, a striper, a blue, a bonito, and a false albacore. Brice is only the second fisherman in Derby history to accomplish this feat with a flyrod. I love the spirit of this prize, because it truly reflects the joy of fishing, and Brice really embodies that joy.

We had a visit last week from my two biggest fans from the Lone Star state, Tim and Matt Morgan. The two were in town to visit family, and Matt, who hasn’t made the trip in a couple years, had a full agenda. From a musical sit-in with Sara Piazza and Co. to lobster dinner, Matt managed to cover all the bases in a short amount of time.

The winter migration has begun. Tim and Laura Bryan have packed up the truck and headed for their off-season digs. Kevin Ward and the Keldi crew set off on their course to Florida. Fair winds and following seas everyone. We’ll see you next year!

I mentioned last week that Tom Dresser and Jerry Muskin have been making the rounds to promote their new book, Music on Martha’s Vineyard. This week, I sent a request out to Tom for some tidbits about Edgartown folks and places represented in the book. Tom mentioned a piece about Kevin Keady of Chappaquiddick, whose song “One Way Home” is featured in the Chappy Ferry Book. And of course, the legendary Hot Tin Roof is well represented. The book recounts the time all five Taylor siblings were on stage, singing away. Kate Taylor recalls, “There wasn’t room to fit a paper clip on stage. All of a sudden, who should appear in the wings but John Belushi! With his uncanny physical agility and grace, he did a couple of cartwheels across the front of the stage, grabbed a mic, sang a couple of numbers and waved good-bye to the screaming crowd.”

You can catch Tom and Jerry at the Edgartown Library, Wednesday, October 29, at 7 pm, to learn more about the book, and get the lowdown on your favorite musicians and the musical history of the Vineyard.

Fall Electronics Disposal Day will take place Saturday, October 25, from 9 am to 2 pm at MV Community Services. Recycle your personal or business old and tired air conditioners, cell phones, computers, copiers, dehumidifiers, fax machines, microwaves, monitors, laptops, printers, ranges, refrigerators, scanners, stereo equipment, televisions, washers and dryers, and so on. Your small fee will benefit MVCS and all of their much needed programming.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Maria Thibodeau, who celebrates October 24; to Paula Dello Russo, October 25; and to Heather Smith, October 27. Hope you all have a good one.

I get up to take my dogs out at 4 am every morning (rest assured, we promptly return to bed once everyone’s rituals are complete), and I’ll tell you, there are few things that make it worthwhile to rise that early, in my bed-loving opinion. One, of course, is the crisp starry sky, in which I can make out Orion and maybe a planet or two (no one is arguing with my planet identification at that hour). But my favorite thing about 4 am is hearing the bell of the Old Whaling Church peal so clearly through the noiseless dark.

I imagine what it must have been like to wait and listen throughout the village for this old stalwart of time-keeping to declare lunch time for the worker bees, and of course, the end of another long work day. For kids, five dongs decreed: it’s time to drop the bicycle and the marbles and the jump rope and come inside for dinner.

When I was little, we had the fire station horn wailing at lunchtime each day, as well as that special code we eagerly waited to hear with our noses pressed to frosty glass windows, watching the snow fall — I believe it was two honks repeated three times that signalled a snow day. And then there were the harrowing honks declaring someone in distress — somewhere, something was on fire, and we had no indication of whether that thing was small or large, brush, car, or God forbid, someone’s house.

Amazing to think of these times before cell phones and Facebook and all of the static and bustle of a future we could hardly imagine. And somehow, we got by.

I remember one day when the fire horn was stuck and rang out incessantly for hours until someone was able to fix it. We walked around all day with our hands over our ears. And a funny story about the Whaling Church bell: several years ago, after the bell was restored and set back to work, a man visiting Edgartown with his wife came into a Town Hall office and requested that the bell be “turned off” at night, because it was affecting his sleep. After some discussion (and perhaps a covert eye-roll or two), it was suggested that the fellow bring his request to the Board of Selectmen, who would meet the following Monday. But he of course would be gone by then. Sorry, bud. Someone needs a lesson in Old New England charm.

Okay, enough reminiscing — we have some business to discuss.

