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Linley-DolbyWow, we’ve really been having some awesome weather, which is much appreciated after a couple of wet weekends. Well, the ducks certainly enjoyed the wet days, but I am loving this sunshine. Sundays at Norton, backyard pig roasts, sipping cocktails on rocking chairs, ah…This is summer.

On the flip side, even now in the depths of summer, my father continues to garner harassment on his futile search for the snowy owl this past winter. He says he ran into Franny and Eddie Gentle at the barbershop the other day, and they gave him a couple of jabs. Well, Dad, I’ve just received a postcard from your winter nemesis that reads, “The Arctic Circle is beautiful this time of year. Tell Mike I said ‘See you next year. NOT.’” Kind of rude, if you ask me. Them’s fightin’ words.

Congratulations to one of my first ever babysitting charges, who tied the knot this weekend. Lindsay Smith and Matt Garcia exchanged their vows on Saturday, August 9, surrounded by family and friends, at the Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles. A strong contingent of Vineyard folk made the cross-country trip to witness the nuptials. Best wishes to the two of you.

Alex and Maggie Morrison hosted their annual throwdown this past Saturday, complete with roast pig, live music, and an interpretive Celine Dion DJ set presented by Fitzroy. All were sent home with full bellies and smiles from ear to ear. Can’t wait until next year.

The Murrays took Edgartown by storm this summer, sailing, fishing, beaching, playing tennis, and adding new talents to their repertoires. For Hannah, this meant learning to dive, conquering the Beach Club water slide, and learning to fish — she was in fact declared by Captain Ed Jerome the “Queen of the Flukes.” Meanwhile, Zachary worked on his opti navigation, tossed out the first pitch at an MV Sharks game, and found success with rod and reel, catching both a bluefish and his first sand shark. These two will have a lot of stories for show and tell, come September.

Best of luck to blogger Marnely Murray, who has entered a recipe in the Make the Switch Whole Grains Month Contest. This national contest includes 18 chosen bloggers across the US who start with an old recipe made with refined grains, and then transform the dish into one featuring whole grains, all in an effort to encourage people to consume more whole grains. A substantial cash prize is at stake, as well as the opportunity to help people make healthier choices. Check out for more info.

This Week In Pancakes: The Fire Department has you covered on August 24, from 8 am to 12 noon, so mark your pancake calendar, and drop by the station to get your fix. Don’t tell me you don’t have a pancake calendar, because that’s just nonsense.

Kids, grab your parents and head up to Felix Neck for some learning and crafting creature fun time. This program, which offers young naturalists a close-up look at native animals of Martha’s Vineyard, combining a story, craft, and a look at the “creature” of the day, will take place Tuesday and Thursday, August 12 sand 14, from 10 to 11 am. Tuesday, the topic is bugs in general, while Thursday will provide a closer look at our native caterpillars. For children aged three to five with a parent/guardian. Call 508-627-4850 for more info.

A special enormous bunch of balloons go out to birthday boy Bob Carroll this Friday, August 15, as he celebrates his 90th turn about the sun. Don’t tie all 90 balloons to your chair, Mr. Carroll, or you might end up on the moon. Happiest wishes to you!

Also, this week we bestow happiest of birthday wishes upon Lisa Sherman, who celebrates August 15; Braden Moriarty, August 16; Corrigan Mello and Patrice Brewer, August 18; and Mikey Rottman, August 19. Have a blast, guys!

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Linley-DolbyNow that it is August, as I mentioned last week, I was beginning to wonder where all the pancakes are. Usually the moment August 1 hits, my inbox is just a flood of pancake breakfast invitations, but we seemed to be experiencing a pancake drought. So you must imagine how relieved I was last weekend to see someone hanging a banner for the Rotary Club’s annual breakfast. I must have sounded like a lunatic, audibly exclaiming, “I was WONDERING where all the pancakes were!” Well, that particular pancake breakfast has come and gone, no thanks to a report from me. Mea culpa!

In other pancake news, a belated birthday shoutout goes to Nick Prescott, who celebrated with a half stack July 24. A secret undisclosed location, where as a general rule, they do not sacrifice griddle space to surface hogging flapjacks during the crazy summer months, was kind enough to allow the birthday boy his favorite treat, provided that he make it an early, early, early bird special. That was one well-received worm.

