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What a loss for us all with the passing of Bob Carroll. There is nary an Edgartonian without a story or two to impart about Mr. Carroll. That broad smile. That devilish twinkle in the eye. He always seemed like he was up to something, and all he encountered were eager for a part in it. I’m glad I got to see Mr. Carroll at the Harbor View oyster benefit a couple weeks back, at a big table, holding court as usual. His presence will be sorely missed.

We ran into Peter and Nancy Shemeth on their way home from Mr. Carroll’s memorial celebration, and they assured us it was a very appropriate sendoff, complete with foul language and dirty jokes. Sounds about right. As we chatted on the road, windows down in our trucks, we all had to stop for a minute and listen to the pinkletinks. Jernegan Pond sounds like it is hopping, both literally and figuratively. The frogs have officially declared winter kaput, and hallelujah for that.

My husband Dave celebrated winter’s demise by putting the window scrapers into storage until next year, which was a bit less dramatic than that scene we imagined on West Tisbury Road yesterday when we saw a window scraper lying on the roadside. We decided that driver had had it so badly with snow that he or she threw the thing straight out the window in relief. Amen.

Louis Paciello offered a culinary welcome to spring with the first pizzas of the year from his outdoor pizza oven. A happy Easter indeed for kids Vinny and Frankie and their cousins, who got to munch on the delicious homemade pies. Who needs holiday ham when you’ve got pepperoni? Mangia, indeed.

Are you ready for Town Meeting? The annual gathering will take place Tuesday, April 14, at 7 pm in the Old Whaling Church. If you lost your warrant, which came in the mail recently, you can read up on the town’s website, See you there.

Dianne Durawa, Paul Mohair and many other volunteers from the Healthy Aging Task Force are preparing for the Town Meeting by talking to people about two important items on the Town Meeting warrant — First Stop and MySeniorCenter. If approved by voters in all Island towns, First Stop will be an information and referral website, staffed by a real live human being, to provide comprehensive information for island elders, their families, caregivers on- and off-Island, and Island service providers. Designed to close the current information gap, it will help elders get the information they need about everything from assisted living, home and respite care, geriatric assessments, and ramps, to home repair, transportation, and wellness programs. MySeniorCenter is cutting-edge digital technology to strengthen COAs, saving staff time and enabling COA members to sign up from home for a broad range of activities all over the Island.

Join the Vineyard Conservation Society for their 23rd annual Earth Day beach cleanup, Saturday, April 11 from 10 am to noon. It’s a great activity for families and individuals looking to get outside while giving back to our Island. Volunteers will be on hand with what you need, but bring your own gloves and bags if you have them. For a full list of beaches, go to And make sure to visit the Harbor View Hotel around noon for the afterparty. Contact Signe Benjamin at for more info.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Nancy Morris and Amy Heil, who celebrate April 9; to Jennifer Neville, April 10; to Pam Cassidy, April 12; to Paula Smith, April 13; and to Mikey Harmon, April 14. Have a good one!


I’m feeling very hippity-hoppity this year after running into one of Peter Cottontail’s assistants doing some preparatory Easter shopping in Falmouth last weekend. I may have helped myself to one of those chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs that are only available around the time the big bunny comes to town. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I cannot resist those things!

Time to dust off the pastels and take a break from the dark winter palette. It’s about time, seeing as we had snow on the technical first day of spring. I mean, what was that all about? As one of my friends so aptly put it, I guess this is what happens when the groundhog actually bites someone. Touché.

If you’re looking to get the kids out to meet the Easter Bunny and score some eggs this weekend, there will be a couple of opportunities. The town will hold its annual Easter egg hunt on Saturday at 1 pm at the Edgartown Rec Area, for children from preschool to fourth grade. I suggest you get there early, because the second those gates are open, those kids are like lightning.

Next, after hitting all the houses Saturday night with those baskets of jelly beans and such, the Easter Bunny will hop on over to the Harbor View for their Easter celebration on Sunday, April 5. This stop will include an Easter egg hunt and a brunch bursting with holiday favorites. The Easter egg hunt begins at 10 am — all are welcome — and if you’d like to stay for brunch, you can make a reservation by calling 508-627-3761.