Congratulations go out to Steve Ewing, who will receive the Creative Living Award, established to recognize members of the Vineyard community who embody the spirit of Ruth Bogan, who, in the words of her friend Ruth Redding, was a “gallant woman who loved beauty, who loved the Vineyard and who believed ‘anyone can do anything.’” In addition to having built most of the private docks on the Island, Steve is a conservationist, public servant, family man, and storyteller. He has served on innumerable conservation committees, is a charter member of the MV Scottish Society, and was the first Poet Laureate of Edgartown. Yes, he is also a poet. You may have heard one of his pieces at the opening of the Annual Town Meeting.

The Permanent Endowment Fund for Martha’s Vineyard is pleased to announce that in a ceremony on Thursday, October 16, at 5:30 the Grange Hall in West Tisbury, Steve Ewing will be awarded the 2014 Creative Living Award. The public is invited to attend. This will be the 32nd year of the Creative Living Award. The evening will also include a drawing for guests to win the opportunity to award $1,000 to Island nonprofits. This drawing was made possible by the 11 members of the Permanent Endowment Board who donated $1,000 to demonstrate their commitment to fostering philanthropy on the Vineyard. The winner of the drawing will donate their winnings to the Island nonprofit of their choice.

Jerry Muskin and Tom Dresser will give a talk at the MV Museum on Wednesday, October 23, at 5:30 pm on their new book, Music on Martha’s Vineyard, just published by the History Press. The book comprises great stories about the musical history of the Vineyard.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Omar Mohamed and Alex Schweitzer, who celebrate October 16; to Dean Golder, October 17; to Caroline Taylor, October 20; and to Sara Piazza, October 22. Have fun!

One of the best things about this time of year in my opinion is fresh acorn squash. I find myself imagining new and different ways to work this favorite ingredient into every meal. From squash stuffed with sausage and rice to squash lasagna with alfredo sauce to squash soup with white beans and kale, much of my fall is spent in epicurean squash fantasy. And last night did not disappoint. While y’all decorate your tables and stoops with fall veggies — well, I assure you, things are very seasonal in my belly.

A funny thing happened over at Sweetened Water this past Sunday. My father was doing his usual morning rounds in the yard and spied seven or eight turkeys hanging out on the roof of the house. Ever the amateur photog, within moments the iPhone was out and he was snapping a ton of pictures to disseminate by text. One of these photo texts went straight up the road to the Avakians, with the caption, “Turkey dinner tonight, bring cranberry sauce.” Well, somewhere between my father’s phone and the others, the picture was lost in the cellular ether. A few hours go by, and Dad gets a call from Bob Avakian wondering what time he is expected for turkey dinner, and the two surmise that the photo did not make the transmission. No, there will not be turkey dinner. Just a joke. Miscommunication resolved. Moments later, the phone rings again, and it’s a disappointed Gail at the other end, fresh home from Stop & Shop to lament, “But I already bought the cranberry sauce!” Turkeys: 1, Sweetened Water: 0.

Congratulations to Zach Townes, who has been taken on as a full-timer with the Edgartown Police Department. We are all fortunate to have this awesome dude out on the streets keeping us safe, always with a smile on his face.

The third annual Walk for the Animals will take place Saturday, Oct. 18 (rain date: Monday, Oct. 19) at Tradewinds Park in Oak Bluffs — this year, with a Halloween twist. Participants are encouraged to bring their pets in costumes, and prizes will be awarded. Anyone who likes to walk is welcome, whether you have a pet in costume (or not) or you just want to walk by yourself or with two-legged friends. All may start their walk anytime between 10 am and 12 noon. Registration forms are available online at, our Shelter page on Facebook, and all the veterinary clinics on the Island. Call the Shelter, 508-627-8662, or Duncan Ross at 508-693-0541 for more information or directions.

Featherstone will host their 11th Annual Chocolate Festival October 11 and 12, with a preview party Friday evening, Oct. 10, from 6 to 8 pm in the Gallery and under the Featherstone Tent. Your entry donation includes endless chocolate treats and hands-on chocolate art making in all mediums. Saturday and Sunday, October 11 and 12, the Festival will take place from 12 to 4 pm each day. Taste chocolate concoctions made by Island bakers, artists, and chocolate lovers at the annual festival at Featherstone Center for the Arts. Pay-as-you-try chocolate treats for everyone. Call 508-693-1850 or email for further information and to reserve your space for the preview party.