Welcome to the Trish family, who will be in town for the next couple weeks. Cindy and Jim Trish will be accompanied by son Tyson and daughter-in-law Gina Trish, with their sons, Cameron and Weston, in tow. Their daughter, newly minted Dr. Erin Trish, will also be on hand. The littles will enjoy camp at the FARM Institute, while I’m sure the bigs will make their own fun. Enjoy!

Also in town for a spell was MVRHS golf legend Tom Medeiros, visiting from Clemson, South Carolina with his wife, Christy, and three girls, Disney (age 11), Alex (age 10), and Hadley (age 8). The kids enjoyed time with their cousins, including the obligatory trip to the Flying Horses, while Tom got to catch up with the fam.

The Edgartown Police honor guard took the field at Fenway Park this past Friday to participate in the opening ceremony of the Red Sox versus Yankees game. There to represent our town were Sgt. Kenny Johnson, Stephanie Immelt, Dayce Moore, David Rossi, Michael Gazaille, William Bishop, Det. Sgt. Chris Dolby, and Sgt. Jonathan Searle. What a cool honor. Hats off to you.

Congratulations to Kate Conde on completing her Firefighter I & II certification at the Barnstable County Fire Academy. Kate was one of three women in the graduating class of this 20-week program. Hopefully none of us will ever require her services!

The Island Theater Workshop will present a benefit performance of Peter Pan on Friday, August 15, at 7:30 pm at the MVRHS Performing Arts Center. The performance, directed by Kevin Ryan, will benefit The MV Center for Living and help support the following Center for Living programs and services for Island seniors: the Supportive Day Program (a social daycare program for elders), the Medical Taxi Program, the Emergency Food Program, and the Support Group for families coping with Alzheimer’s disease and other age-related dementia issues. Call 508-939-9440 for tickets and information.

A reception for the benefit of the development of an original Martha’s Vineyard abolitionist opera, 1854, will take place at the Anchors Sunday, August 10, 2014, from 4 to 6 pm. The opera is based on an abolitionist movement on the Vineyard in the mid-19th century. A presentation regarding the history, concept, and development of 1854 will be introduced at the reception. An authentic Moroccan buffet prepared by Gia Rae Winsryg will be served. Come learn about a little known part of Martha’s Vineyard history while enjoying a unique, delicious cuisine. 1854 is sponsored by the Martha’s Vineyard NAACP and the U.S. Slave Song Project, an Island-based spirituals choir. For more info, contact

Tom Dresser, Herb Foster, and Jay Schofield continue to shake hands and kiss babies to promote their book, “Martha’s Vineyard in World War II,” which is now in its second printing! The fellows will speak at the Edgartown Library on Wednesday, August 13, at 7 pm. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, the book is a composite of interviews with people who lived on the Vineyard during the war; archival research from the files of the

Museum and the Gazette; and descriptions of life on the homefront of

Martha’s Vineyard during the war, including accounts of military operations ranging from a bombing report and air raid shelters on Main Street to the mock invasion of paratroopers who were deemed “rowdy” once they landed in Katama. All are welcome, and books will be available for purchase.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Lizzy Ward and Grace O’Hanlon, who celebrate August 7; to Amelia Ball, August 10; and to Tim Bettencourt, August 13. Have a good one!

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Linley-DolbyGood-bye, July, we hardly knew you. Onward, to my favorite month of the year. With the Fair and the Fireworks still up ahead, and the Commander in Chief due for his annual visit, we’re really just getting to the good part, the meat of this summer sandwich, so to speak. But what I want to know is, where are all the pancakes?

I’ve been following the plight of Kennedy Cunningham for months now, and I’d really like to get the word out to the Vineyard community about this amazing child. You all remember the Vegas? Livvy and I were Edgartown Eagles together back in the day. Now her life has taken her to Philly, where she is married to a heavyweight boxer and has three little cuties. Among the little ones is daughter Kennedy, who was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), a congenital heart defect where the the left side of her heart was under-developed and unable to function. She had her first open heart surgery at two days old and the second six months later. She was hospitalized for the first year of her life and suffered many setbacks along the way, including a stroke, many blood infections and also required a trach and vent for several years when she was younger. Now, almost 9 years later, Kennedy is awaiting a heart transplant, and continues to show that Dad isn’t the only fighter in the family.

Thoughts and prayers for this brave little one are vastly appreciated, and if you care to help out monetarily, as the logistics of this surgery, among other things, include a cross-state move for the entire family, visit×15/kennedy-s-heart-transplant-fundraiser. Let’s send Miss Kennedy and her family that warm Island community hug.