If you’ve gotten your fill of the Cadbury creams and find yourself with free time, the Council on Aging is looking for volunteers to deliver a few Easter meals on Easter Sunday. Call Wendy for details, 508-627-4368. Bunny ears optional.

I’ve had communication from Dean Golder and Ben Brisson about their late friend, Geoff Pease, who spent much of his teens living in Edgartown. Geoff was an extremely talented artist with a passion for music and skateboarding, and his friends have set up a scholarship to honor his legacy. Starting this June, the scholarship aims to award a number of graduating Vineyard high school students money to be used for college tuition and supplies for their first year in art school. Visit for more information on the artist, the mission, and how you can donate.

Islanders Talk Benevolent Fund will sponsor a Kale Soup Throwdown on Sunday, April 19, from 5 to 7 pm at the P.A. Club in Oak Bluffs. Join in the evening of fun with entertainment, a silent auction, and a 50-50 raffle. Entrance fee for kale cooks is $10; you must provide at least four gallons to enter, and you are responsible for your own heat source (Sterno and bricks, or a hotplate and extension cord). Award categories include Best Kale Soup, Best Alternate Kale Soup (vegan, gluten-free, etc.), “Is It Kale Soup?,” and professional. You are also responsible for bringing your own ladle and hot cups to pass out your soup. There will be an award for the best display. Entry deadline is Friday, April 10. For an entry form or further information, please contact Debby Lobb Athearn at 508-693-9627 or on the Facebook page for Islanders Talk.

Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary’s Citizen Science Program invites you to help collect data on breeding horseshoe crabs for the Department of Marine Fisheries. Surveys this year will be conducted on Sengekontacket and Tashmoo Ponds during April, May, and June. Training will be at Felix Neck Wednesday, April 15, from 1 to 3 pm and Saturday, May 2, from 9 to 11 am. To learn more about the horseshoe crabs, join Susie Bowman and Fred Hotchkiss Wednesday, April 29, from 5:30 to 6:30 pm for a lecture and slideshow about the life and history of horseshoe crabs and opportunities to be involved in the Horseshoe Crab Citizen Science Survey Project.

Birthday wishes go out this week to James Dropick, who celebrates April 4; to Hadley Antik, April 5; to Patty Gazaille, April 6; to Dylan Morgan, April 7; and to Emily Norberg and Allison Smith, April 8. Have a good one!


An interesting start to spring it has been, with another actual ground-covering of snow just as the crocuses had begun to shyly peek through the newly exposed sod. Sorry little friends, it appears it might still be a bit chilly for you up here above the ground. Bewildered thermometers everywhere are certainly getting their exercise.

I would like to offer somewhat of a retraction, or at least a correction to my recent statements regarding Bruce Farland’s joke telling. I was perhaps a bit hasty in assigning the word “terrible,” as Bruce’s mother was kind enough to point out with a phone call from Florida to her baby boy upon reading my assertions. I did a quick poll of Bruce’s frequent audience, and the overall assessment is, “often long-winded, but enjoyable.” So I stand corrected. And if you ever get a chance to ask him to tell you the one about the guy passed out in the movie theater, that one is my favorite — just ask for the short version, natch.

We started off the Weagle birthday week with a delicious meal at the Grill on Main last Saturday. TM Araujo, who was sorely missed at dinner, and my mother-in-law, Anne, led the pack with their March 23 birthdays, followed by my husband, Dave, on March 25, then Auntie Marie Araujo on March 26. That is a lot of Aries energy at one table, I tell you. It always makes for entertaining and raucous conversation. We had a lot of laughs.

The Edgartown eighth grade class invites you to their annual silent and live auction, Friday, March 27, beginning at 5:30 pm at the Harbor View Hotel. The event will benefit the eighth grade trip to Washington, D.C. Call 508-627-3316, ext. 253, for tickets.

The Martha’s Vineyard Community Services Daybreak Clubhouse will present a classical piano performance by Charles Whitehead at the Old Whaling Church on Saturday, March 28, at 4 pm. All proceeds from the performance will benefit Daybreak, a program that promotes recovery, full community integration, and improved quality of life for persons who have been diagnosed with any mental health condition that seriously impairs their ability to lead meaningful lives. Tickets are available by calling 508-696-7563.