The Anchors is now offering Mindful Movement: Tai Chi and Qigong (Chi Kung) Thursdays at 10 am. Enjoy meditation in motion. Release unnecessary tension, gain balance and flexibility of joints and muscles, focus the mind, move more easily with less impact, strengthen healthy breathing patterns and increase vitality. Gain energy without expending energy. This 8- to 10-week session is for beginners and those with experience. All welcome, including drop-ins. Each session reviews and builds on previous sessions. Clear, easy-to-remember foundational movements become a basic practice for home, or the basis for further study. For more information, call 508-627-4368.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Patrick Smadbeck, who celebrates October 9; Kraig Mundt, October 11; Chris Dolby, October 12; Dan Deslauriers, October 13; Laurie Norton, October 14; and Phoenix Malfa, Sara Leandro, and Emily Dwyer, October 15. Hope you have a blast.

Jason Shemit wheels a 93-lb. pumpkin and its owner, his daughter Addison, 3½, down Anthiers Way in Edgartown. Neighbor Paul Jackson invited Addison to pick out a pumpkin from his garden. – Joan Shemit

Ride along Beach Road right now on a given Saturday, and the other side of Senge looks like a never-ending carnival of big white tents. Downtown, packs of people dressed to the nines wander aimlessly before finally giving in and asking directions to a particular church — and maybe a good place to get some coffee, while you’re at it. It is the season of love on Martha’s Vineyard, as brides and grooms and their entourages are everywhere you turn your head.

Among the newly wed are a few of our own. Lisa Barbini exchanged vows with Fran Detoma this past Saturday in Sturbridge, and many friends and family were there to partake in the joy. Luckily, Dick Barbini was not allowed to select the dinner menu for the event; otherwise, it would have been bologna sandwiches all round! Man, that guy loves a bologna sandwich. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness, guys!

Meanwhile, the Magnuson crew bore witness to the vows of happy couple Rachel Magnuson and Raphael Gonzalez in Onset. Wishing you all the best for a lovely future.

Also on tap this season are those autumnal colors popping up all over my Facebook feed. You would think the page was sponsored by Ocean Spray or something, the way the pictures of apples and pumpkins take over. Babies smaller than pumpkins, toddlers larger than pumpkins, dogs dressed up as pumpkins — they are all represented. And the apple-picking and apple-baking and apple-tree-climbing! Cider, please! The DeOliveiras got their fill of the apples out in Sturbridge, all smiles and ruddy cheeks. I have never picked an apple, but it does look like fun.

Get on down to the Anchors and check out some art. Susan Sellers will be exhibiting her plein air paintings of Island and Maine landscapes during October. A draftsman, graphic artist, and sign maker, Susan considers her fine art freeing, and works in an expressionistic manner. Visit her work at

Lily Morris of Chappaquiddick will offer her beautiful large-format landscape photographs for sale in an elegant benefit event this Columbus Day weekend. The event, called “Shine,” will take place Oct. 11th, 12th, and 13th from 10 am to 8 pm at 129 Indian Hill Road in West Tisbury (first mailbox past Christiantown Road). Local hidden treasures made by Vineyard artists and artisans will be offered for sale in an exquisite setting, in the warm and welcoming environment of a lovely private home gallery, with delicious snacks provided and beautiful products available for purchase. A portion of the sale benefits “the sameheart,” a documentary film by Len and Georgia Morris, which proposes a way to end child poverty.

Back by popular demand, the Martha’s Vineyard Museum is once again celebrating the faces of Martha’s Vineyard with a second “Island Faces” portrait competition in collaboration with Featherstone Center for the Arts. Three years ago, the Museum held its first portrait contest, inspired by the National Portrait Gallery’s annual contest. Members and visitors greeted the exhibition that resulted with great enthusiasm, encouraging it to occur again. Beginning Oct. 1, the museum will begin accepting entries for the second contest. A panel of judges from the Island’s art community will jury the competition, and the winning portraits will debut at the Museum’s summer opening reception on June 12, 2015, and remain on display through the summer. The public will once again be able to vote on a separate “People’s Choice” category, the winners of which will be featured at Featherstone beginning Oct. 18, 2015. Visit for further info.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Tricia Willoughby, who celebrates Oct. 2; Andrea Dello Russo, Oct. 5; Kacy Hintze, Oct. 7; Susan Koerner and Mike Dow, Oct. 8. Hope you all have a good one!