Congrats to Shane Quinlan Gallagher, son of Arthur and Vera Gallagher of Edgartown, who graduated from the Boylston Police Academy on June 19. Shane is currently employed with the Tewksbury Police Department. A graduate of Endicott College, Shane is a former member of the USMC 3nd Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion. He served in Operation Enduring Freedom. He retired with the rank of Sgt. from the USMC in June 2013.

Sandy Joyce shares with us the happy news that Kerry and Bob Branca welcomed a new member to their family on July 14, Jacob Kent. He joins two big sisters, Laila (age 5) and Allie (age 3). Proud grandparents include Betty Branca of Canton, Sandy and Mike Joyce, and Annie and Ray Long, all of Edgartown. Sandy reports that Jacob’s sisters adore him and all are excited to welcome a little boy into the family.

Each year five gracious families open their beautiful homes so that the public can tour through them, for the benefit of the Federated Church in Edgartown. This year’s tour will be on Tuesday, August 12, and will feature a variety of homes from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries, located at 75 and 96 South Water Street and 80, 64, and 96 School Street. An introductory talk by historian Mary Jane Carpenter will be held at the Federated Church Meetinghouse at 1 pm with the tour following, from 2 to 4:30. Tea and refreshments will be included, at the Mayhew Parsonage on South Water Street. Tickets may be purchased at the Meetinghouse, 45 S. Summer St., Edgartown, on the afternoon of the tour. For information, please call Anne Vose at 508-627- 7077.

It’s time for the Board of Trade’s annual sand sculpture contest, which will take place August 7 from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm at South Beach. This family-oriented event is great for the creative at heart and your budding little builders. So pack your pails and shovels and head to South Beach to enjoy a day in the sun and fun creating your sand masterpieces.  For more info, call 508-939-0199.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Barbara Phillips and Jane Barbini, who celebrate August 1; to Peter Lambos, August 2; to Derek Avakian and Claire Maxwell, August 3; to Melanie Rankow Prescott, Pam Dolby, and Zach Ward, August 5; and to Colette Fischer, August 6. Also, folks, Sunday is a holiday of particular reverence in the Dolby household, as we toast the birth of Tom Brady. Plan your observances accordingly. Go Pats.

Linley-DolbyThe dog days are upon us, and Triangle traffic is a nightmare. I shudder to think what my mostly abandoned PO box looks like right now, and I’m pretty sure it has been at least two weeks since I’ve driven through Vineyard Haven. Luckily I’ve been making it from my summer bunker to the beach quite regularly this year.

This week, we made it out to Norton with the Monday Funday crew, which is composed primarily of friends who work in the restaurant industry who of course do not get weekends off. It was a bit cloudy, but we didn’t let that ruin our fun. On hand for some beach games and tasty treats were the LeBlondes, the newly minted Moores, Amelia, Kris, Nate and Harriet, Casey O’Connor, and birthday boy Seth Cohen.

The party continued with dinner at the Port Hunter, which if you haven’t tried yet, you are sorely missing. The food there is insanely good, particularly the fish specials, which are fresh caught and creatively prepared each day. Anyway, excuse the unsolicited endorsement, but I really can’t get enough of that place.

Reunions abounded this past weekend. Katie and Marylee Eith arrived to visit with their Rankow cousins in what has now notoriously been dubbed the annual “Cousins’ Weekend.” Meanwhile across town, the Meinhart clan was together again en masse. Whoever organizes this annual throwdown, managing to get dozens of family members from all over the country in the same place at the same time each year, deserves a medal.

I chased the niece and nephew around the Generations Picnic on the lawn of the Doctor Daniel Fisher House last Friday. What an event that was! From the bouncy castle to the climbing wall to the dance floor, it was enough to make a little kid’s head spin. I spent much of the time standing in the middle of the grounds fielding parents questions of “Have you seen (insert child’s name here),” as sugar-addled children zoomed past. Fun was most assuredly had by all.