Arts Martha’s Vineyard will be holding its annual meeting Monday, March 30, from 4:30 to 6 pm at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center. Guest panelists Cathy Edwards of the New England Foundation for the Arts and E. San San Wong of the Barr Foundation will be present, along with David White, artistic and executive director of The Yard, as moderator, with the theme of supporting today’s artists and making room for artistic risk-taking and innovation. RSVP to Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce at 508-693-0085 or by March 26.

I’ve had word from Chip Seadale that St. Andrew’s Church has introduced a new and different worship service, in the parish hall, not the church, which began this past weekend with the help of two highly popular Island musicians: parishioner Joanne Cassidy on vocals and Wes Nagy on keyboards. The idea is a more casual, informal, emotive approach to worship, with some cool music. Joanne and Wes will be back on Sundays April 12, May 17, and June 14. Also, Joanne will be helping with a benefit dinner for St. Andrew’s music programs, and will sing at that dinner on Sunday, March 29, at 6:00 pm, with Nancy Rogers on piano, and Jessica Buckley and Christine White providing a gourmet dinner. For all that, tickets are only $50 per person, and are limited. Anyone interested should call 508-627-5330 to order them right away.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Amy Ellrodt, who celebrates March 27; to Janice Belisle, March 28; to Jona Dunphy, March 29; and to my dad, Mike Dolby, who celebrates March 31. Hope you have a good one!


Dr. George Cohn celebrated his birthday at the Square Rigger with his wife Sally, right, and friend Naomi Goldberg-Haas. – Photo by Linley Dolby

It’s so exciting to see bits of lawn peeking through what was beginning to feel like a permanent blanket of white. Suddenly people are out on the bike paths, walking, jogging, and generally getting the lead out, and I’ve even spied the sun a couple of times. Perhaps spring has heard our call. Can I get a Hallelujah?

I was ripping around town yesterday on a trip to return a few embarrassingly overdue library books, when what did I see coming toward me down Pease’s Point but a shiny new white Jeep towing a U-Haul trailer, and carrying the entire Ward family, completing their migration home from their winter digs in Wellington, Fla. After a long ride, ending with a freight-boat trip, without an opportunity to even walk around a boat, everyone was clamoring to get out of that car — in fact, I thought the dog was about to jump out the window. Well, now you are home, and welcome to all. I will be happy to see your faces on the regular.

We had a visit this weekend from Grant Tankoos and Mia Hargadon, just about long enough that if you blinked, you’d miss it, but we did get a chance to catch up over Parmesan peppercorn-doused salad and baked stuffed shrimp at the Square Rigger. Grant and Mia had stayed the night at the Kelley House, where they were tickled to awaken to the Wee Parade of St. Patrick’s Day revelers making the arduous trek up Dock Street and around the corner. You never know what you’ll find in Edgartown in March.

My parents and I participated in the parade for the first time this year, and a highlight for me was when, as we milled about the Dock Street parking lot amid bagpipers and green-beaded glad folks, my mother said, “So we should find a good spot to watch the parade,” to which I responded, “Mom, I think we are the parade.” Such fun.

Back to dinner at the Rigger, if I may bounce around a bit here — it was quite an eventful weekend after all — we were happy to witness the birthday festivities of Dr. George Cohn, who was celebrating his March 13 birthday with the help of wife Sally and friend Naomi Goldberg-Haas. It was a pleasure to make the acquaintance of this fellow, who has had a long career in psychiatry, helping many, and who continues to volunteer his time helping others through Island Health Care. Here’s to many happy birthdays to come.

I don’t know about you, but I will be at the Harbor View Friday night, eating my way through the aquacultural bounty of our Island at “Romancing the Oyster.” Friday, March 20, at 6 pm, we are invited to taste the Harbor View Hotel culinary team’s delicious creations with Martha’s Vineyard oysters, and to meet the men and women behind this amazing product. The event benefits the Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group, Inc., a nonprofit organization composed of the shellfish departments of the six Island towns. For more than 35 years, the group’s community-based resource-management program has sought to preserve and expand the Island’s traditional shellfisheries. Key to this effort has been the operation of a solar-assisted shellfish hatchery, the application of innovative aquaculture technology, and a continuing vigilance to improve and maintain the good surface-water quality crucial to a viable shellfish industry. Tickets are available through

Birthday wishes go out to Michael Snowden, Helen Plummer, and Zach Townes, who celebrate March 19; to Dan Townes and Dave Berwind, March 20; to Emily Leighton, March 21; to Becky Bonds and Caroline Fournier, March 22; to twins Jim and Patrick Joyce, March 23; and to Nina Kiersted, March 25.