There’s a nice nip in the air, though the skies have consistently been that crisp, cloudless fall blue. I’m starting to see pumpkins and mums make their way to front stoops, and the kids have already begun discussing their Halloween costumes.

On many kids’ minds this past weekend, though, was catching the Big One, as they gathered on the dock in Oak Bluffs for the annual Kids’ Derby Day event. I spied the DeRoche girls, the Townes girls, and a couple of Murrays — all smiles, reeling ’em in. Camden Townes now holds the distinction of catching the first ever pufferfish at the kids’ derby. Watch out, weigh-in — the next generation of anglers is getting its practice in.

Nick Prescott has requested that I share with you all an issue quite dear to his heart. Awareness is key, so without further ado, he would like everyone to know, pancakes are back on the menu at Dock Street Coffee Shop. The timing couldn’t be better, as those early-morning diners fresh from the weigh-in seek sustenance. I maintain that it is totally OK that Dock Street pancakes are unavailable for those few months in the summer, as we are provided an abundance of charitable pancake-consumption opportunities, but I’m happy to see those delicious golden disks back all the same.

I had a sit-down with K9 buddy Zoe Walpole the other day, who would hardly lift her head to eat a treat she missed her momma so much. Having wrapped another successful and busy summer season at Katydid, Kate has been taking several much-deserved hops to other islands, Manhattan and Nantucket among them. This weekend, Kate will head to Vermont for some apple picking with Mom and Dad. Hopefully Zoe will be invited along.

Felix Neck welcomes one and all to a free event on Sunday, Oct. 12, from 11 am to 3 pm to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our Fern and Feather Day Camp.

The family-friendly celebration will focus on fun, food, music, and memories. Since 1964, the day camp has been teaching children about the wonders of the natural world, and lots of alums, former staff, and folks that just love Felix Neck are expected to attend and share stories. For more information, visit, or call the sanctuary at 508-627-4850 or email at

ACE MV offers a Course Sampling Fair, Wednesday, Oct. 1, at MVRHS from 5 pm to 6:30 pm. Head up and meet the teachers, register for classes (36 different classes being offered), and sample delicious food prepared by the cooking instructors. Reminder: There is a late fee if you sign up on the day of the course, so register now. For more info, call Diane Abbot at 508-693-9222. What do you want to learn?

If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet for the Martha’s Vineyard Food & Wine Festival, now’s the time. The festival takes place Oct. 16 to 19, offering a variety of events. Now in its seventh year, the festival, hosted by the Edgartown Board of Trade, has quickly grown into a world-class wine and culinary extravaganza, and has become a signature for the town of Edgartown. Praised as one of the “2013 Top 10 Festivals to Taste” by Forbes Travel Guide, it features wine-tasting seminars, premium wines, cooking demonstrations by nationally recognized award-winning chefs and wine personalities, culinary dinners, and the Grand Tasting. MVFWF is uniquely educational in focus, showcasing the Vineyard’s culinary talent. The festival begins with “Fresh Off the Farm,” a dine-around event featuring everything Martha’s Vineyard on Thursday, Oct. 16. Saturday’s Grand Tasting features wines, celebrity chefs, and cooking demos paired with wines. The festival culminates on Sunday at the culinary Grand Sunday Brunch held at the Harbor View Hotel. This year, the MVFWF supports Island Grown Schools and Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society’s Farmers Program. Visit for a full schedule of events and ticket information.

Birthday wishes go out this week to James Condlin, who celebrates Sept. 25; Walter Morrison, Sept. 26; Nate Briggs and Kathy Ivory, Sept. 27; David Martinello, Oct. 1. Have fun!