It is Possible Dreams time again. The annual event will take place this Sunday, July 27, at the Winnetu. The Possible Dreams Auction is held as a benefit for Martha’s Vineyard Community Services. The idea for an “unbuyable opportunities” auction was brought to Community Services by Sandy Ray, then chair of the Fund Raising Committee. The Possible Dreams Auction is one of the oldest, most enduring celebrity concept auctions and in its first 31 years, the Auction Committee has raised over $8 million dollars in support of unfunded care provided by the five programs of Martha’s Vineyard Community Services (CONNECT to end violence, Early Childhood Programs, Island Counseling Center, Disability Services, and the Thrift Shop). For more info, visit

Ladybug Girl is coming to the Edgartown Library for the Noon on the Lawn Series, August 1st. Grab the kids, pack a picnic, and go meet Ladybug Girl while you hear her stories read. For more info, call 508-627-4221.

Island Autism Group is hosting their 8th annual fundraiser Wednesday, July 30, from 3 to 5 pm at The Doctor Daniel Fisher House in Edgartown. Admission is free. Donations are welcome. There will be a raffle auction as well as light refreshments served. For further information, contact Marcy Bettencourt at 508-693-2106.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Ryan Murtha, Ken Magnuson, and Hana Moriarty, who celebrate July 25; to Jamie Ann Greene, July 26; to Steve Aben and Adam and Alex Elias, July 27; to Andy Smith and Vera Dello Russo, July 28; and to Lauren Major, July 29. Have a good one, folks!

I had a weekend of birthday celebrations to attend this past weekend, which was a great way to catch up with some Martha’s Vineyard friends amid all of our hectic summer schedules.

First up, Friday night we hit the Square Rigger to toast with lobsters for Amanda Hollyfield, the happy birthday girl. Representing Edgartown at our party of a million, we had Ryan Murtha, Mikey Harmon, and Glenda Gotscik (who incidentally just picked up keys to her new digs, putting her back in E-town). Amanda managed to avoid the paddle at The Wharf, making it a happy birthday indeed.

Saturday, a bunch of us gathered in Yvonne Sylvia’s back yard to surprise Annie Sylvia for her 30th birthday. Her husband, Jake, did a fantastic job wrangling friends old and new, big and small to fete Annie on her milestone day. I had fun catching up with Jen and Grace O’Hanlon, Laurel Zettl, and the newly wed Michael and Mo Klimek. I was talking to Justine Shemeth about how great it was to be in that backyard after all these years, as all of us who grew up as children of firefighters, spending Sunday mornings climbing all over the ladder truck and ringing the bell, spent a lot of time with the Sylvias while the Department was under the purview of the late Chief Albert Sylvia.

Well, one date led to another, and as I sat talking to Ms. Sylvia about years ago, when my father first worked for Albert as an electrician and a young Chris Dolby who could barely walk somehow lead-footed his way through the Sylvia’s garage door, we set a date. And Monday morning I picked up Mrs. Sylvia and brought her over to visit with her bestie, my gram Floss Morgan, and arranged for the two to have mani/pedis while they caught up. The stories those two can tell! Amazing. I can only hope to be sitting at 90 years old with my best bud, laughing and having fun.

Happy belated anniversary to Nonnie and Dave Garvin, who celebrated seven years of marriage on July 14. The two toasted (and toasted and toasted) their day with a whirlwind weekend of wine tasting throughout Sonoma and Napa. Here’s to many more!

Proud parents Leanne and Jade Cash and newly minted big brother Tyson welcomed Cameron Eagle Cash to the fold on July 9 at 11:33 am, weighing in at 8 pounds, 9 ounces. Watch out for this kid and his buddy Aaron Morgan making their names on the b-ball court. Here we go, Vineyard.

Our revolving door of summer visitors begins this week, but it is not all play no work for our buddy, Joe Grotto. Joe is a rep for Smuttynose Brewing Co., and his people have just collaborated with the folks at Flatbread to create a brew exclusively for Flatbread restaurants. The new brew, dubbed Emotional Rescue, is an organic amber Saison brewed with maple syrup. Joe will be pouring at Flatbread, with musical accompaniment provided by Dan Blakeslee, on Thursday, July 17, from 6 to 8 pm. I’ll be there. You should be too.

Hey folks, the Seastreak fast ferry is offering several discounted trips off the Island, specifically geared toward Island residents, but certainly open to all. Upcoming trips include Friday, June 18, to Foxwoods; Friday, June 25, to Six Flags New England; as well as daily adventure pass rides to New Bedford, which include roundtrip ferry, lunch discounts, and admission to any two New Bedford area attractions. For more details, call 800-262-8743 or visit

Birthday wishes go out this week to Hannah Guerin, who celebrates July 17; to Jade Bennett, July 18; to Angela Welch, Michael Zwack, and Caitlin Rosbeck, July 19; to Susan Shea and Karen Hiemer, July 20; and to Natasha White Snowden, July 21. Have a good one!