I must say, I am really enjoying this week of thaw. It was nice to get back from our trip to Texas and actually see a bit of the ground, particularly as our trip up to Logan last Thursday was shared with ample snowplows and very few visible lane markers, as the Cape and Islands were pummeled with another 10 inches.

Luckily, there was no snow at the Alamo, where Dave and I caught up with Cousin Matt Morgan and Uncle Timmy, the South’s two biggest Edgartown column fans, and Debbie, Riley, and Marty Morgan. We enjoyed lodging at Matt and Debbie’s, with their vast menagerie that boasts two dogs, a cat, a tortoise, and an indoor micropig. We managed to eat our way from Austin to San Antonio while taking in the sights.

Sandy Stone has some exciting news, as she has been working her tail off preparing her new dance studio, Spindrift Studios, located at 258 Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road, up near the Triangle. Sandy will be offering classes to the littles as well as the bigs, with ballet, modern dance, hip-hop, and tap for children and teens, and Zumba and other fitness-inspired classes for adults. She welcomes all to check out the new space in an open house Saturday, March 14, from 2 to 4 pm. Registration for children’s classes will take place at that time. For more info, check out the web site at, or visit the Spindrift Studios Facebook page. Classes begin April 1st for the first show, which will take place July 1st. Additional class offerings include acoustic guitar, blues guitar, and ukulele, so keep your ears open for upcoming news from this new Edgartown fixture.

Thank goodness the Wharf opens back up tomorrow! I always feel like their winter break puts a serious damper on my social life. You all leave me for warmer climes, and I can’t even go downtown for a pint and one of Bruce Farland’s terrible jokes. It really is Edgartown’s personal Cheers, and I miss having everybody not only know my name, but my usual as well. I’m not sure if this makes me Norm, but whatever — I’ll take it. And just in time for St. Paddy’s Day.

While we are on the subject of the annual celebration of he who rid the Emerald Isle of snakes, the Newes will be hosting their annual shortest parade in all the land, beginning at the bottom of Dock Street and proceeding up Kelley Street to ye olde pub, where perhaps Magoo will pull you a pint.

The Kelley House and The Newes From America Pub present the fourth annual St. Patrick’s Celebration on Saturday, March 14th, beginning at 11 am. Wear your green and meet at the bottom of Dock Street. Parade Grand Marshals the Kelley family and father-son duo John and Ryan Murray will lead Edgartown’s shortest leprechaun-sized parade. Once there, enjoy live Irish music throughout the day, a Family Dance-a-Rama from 12 to 2 pm, traditional corned beef and cabbage, and Harpoon Celtic Ale on draft. Erin go bragh!

Slow Food MV will host their annual Farmers’ Brunch on Sunday, March 15th, from 9 am to noon at the Chilmark Community Center. Four speakers, as well as exhibits and displays, will explore “Negotiating the Complexity of GMOs — Sourcing Seeds, Feeds & Foods.” Learn the difference between GMO-free and organic, grass- vs. grain-fed beef and poultry, the real cost of eggs, and the latest on GMO labeling efforts, and enter the raffle of GMO-free products available locally. For more info, visit

Birthday wishes go out this week to Debbie Hills, Tom Taylor, and Gordon Brown, who celebrate March 13; to Robbie Robinson, March 14; to Keith Fullin, March 15; and to Renee Viera, March 17.

Oh hey, look! It’s snowing again! These are the words I have found myself exclaiming repeatedly these past few weeks. Well, this weekend I am off to Texas for what was meant to be a quick respite from winter woes, but the South doesn’t seem to be faring much better these days, with temperatures at record lows. Oh well, maybe I won’t be able to wear a T-shirt, but at least I can opt for cute footwear without the risk of breaking an ankle on the ice.

But you know what? That’s enough complaining. Let’s focus on all the awesome things about living in a wintry ice village. First off, there are winter sports. The Shemeth-DeOliveira gang has been finding ponds on which to play pickup hockey and just skate around. Doriana Klumick recently dusted off the cross-country skis for a woodsy adventure. I personally brought the snowshoes out of storage, but that was more out of necessity than anything else — I had to employ them in order to clean off my heating vents.