And they’re off! The rods, the reels, the boxes of tackle, a sandwich in a plastic bag for sustenance, the waders and lures and heads in the game. Someone is going to catch the Big One — might as well be you. That’s right, folks. It’s Derby season.

The opening bell rang out 8 am Sunday morning to signify the start of the 69th Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby, and people are psyched. The weigh-in station crew has been keeping busy, having already having processed more than 2,000 pounds of fish. Those of you who have been reading along for a while know how much I love the spectacle of the weigh-in station. With a coffee in the morning or an ice cream cone in the evening, it’s the best place to hang out, catch up with some folks, and watch the filleters at work. So get on down and check it out, if you’re not already out dropping a line. And keep me posted with your Derby stories, please. Good luck, folks!

It’s a special week in the Dolby household, as both of my siblings celebrated their anniversaries. Chris and Liza Dolby marked 13 years on Sept. 14 with a family trip to the Cape, while Shannon and Andy Smith hit the 10-year milestone on Sept. 18, which they enjoyed with their toes in the sand in Nevis.

Local sailboat Aileen was off to Larchmont last week for the 50th Shields National Regatta. In the able hands of her team of five — the brawny Tim Bryan, Scott Morgan, David Culbertson, Jay Henderson, and Bob Hurst

— Aileen placed 15th overall. Now she is back home on Chappy, ready to be hosed off and wrapped in winter blankets for a much-deserved hibernation. Good Night, Aileen.

Hey Amazon shoppers: Did you know you can name Martha’s Vineyard Community Services as your charity of choice, and Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchases to this worthy cause? Instead of going to the main Amazon site, shop at, sign in using your regular Amazon account information, and use the search box to find Martha’s Vineyard Community Services. Bookmark the site, and when you make future purchases, MVCS will be saved as your charity of choice.

Seniors, you still have time to sign up for a trip to Wegmans, followed by a fashion show and high tea at the Northborough Senior Center. The trip will take place Wednesday, Sept. 24th, leaving on the 8:15 boat out of Vineyard Haven and returning on the 6:15 pm. At the fashion show, you’ll learn how to shop smart and dress with great style on a budget, while you enjoy tea and delicious homemade tea sandwiches and desserts. Call the Anchors to sign up right away: 508-627-4368.

The Martha’s Vineyard Museum will hold the 13th annual Ceremony of Remembrance at the Edgartown Lighthouse Children’s Memorial on Saturday, Sept. 20 (rain date Sept. 27) at 1 pm. The Museum is steward of the Edgartown, East Chop, and Gay Head Lighthouses and caretaker of the Children’s Memorial.

Twenty-six new stones have been added in the past year, with names of children of all ages and from across the country. The ceremony is an opportunity for families and friends to gather and remember all of the 651 children who are part of the Memorial.

Stones may be purchased by contacting Betsey Mayhew at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum at, or by calling 508-627-4441, ext.112. Visit www.mvmuseum.orgfor more information about upcoming programs and exhibits.

M.V. Fashion Week is upon us, and the series of events will kick off

Thursday, Sept. 18 at Lure in the Winnetu, beginning at 6 pm.

Cocktails will be followed by dinner and a fashion show, where you can preview some of the Vineyard’s most current and elegant fashion offerings. A percentage of the fashion show’s proceeds will benefit Angel Flight NE ( For more information on this and other Fashion Week events, visit

Birthday wishes go out this week to Max Sherman, who celebrates Sept. 19; to Dayce Moore and Cammie Naylor, Sept. 21; and to Michael Donaroma, Sept. 23. Enjoy!

We now see the warm days giving way to cool nights. It’s almost time to start snuggling under blankets and pulling a couple of sweaters out of winter storage. I was glad to see last week’s spate of high temperatures and abundant sun, because so many of our neighbors who bust their tails all summer in the service industry were finally able to get out to the beach and get their toes sandy.

I had news from the Rossi family this week that Alex and his now fiancée, Cassie Roberts, got engaged on the Island on Aug. 30. Mike Creato took the two up for a biplane ride on a beautiful day, early in the evening. When they landed, Alex got down on one knee and proposed. Some of Alex’s family and friends were there to celebrate with champagne and cake. The two currently live in Jersey City, N.J. Good luck with your plans, and here’s to years of happiness!