Linley-DolbyWell, Fourth of July was a great day to be a duck. Luckily, the powers that be set their sights on Saturday to fete America, the beautiful, and Mother Nature was happy to oblige with sunny skies and a clear night for fireworks — Arthur be damned.

We all know it takes more than a hurricane to stop the Edgartown party train from rolling (just ask Lucas Butynski about Hurricane Irene, ahem). Out in Katama, an RPI reunion of sorts was taking place at Patricia Giumarra’s, where nephew Michael Zwack, played host to several friends and significant others from his alma mater, including Alex, Christopher, JP, Steven, and Robyn, who made the trip from Troy, New York, and Meghan and Chris from Boston. The crew beached every day, and had some good nights out, dancing at Atlantic and hanging out at the Port Hunter. They weathered hurricane Arthur, seeking shelter at the various watering holes, and even managed to fit in a lobster bake before Saturday’s fireworks. I’m sure they will all be back soon.

Summer Street was taken by dueling storms: that of Arthur as well as a tornado of children, as Billy and Sally Betz hosted several friends from Connecticut. Jenn and Colin Seely, with children Emma, Brian, and Cammy; Anne and Ryan Michaelis, with children Ella, Tessa, and Owen; Jen and Chris Bargas, with children Amelia and Liam; and Kim Jung, with children Henry and Stella were all in attendance. We missed Peter Jung on this trip, as he is busy preparing for a new job in Florida. Oliver and Pearl Betz and their dog, Bear, were happy to show all their young friends the lay of the land at Gramsy and Grandfather’s, and cousins Addy and Andrew Smith were on hand to join in the fun.

It’s a big week for Kathy Benoit: in addition to celebrating a milestone 60th birthday on July 11, she will also celebrate five years being cancer free. Kathy has spent the past two weeks spoiling her grandsons, Charlie and Henry Marsland, visiting from Westwood. Daughter Kelly Boccia will join the crew with her family, husband Jay and children Cloe and John on the 11th for a celebration weekend. Congrats and happy birthday. Here’s to many more!

I’ve had word from Ellie Bates that daughter Amy is here visiting after having completed the Urban Teacher Education Program of the University of Chicago for her Master’s Degree. Amy is taking some well-deserved down time before returning to Chicago in the fall with hopes of teaching in the Chicago schools.

In other smartypants news, Keene State College congratulates Lucas Thors of Edgartown on earning an Enrichment Scholarship. This scholarship recognizes first-year students who display high academic performance. Merit awards are determined from a review of the students’ application for admission to Keene State. Congratulations, Lucas!

I had an email from Molly Foehl last week wishing her parents, John and Sarah Foehl, a happy 50th Anniversary, which the two just celebrated in June. Molly made the trip from Oakland, California to meet up with her parents and siblings, to celebrate this special occasion. Sarah grew up summering on the Vineyard, and some of the couple’s courtship was conducted here, while John painted houses and camped out. I love a classic Vineyard love story. Congratulations, and here’s to many more.

With summer storms fresh on everyone’s minds, get up to Felix Neck to check out upcoming presentation “When Lightening Roars, Go Indoors,”  on Monday, July 21, 5–6 pm. Does lightning strike twice in the same place? Where is the best place to find shelter during a storm? Explore these questions and more with Felix Neck’s own weatherman, John Pearson, and experience electrostatic energy with a Van de Graft generator. For more info, call 508-627-4850.

We have a lot of birthdays this week. Happy wishes go out to Sean Moriarty and Morgan Olson, who celebrate on July 10; to Amanda Hollyfield and Kathy Benoit, July 11; to Annie Sylvia, July 12; to Jaime Gaspar, July 13; to Jay Swartz and Kalle Connelly, July 14; and to Joanne Cassidy, July 16. Hope you all have fun!

Linley-DolbyToday is the day to pull all the red, white, and blue bunting out of storage, shake off the cobwebs, and festoon the front porch with pride. Today is the day to clean the rust off the grill and stock up on franks and buns and apple pie, light sticks and yard games and baseball caps. Today we mow the lawn, set the stage, prepare to hoist the flag. And tomorrow we celebrate. Happy birthday, U.S.A!