Culinary pursuits have been another enjoyable pastime for some. Amanda Hollyfield tried her hand at Indian cuisine with the help of ACE MV, and Ryan Murtha has been reveling in the results. In Mikey Harmon’s kitchen, anything that can be sous vide-d or turned to stock is not safe. Then there are the kiddos experimenting with various flavors of snow ice cream.

A few of us partook last week in a puzzle challenge, seeing who could complete a good old-fashioned jigsaw puzzle in the least amount of time. I came in second place, but I have since scored extra credit for completing yet another one. Mom is still working on her first — sorry Mom.

When all else fails, I continue to live vicariously through others, as Alex and Maggie Morrison explore French Polynesia, Barbara Courtney bops around Bali, the Walpoles lounge in Key West, the Robertses relax in Marathon, and Timmy Scott fishes along the shores of Costa Rica. I enjoy each water view, sunset, cocktail, and exotic fruit shared on social media. So please continue to share. Because I really can’t handle another picture of the Island Home or the Chappy ferry ripping through sheets of ice. I shiver just thinking about it!

Luckily, we change the clocks this weekend, and things seem to move pretty quickly after that. Even without the time change, we remarked on how light it was outside after five o’clock this past weekend. Next thing you know, we’ll be hearing pinkletinks and kids out on the Little League field. Music to my frozen ears.

Andrea Dello Russo will offer another session of her class “Basic Auto Maintenance for Women,” beginning March 11 at 5 pm at McIntosh Motors. This five-week course is for women (or men) with no prior experience in auto mechanics. The course will cover the basics: You’ll take a tour of your car both under the hood and under the body and learn some fundamentals. You will be instructed how to use basic tools safely and properly, and you’ll learn five basic maintenance checks you can do on your own car, including changing your own oil. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. For more information and to reserve your space, visit

Also on tap through ACE MV, Northeastern University faculty will lead a five-week series of seminars focusing on our oceans and sustainability issues. The seminars will take place Saturdays, March 7 to April 11, from 1 to 3 pm at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School library. Call 508-693-9222 for more info.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Gail Avakian and Cheri Mason, who celebrate March 6; to Simon Athearn, March 7; to Paul In, March 8; and to Richard Prieto, Mike Benjamin, Polly Maciel, and Derek Gamble, March 10.

Linley-DolbyHere I am, reporting once again from the Arctic tundra, with no end in sight to the icy spectacle. Between the treacherously slippery ground and the stalactites of certain death hanging from every eave, at this point, you really are taking your life into your hands just walking beyond your front door. In fact, I just had to pause in the writing of this column to greet some guests in the driveway, and took a little spill myself. The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

Meanwhile in Florida, Main Street USA at Disney World is bearing a close resemblance to Main Street Edgartown these days, as Vineyard multitudes have converged on the Magic Kingdom for February break. Ellie and Caroline Dolby braved Splash Mountain yesterday, then dined with the likes of Minnie Mouse and Pluto; the Freemans had a quick visit in Orlando en route to their Disney cruise; Anina Garvin and her besties the Smith girls made friends with multiple princesses.

Some partook of Disney’s offerings closer to home in the form of Frozen on Ice (which really sounds like an apt description for life in general lately). Madeleine and Mallory D’Amato gawked at Elsa with grandmother Barbara Phillips, while Georgia and Mabel DeRoche hung with Mom and Dad, Joanne and Joel, for their Frozen fun.

A long-awaited honeymoon was on the schedule for Kraig and Ashley Mundt, who have anticipated their first getaway as husband and wife since they exchanged their vows last June. The two were off to St. John for some well-deserved R & R, and were soon joined by friends Jade and Dan Deslauriers, who made the very intelligent last-minute decision to tag along. Hope you all have a great time.

The so-called “staycationers” out there have had much to partake of, thanks to the Edgartown library children’s librarians, who have provided a full week of activities. Still to come, you can check out Polar Bear Day, Friday, Feb. 27, at 3 pm. Enjoy Larry the Polar Bear stories and blueberry muffins, then make your own polar bear craft, and try fishing with your paws like bears do. Next, on Saturday, Feb. 28, celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day, beginning at 3 pm, with stories and crafts, including the chance to make a tooth fairy pouch. For more info, call 508-627-4221.