We had a visit from New Orleans this past weekend from Al Kirkendal and Teresa Martin. Much as we do when in New Orleans, these two focused much of their visit on appreciating the local culinary offerings. In other words, we ate our way from one end of Edgartown to the other. Oysters, lobsters, swordfish, quahogs — no creature of the sea was safe. And man, was it delightful. You two are welcome back anytime, as long as I can once again tag along for all your meals.

Lauren Elias celebrated the big 3-0 this past Monday, and what a great day it was. It started with a relaxing day at Norton Point with husband Alex, K9 buddy Brackish, and a ton of friends, and it wrapped in Oak Bluffs with a delicious meal at the Red Cat. Lauren and Alex, who tied the knot in a small ceremony in St. John this past spring, will celebrate their wedding with a big ol’ party at the Elias house in Western Mass. this coming weekend. Here’s to many celebrations to come.

We ran into the Port Hunter crew out on the beach on Monday. These guys are definitely among the folks I mentioned earlier, who I was thrilled to see getting a little taste of summer now that they are not laboring away in the kitchen, behind the bar, or on the dining room floor. I was talking to Alyssa Starzyk, who, in addition to tending bar at the Port Hunter, manages In the Pink. This particular beach day was Alyssa’s third of the season (the other two were also within the past week), as well as the first day she hadn’t stepped into the store since May! Glad to see you all getting the chance to wind down.

Amanda Cohen will once again be hosting an autumn yoga retreat at the Chappaquiddick Community Center, Saturday, Oct. 11, from 9:30 am to 12 noon. This extended practice offers the opportunity to be in your body, to play, stretch, move, awaken your spine, and deeply relax. The retreat will focus on pranayama (breathing) and asana (mindful movement). Amanda’s teaching invites deep relaxation while strengthening and energizing the whole body. Her long experience at teaching multilevel classes allows every posture to meet each person wherever they are in their practice. Amanda teaches with clarity and gentle humor, welcoming the whole person to be present for deep rest and rejuvenation. All levels are welcome. Please bring a blanket and water. For more Information or to register, call Amanda at 508-274-9570, or email her at

Birthday wishes go out this week to Bill Jacob, who celebrates on Sept. 13; to the lovely Sydney Mullen, Sept. 15; Bonnie Kingsbury, Sept. 16; and Penny Vanderhoop and Darren Belisle, Sept. 17.

Belated wishes go out to Captain Porky, who celebrated a big one Aug. 31. I had misread the report and thought his birthday was September — oops. Hope it was a good one!

Randy Walpole's antique car won the Tisbury Car Show this past Sunday. — Photo Courtesy Kate Walpole

Linley-DolbyIt’s hard to believe I just typed the word “September” in this header. The kids are back to school, the Steamship Authority has removed the last of the Connecticut and New York SUVs, and there is a feeling of exhalation Island-wide. Sydney Mullen posted a little flipbook of photos onto social media this week, titled Summer in 19 Seconds, and I couldn’t help but comment, “19 seconds sounds about right.”

It seems like moments ago I was dancing with Lizzy Ward under the tents at The Taste of the Vineyard, or catching up with Bobby Hayman on the Fourth of July parade route. And now we change gears. The big yellow buses begin to outnumber the VTA fleet, tiny children with giant backpacks flock to classrooms….

…And of course, Pam Dolby can talk about nothing but football. The countdown is on for the season opener, and the Edgartown travel team is already making preparations. For the next four — or God willing, five — months, discussions of tailgate food, injury reports, bunk ref calls, and glorious, glorious touchdowns will dominate the family conversation. And from here on out, every conversation begins and ends with, Go Pats!

Congratulations to Randy Walpole, who took home the first place trophy at the Tisbury Firefighters Association’s 8th Annual Car Show, which took place this past weekend on Main Street in V.H. Randy has been working on the restoration of his Nash Metropolitan for several years now. You might see him on sunny days riding around in the classic turquoise-and-white convertible, enjoying the wind in his hair. What a great way to cap off a sweet birthday weekend, as Randy just celebrated his day on August 28.