The Fourth of July is really Edgartown at its best, so get down there and stake out your spot on the parade route, then hit the harbor for the fireworks. The parade starts at the Edgartown School, where you will see the fellas from the Colonial Navy band getting their hot dogs on in the Cases’ yard. All lined up, and ready to march, the floats, bands and painted poodles will make their way along West Tisbury Road toward Main Street, passing Hilary Grannis and crew sipping mimosas upon her front porch, past people on lawn chairs along Cannonball Park, where some have been waiting for hours while their children cartwheeled, played tag, and climbed the monuments.

Next, the veterans lead the troops right onto Main, into the eager throngs of children hungry for tootsie rolls and peppermints. Through the crowd, the firefighters race the old button tub, the mini horses and llamas delight, and Joe Cazeault chauffeurs his grandkids who bestow sweets upon the masses.

Left at the Monument, onto Pease’s Point, they make their curving way toward Morse Street, bagpipes piping, fifers fifing, ladies on roller skates blowing their bubbles, and onto Morse, where Shannon Smith claps until her hands are numb, as the campers of Jabberwocky boast this year’s clever theme, which will once again win them the grand prize. Left onto Fuller, the parade continues. Some tiny dancers lose a bit of steam; an old car gets a bit overwhelmed – sputters, dies; a horse poops. But there on the sideline, a young spectator hands water and lemonade to weary passing peacocks, a familiar face appears for a chat and a laugh with the stalled motorist, and children giggle at the equine’s olfactory offerings.

As our army turns onto Thayer Street, it is full steam ahead, buglers bugling and jugglers juggling and the color guard pounding the pavement with precision. A well-oiled machine, turning right onto Water Street, with the harbor to their left, where boats prepare for the fireworks, and to their right, viewers in rocking chairs on bunting-clad porches, their white picket fences heavy with this year’s roses.

Past the brick steps of the Colonial Inn, our masses march toward the setting sun, and right onto Main Street, to the viewing stand at the Old Whaling Church, where we pause for a moment, conveniently close to the monumental stones in front of the Courthouse that bear the names of Edgartonians who have served and sacrificed to make possible such a day as this.

Marchers cover their earlier steps, up Main Street to West Tisbury Road, where the last of the young revelers at Cannonball Park cover their ears as the fire trucks go by, honking their horns, the finale and traditional caboose to this annual train.

Now seeking sustenance, our paraders partake of a hot dog, some chowder, a safely stowed candy or two, and prepare to head back down into town, this time as spectators themselves — a child on her fathers’ shoulders, another holding his grandmother’s delicate hand, a teeny tiny asleep in mother’s arms — to be dazzled as fireworks light up the sky, red, white, and blue, punctuating another year of celebrating this, our land of the free and home of the brave.

The parade begins at exactly 5 pm, and the fireworks begin at dusk.

Jaws will be showing each week at Edgartown's Entertainment Cinema

It’s hard to believe we only have one week left until Fourth of July. The kids are out for summer as of Friday, and we have one week left of comparative calm before weeks of full-on nonsense-level insanity. For my part, I have pulled the beach cruiser out of storage and hung up the car keys: it is their turn to collect dust for a bit.

The circus has come to town in the Dolby household, as Addy and Andrew Smith have arrived for another summer of Chappy Beach Club camp, tennis lessons, ice cream cones, and of course their loving Auntie’s lollipops. (Yes, if you ever need a lollipop, I’m your woman.)

Happiest best wishes go out to Kurstin Meehan and Dayce Moore who tied the knot this past Saturday surrounded by family and frends. The two exchanged vows on South Beach, a particularly special place, as the beach has been Kurstin’s “office” for 15 summers, having started out as a lifeguard at age 16 and served as Beach Director for the past several years.  The couple’s reception at the Rod and Gun Club was scattered with homemade touches such as chalk board mason jars and signs painted on paned glass, all thanks to the bride’s crafty hand. Here’s to years of dancing in the sun, you two.

Drew and Paula Smith have completed their London adventure and are now back stateside for a while. The two will be home for the week beginning Saturday to catch up with family and friends and share stories of their time across the pond. Welcome home!

Well, you all know I like to keep you apprised of all the current goings on, so I would be remiss not to report that Entertainment Cinemas will be showing Jaws every Sunday this summer at 6:30 beginning this weekend. Big shark, big screen, and perhaps a big popcorn.