Looking for some laughs this weekend? The Harbor View is hosting “An Evening of Comedy,” Friday, Feb. 27, featuring comedians Orlando Baxter, Amy Tee, and Shaun Bedgood. Special guests Johnny Showtime and Dan Cassidy will be the evening’s MCs, and will host a preshow comedy-themed game of trivia. Doors open at 7 pm for trivia, and the comedy show starts at 9 pm. For more information, call 508-627-7000.

Ready to expand your mind this winter? Clear the cobwebs from your brain area with ACE MV: Spring classes start on March 3rd. Walk-in registration will take place at the MVRHS lobby on Tuesday, March 3, between 5 pm and 6:30 pm. This sessions offerings include fertilizer safety, pesticide licensure, tick and mosquito control, ServSafe food handling, financial planning, women’s history, Cuban history, cooking, and more. Sign up at or call 508-693-9222. Catalogs are available at the library.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Linda Condlin and Melanie Oliver, who celebrate Feb. 27; to Kurstin Moore and Julia Smith, Feb. 28; to Rico Robb, our favorite Leap Day kid, for whom we will say Feb. 28 (observed); to Mark Hess, March 1; to Ryan Barbini, March 2; to Kathie Case, March 3; and to Laura Bryan and Lizzie Wallo, March 4. Have a great day.

All you snow lovers out there must be ecstatic right now, and the rest of you are getting the best upper-body workout you’ve had in years with all that shoveling. But the real winners in all this are our beloved plow drivers. Y’all are working your tails off, but man, it’s been a lucrative month. Any of those spouses out there who thought that that plow was a bad investment are eating their words right now!

I have the luxury of working from home, so if I don’t feel like finding my car, I just don’t go anywhere. But cabin fever can be a serious motivator. The other day I needed a particular ingredient for a recipe — ham hocks for my Mardi Gras red beans, natch — and they were all out at Stop and Shop. My husband was shocked I would go all the way to Oak Bluffs for this acquisition, then he stopped and thought about it: “You just want to go for the ride, don’t you?” Yes, that is exactly it. A sunny ride along Beach Road, seeing the sand dunes covered in peaks of white, Senge glistening with snowy ice, seagulls dropping their scallops to be broken open upon contact with the cold, hard pavement, and all of this from the seat-heated comfort of my new-old Jeep, with some classic rock on the radio.

Sara Piazza has been loving the snow, according to her Facebook updates, in which she proclaims her unrepentant enjoyment of our cold white bounty. Never one to slow down much, Sara has been snapping incredible photos and keeping the music turned up. In fact, she will be hosting friends and fellow musicians Rose Clancy and Stuart Peak on Saturday, Feb. 28, at 7:30 pm for “a rousing evening of music and fun” at her spot, 117 Upper Main Street. So perhaps you nonbelievers should get down there and witness winter worship done right.

We had a surprisingly event-filled weekend for mid-February, with Valentine, Mardi Gras, and life-milestone celebrations abounding. Friday night, I had three stops to make on the social circuit, beginning with Tracker’s open house. I ran into a ton of familiar faces, which resulted in a slew of dinner dates for this week, including the Harbor View’s peel-and-eat shrimp special that is currently happening each Thursday. Patricia Giumarra and I plan to get our hands dirty and our bellies filled, and hope to be joined by Sharon Johnson, if she’s not too busy packing for her epic winter meanderings to Southeast Asia that commence next weekend.

Saturday, we celebrated the 50th turn about the sun for Mark Lima. His sisters and friends planned an Island tour by bus, which made stops at various places relevant to Mark’s life, and at each stop picked up the people with whom Mark shared memories of that place. There was a requisite trip to Right Fork to visit the beloved log at which much of Mark’s summer days have been spent lounging in the sun, and the final destination was of course the P.A. Club, where many memories have been made through the years.

Welcome to Olive Grace Rosbeck, who made her debut Feb. 10. Olive, the most recent addition to our Edgartown populace, joins parents Caitlin and Peter, and big brother Pete, who has been preparing for Little Sis’s arrival for quite some time. Congratulations all around.