Chappy had a nice visit from Bridger and Norah Westhelle, who were on Island to celebrate Bridger’s 4th birthday at grandparents Margaret and Jim Mullen’s Chappaquiddick home. While here, they went to the Fair twice — the tractor pull and lumberjack competitions were favorites — enjoyed pancakes at the Edgartown Firehouse, and swam at the ferry beach. While birthday boy Bridger enjoyed being the center of celebrations, Miss Norah, who is one, was doted on by all. Aunt Sydney maintains that this was the best week of the whole summer.

The 30th annual Boys and Girls Club Golf Tournament will take place Saturday, September 6, at Edgartown Golf Club, beginning at 7 am. The tournament format welcomes four-player scramble, single players, partial teams, and full foursomes. Entry donation includes a continental breakfast, greens and cart fees, refreshments, prizes, trophies, raffles, and more. Players must register by phone (508-627-5343) or in person at the club. For more info, contact Peter Lambos at 508-627-3303, or

Women Empowered will honor four outstanding Island women, Saturday, September 6, at 11 am at the Harbor View Hotel. The mission of Women Empowered is to support Islanders in gaining control over their lives by helping them develop the skills to manage money, resolve debt, explore job options, and identify resources. This year’s honorees are Betsy Burmeister, Judy Crawford, Jesse Keller, and Anita Botti. For information and tickets, call 508-696-8880.

Special birthday wishes go out to George Magnuson, who celebrated his 90th on September 4th. Hope you had a great time!

Additional birthday wishes go out to Lyra Paciello, Sara Townes, and Lisa Barbini, who celebrate September 6; Ashley Mundt, September 7; Lauren Maciorowski, September 8; and Graham Murray, September 9. Make it a good one, folks.

Don’t forget to watch out for little ones crossing the street, on and off buses, and waiting at bus stops. The time has come for pink erasers and number two pencils, so keep an eye out for our young learners.

Linley-DolbyIt’s time to make a list and get all those last-minute summer things done before it’s too late! I’ve made it to most of my favorite spots, but I still haven’t had ice cream on a bench, been out on a boat, or taken a sunset swim at State Beach. I was supposed to finally hit the flats this week with Kara Shemeth to forage for our own quahog dinner, but the schedule is getting a little out of hand as we approach Labor Day.

Much of the Connecticut contingent said their goodbyes this past weekend, and already the first day of school photos have been popping up on Facebook. I got to catch up with some of these folks as we celebrated my niece Addy’s birthday out at Norton Point on Sunday. Addy got to hang with all her buds, decorating cupcakes, playing in the bay, and brutalizing a defenseless piñata. Her actual birthday is August 27. Hope seven is an awesome year, Kid.

Congrats to Michael Valenti and Emilee Whorton on their recent engagement. Hope you guys have a great time planning the big day, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

We got to catch up with Alex Avakian and Emily Norberg over Fenway franks last weekend as Dave and I took Boston by storm. The two are still out in Waltham, with Emily commuting to her travel planning job, and Alex climbing the ranks in the fish distribution world. They have been doing the weekend warrior thing to M.V. most weeks, striking a great balance of working hard/hardly working.

This week’s Vineyard Conservation Society Almanac was filled with cool upcoming events. First off, the Martha’s Vineyard Museum will host an archaeology ID day, Saturday, August 30, from 9 am to 12 noon, at their Edgartown campus. Bring your archaeological finds from the Vineyard and around the world to the museum where a panel of distinguished archaeologists will help you identify, examine, and discuss them.

Also, the FARM Institute is gearing up for their fall programming, which begins Saturday, September 6. Weekly Saturday programs include Wee Farmers (age 2-5) from 9:30 to 11 am, and for older kids, there’s “Farmer for a Day” from 1 to 3 pm. Little tykes must be accompanied by an adult. For more info, call 508-627-7007.

The M.V. Center for Living will sponsor a benefit Hootenanny Sing-along, Thursday, August 28, from 7 to 10 pm at the Chilmark Community Center. The sing-along and karaoke gathering will be fun for the whole family. Bring your musical instruments and music stands and join in the old-time folk, early rock and roll, and gospel fun. Light refreshments will be offered. For details, call 508-939-9440.