Among the Flowers starts serving dinner this weekend, and let me tell you something. I had Pat’s tuna tartare out at the Field Club last week, and it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever tasted — mango, avocado, fresh fish. So delicious. I’ve been raving about his lump crabcake for years, but the tartare might take the cake, so to speak.

If you haven’t yet experienced one of the Paint Corner Art Bar painting nights, avail yourself. Behind the Bookstore will be hosting a paint party every Thursday in July in the outdoor patio. No painting experience is needed, and I can tell you first hand, it’s a blast. Visit for info and registration.

Calling all kids! The MV Museum’s summer Discovery Days programs are right around the corner. Starting July 1, programs will take place on the Edgartown campus every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 am to 12 noon. Ann DuCharme, the museum’s education director, has revamped and added many activities for even more summer fun this year. Programs will be held throughout July and August, many of them correlating with current exhibits displayed at the museum. Each session starts with an investigation of an object found in the museum. It is followed by an imaginative response, such as painting, sculpting, or journaling.

The programs are specifically tailored to engage kids aged 5-12. Themes include harpooning, lighthouses, tie-dye totes, portrait painting, scrimshaw, herbs, Japanese brush painting, block printing, boats, and more. Reservations are required for all programs, and space is limited. Call Kate at 508-627-4441, ext. 110, to reserve your space.

The Celebration of Life services for Patricia Brown, longtime Edgartown resident and all-Island school nurse, will take place on Friday, June 27, commencing at 11 am at St. Elizabeth’s Church in Edgartown to be followed by a reception to celebrate Pat’s life in the Baylies Room of the Old Whaling Church. All of Pat’s family, friends, neighbors, former co-workers and students are requested to bring their special memories, photos, and tributes (dated if possible) in writing for her memorial display boards or anyone wishing to speak is encouraged to do so as her life was filled with many beautiful stories that have never been told and exemplify her life. It is the hope all these stories will be compiled into a book.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Diane Smadbeck, who celebrates June 28; to Thomas McManus, June 29; and to Megan Anderson, July 2. Have fun, folks!

Linley-DolbyThe tents were a-rockin’ at the Doctor Daniel Fisher House this past Thursday as the Preservation Trust kicked off another summer season with their annual Taste of the Vineyard event. Hundreds of revelers flooded the lawns and dance floor in their finest attire to eat, sip, celebrate, and catch up with old friends perhaps separated by winter wanderings.

I got to catch up with Kevin and Lizzy Ward, who spend their winters in Florida. As many of you know, Lizzy is my new best friend, as evidenced by my recent Facebook status. Let this be a lesson to you all never to leave an iPhone unattended near Lizzy — I got off easy, as she’d be a delightful best friend, but others have not been so lucky. Ask Posie Dolby.

It was a beautiful day for a wedding atop Loon Mountain in New Hampshire this past Saturday, June 14, and luckily there was an eager groom and blushing bride on hand to say their “I do’s.” Kraig Mundt and Ashley Spinney exchanged vows surrounded by friends, family, picturesque vistas of the White Mountains, and of course plenty of MVRHS hockey alumni. Now back to work — no rest for the high-season weary —the two plan to honeymoon sometime this winter. Best wishes for a happy future, you two.

You may catch a familiar face aboard the Gloria Michelle, a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) research vessel that will be docked at Memorial Wharf on Thursday, June 19. Senior officer on the vessel is Lt. Anna-Liza Villard-Howe, who grew up on Chappy and acquired her sea legs working on and later captaining the Chappy Ferry. Lt. Villard-Howe will be accompanied by NOAA scientists who will explain the work they do. Science classes from the Edgartown School will be visiting in the morning, then the vessel will be open for visits by seniors from the Anchors from 1 to 2 pm, and finally the general public are permitted to come aboard from 2 to 4 pm.

The 6th Annual Garden Party to benefit the Animal Shelter of Martha’s Vineyard will be held on Monday, June 30, from 5 to 8 pm at a beautiful estate overlooking Vineyard Sound. Items up for grabs at the live and silent auctions include a luxury skybox for the finals of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden, a week for up to 10 at a Cabo San Lucas resort, a charter fishing outing, a glider ride, golf, art, oysters, and much more. For reservations, please call the shelter at 508-627-8662.