I’ve had word from Ellie Bates that the Friends of the Edgartown Public Library will sponsor the second annual Pennywise Path 5K run/walk on Monday, September 1. Register online at or at the library’s front desk. Meet at 9 am at the Edgartown School for number pickup. The first 200 registrants will receive a tee-shirt and prizes will be awarded in all categories. Call 508-627-4221 for more details.

Happy, happy birthday wishes go out this week to Randy Walpole, who celebrates August 28; to David Vaughan, August 29; and to Mike Poirier, September 3. Hope you gentlemen have a great time.

Linley-DolbyThings are beginning to wrap up around here. There is that nip in the air that reminds us September is right around the corner, and with the annual Illumination, Fair, Fireworks trifecta on the docket for this weekend, we watch the curtains close on another busy summer season. Of course, I remind you all each year, the Friday highlight in Edgartown this weekend is ample parking and restaurant space as the Island dukes it out in Oak Bluffs and West Tisbury for prime Fair and Fireworks real estate.

Dave and I will be up in Boston, celebrating our 11-year wedding anniversary with concert tickets and a Red Sox game. Hard to believe it’s been 11 years since we met in the middle of Green Hollow to exchange our vows — it feels like both a millisecond and a lifetime ago. Happy anniversary, Weagle. Here’s to many more!

In K9-Edgartonian news, this week, newcomer Manny Morgan had his first of many Chappy playdates with Cody Bryan. Manny, a beagle/bulldog mix, is quickly becoming a fixture among the Edgartown butt-sniffing set, as Elvis Abbott and neighbor Hannah show him the ropes. He’s a pretty mellow dude, so he’s catching on quick. Welcome to the fold, furry guy.

Tom and Laura O’Grady made their annual Vineyard visit from Connecticut this past week, with children Thomas, Charlie, and Cate in tow. The kids got in some beach fun, while the grownups highlighted the visit with a sunset dinner at Outermost Inn, celebrating Laura’s birthday.

It has been fun hearing people’s stories of presidential sightings and interactions, including protocol introductions from Secret Service personnel and meetings with the big man himself. Among those lucky enough to have had the opportunity was Mikey Rottman, whose kitchen at Farm Neck has had a revolving door of celebrity visits lately. In addition to the Commander in Chief, Mikey has had photo ops with President Clinton as well as Bill Murray this past week. Coincidentally, Mikey celebrated his 35th birthday on August 19. Not a bad birthday week, Chef.

If you haven’t made it to Felix Neck for one of their guided kayak tours, you still have time. Join a Felix Neck naturalist on an exciting kayak adventure on Sengekontacket Pond. Paddle by Sarson’s Island to see nesting shorebirds. Watch American oystercatchers, cormorants, and shorebirds feed and frolic. Explore the salt marsh and search for pond wildlife. All trips focus on the natural history of saltwater communities found on Martha’s Vineyard. Check it out on a Saturday, 9:30 to 11:30 am until September 15 or  Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30 to 11:30 am  until August 28. Another option is the self-guided Kayak Quest, in which you can enjoy Sengekontacket Pond at your own pace. The rhyming Quest clues will help you uncover the story of the pond’s people, places, and wildlife. Your Quest ends after you find the hidden Quest box. Kayaks, paddles, life jackets, and Quest materials are all included. Quests are yours for the partaking Monday through Friday until September 26. Call to reserve a boat. For more info, call 508-627-4850.

The Annual Evening of Music on the Lagoon will be held at Jim and Pam Butterick’s house at 359 Barnes Rd., Oak Bluffs on August 31 at 6 pm. Enjoy wine and appetizers at sunset on the Lagoon on the last Sunday of summer, and listen to the fabulous pianist Adele Dreyer play Rhapsody in Blue, to be joined afterwards by musician extraordinaire Peter Boak for duets. Donations of any amount will be accepted for the Federated Church Organ/Music Fund and/or Hospice of Martha’s Vineyard. Please be generous. For questions email

Birthday wishes go out this week to Brion McGroarty, who celebrates August 20; Laura Townes, Katie Fahey, Matt Frederick, and Lynn Ditchfield, August 21; Doug Heil, August 22; and Matt Sanville, August 24. Enjoy!