Join Edgartown Poet Laureate Steve Ewing and MV Poet Laureate Lee McCormack and 14 other performers on Thursday June 19, from 6 to 8 pm at Featherstone to celebrate the Summer Solstice. Bring your picnic, lawn chairs, love of music and the spoken word to the outdoor stage. In case of rain, under the tent.

Seniors, the FOBCOA (Friends of Oak Bluffs Council on Aging) are heading to Foxwoods on Tuesday, July 22, and Tuesday, August 26, and you are invited. The cost is $30 per person, which covers bus transportation from Woods Hole to the casino and back. Participants provide their own SSA ticket and spending money. You’ll depart on the 7 am SSA boat leaving Vineyard Haven and return on the 6:15 pm. For information or to reserve your space, call 508-693-4509, ext. 3.

Happy 30th wedding anniversary to Tim and Laura Bryan, who celebrated this milestone on June 16. Here’s to many more, you crazy kids.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Michael Gazaille, Kelly Boccia, and Ed Gargan, who celebrate June 19, and to Chris Amaral and Gary Hathaway, June 24. Have fun!

Linley-DolbyCongratulations MVRHS graduates! I can’t believe how many familiar faces I saw popping up with mortarboards on their heads, surrounded by proud mamas and papas. I tried my hardest to swallow my desire to blurt “I knew you when you were this big.” But holy moly! Everybody’s all growed up.

Luckily, the fresh new crop of tiny E-tonians continues to multiply, and joining their ranks this week is Little Miss Luiza Shemeth DeOliveira, born June 7 to elated parents Justine and Paulo and super-excited big brother Mateo. Can’t wait to see this one climbing all over the firetrucks, like her mother and I did as teeny tinies.

Congratulations to Jillian Pyden, 13, who has been accepted to attend Interlochen Arts Camp, the world’s premier summer arts program for aspiring artists grades 3 through 12. Jillian, the daughter of Greg and Lisa Pyden, will study and perform the trumpet in an intensive, three-week winds and percussion program at the Michigan campus, home of the World Youth Symphony Orchestra. Interlochen considers thousands of applicants from more than 50 countries each year; the process for acceptance is highly competitive. Jillian, now a seventh grader, has performed “Taps” as a trumpet soloist for the March to the Sea Memorial Day procession for the last three years and has been involved in the Martha’s Vineyard School Band and the All-Island School Jazz Band. Best of luck.

Kudos to Molly Pogue (sixth grade) and Matheus Brito (seventh grade), who were recognized for their essays on the topic “Why Is Diversity on My Island Important To Me?” Thank you to MVYLI youth leaders for the Multicultural Sustainability Project, which I understand made the essay contest possible. As we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement, we’re grateful to all who are carrying on this important legacy for sharing our collective dream for a multicultural Island and world.

Author and Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary Director Suzan Bellincampi will be signing copies of “Martha’s Vineyard: A Field Guide to Island Nature,” a full-color guidebook based on Anne Hale’s classic natural history book “Moraine to Marsh” on Saturday, June 14, at 4 pm at Felix Neck. This updated book includes new Vineyard properties, detailed trail maps, professional photography, and illustrated guides to identify Island flora and fauna. All proceeds from book sales will fund community conservation initiatives at Felix Neck. This event is part of Felix Neck’s Fern & Feather Day Camp’s 50th anniversary celebration.

The MV Museum invites you to attend their Summer Opening Party, which will take place on Friday, June 13, from 5 to 7 pm at the Museum in Edgartown. In addition to opening the 18th-century Cooke House for the season, which will feature historic boat-building materials in the back shed once used by Erford Burt and Manuel Swartz Roberts, the Museum will be showcasing a Charles W. Morgan exhibit, in celebration of the historic ship’s 38th voyage, which will stop on the Island June 21–24. Also on display will be select photographs used in the book “Martha’s Vineyard,” recently published by the Museum’s Chief Curator Bonnie Stacy. The book includes over 220 historic photographs from the Museum’s collection, dating from the 1840s to the 1970s, segregated into themes. Visit for more information about upcoming programming and exhibits.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Shannon “Party Shan” Smith and Lars White, who celebrate June 13; to Neal Condlin and Kevin Searle, June 16; and to Sara Tiemann and Michael Valenti, June 18.

An extra special Happy Birthday goes out from Eleanor to the “best gardener and lawn keeper ever,” Jimmy Luce, on June 15. I hope you get a day off from yard work at least for one day.