Want to know more about the night sky? Join Mark Alan Lovewell for a night of stargazing and a lesson in basic astronomy, Friday, Feb. 20, from 6 to 8 pm at Felix Neck. Beginners will view the stars and planets and discover winter constellations, then warm up inside the Nature Center with hot cocoa and tea. This program will only run on a clear, cloudless night, so call 508-627-4850 the day of the program to check for cancellations or postponements.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Ben Brittle, who celebrates Feb. 19; to Rick Convery, Feb. 21; to Justine DeOliveira and Robb Moriarty, Feb. 23; and to Brooke Avakian and Cory Appleman, Feb. 24.

The Edgartown school 7th graders skied at Gunstock, in NH, last week. – Courtesy the Edgartown School

It is nice to see the pink and red heart decorations beginning to peek through all the snow out there, as we prepare for Valentine’s Day. It is cold and treacherously icy outside, but there’s nothing like a little bit o’ love to warm things up. So make sure you share some good vibes with a loved one this weekend, whether it be a significant other, a best friend, or your mom. Let’s all feel the love.

Mike Poirier and Emily Phillips have a lot to celebrate this Valentine’s, as they just recently eloped. The two tied the knot at San Francisco City Hall on Jan. 28, with a ceremony presided over by an 85-year-old female volunteer with a diamond-stud nose ring. Best wishes to the two of you.

Stephanie Teller had a very special birthday this past Sunday, as daughter and son-in-law Sara and Doug Moses welcomed baby Henry (“Hank”) Douglas Moses to the world. That makes two grandchildren for Stephanie, as Hank joins sister Eloise in this happy tribe, and that would be another great-grandchild for Tommy and Estey Teller. Congrats all around.

I have once again been helping out with the Annual Town Report, assisting with the editing of our town’s summary of the goings-on of yet another calendar year. It really is fascinating each year to read the reports regarding everything from harbor emergencies to wastewater maintenance. There is so much that goes into the smooth running of our little town, and it’s interesting to check out all the little intricacies thereof.

As always, my favorite report is Barbara Prada’s Animal Control summary, where each year she shares a couple of entertaining anecdotes regarding our furred and feathered fellow citizens. A highlight for 2014 was a macaw who ended up in a tree, and each time the owner asked the bird to come down, he replied “OK!” but never budged. If you read nothing else in the Town Report, read the Animal Control page, where in addition to our parrot friend, you will be acquainted with Chilly the sheep and Tyson the dog and the wacky hijinks in which they engaged.

Speaking of sheep, Featherstone will be featuring these creatures in “I Love Ewe: Year of the Sheep,” a show that celebrates the Chinese New Year. Whether it’s something you wear or something you admire, the gallery will be transformed with the presence of these sweet animals. Artists from all mediums have been invited to be a part of the show, and with so many sheep lovers on the Island, they expect a fantastic turnout. During the opening reception, Sunday, Feb. 15, from 4 pm to 6 pm, you can partake of everything from spinning demonstrations to sheep cupcakes. Sheep are creative and gentle creatures that bring us warmth and inspiration during these cold months, so come get warm and check it out. Hey, you never know — maybe you’ll see Chilly there! The show continues through March 11. For more info, visit

In other animal news, Island Alpaca Co. was so excited to be part of the Edgartown Library’s story time on Friday, Feb. 6, which featured a visit by the popular storybook character Llama Llama and a reading of stories from a number of Llama Llama’s favorite books. Island Alpaca Co., home to 70-plus Alpaca, brought along Bosco and Atticus Rex, who received a warm welcome from all those in attendance, and were introduced as Llama Llama’s second cousins. A good time was had by all.

Join Tracker Home Decor during the week of Feb. 7th–15th to see the design team’s favorite LEE picks, and receive 30% off their retail shop plus 30% off all special orders from LEE Industries. Highlights of the week will include the LEE Loves Tracker Cocktail Party, Friday, Feb. 13, from 5 pm to 7:30 pm. Sip and shop, and perhaps win a prize drawing from a local Island vendor. If you can’t make that, Saturday, Feb. 14, from 11:30 am to 2 pm, Tracker has teamed up with the Art Cliff Food Truck! Stop by for a Valentine’s Day lunch. Ten percent of event proceeds will benefit Hospice of Martha’s Vineyard, the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, and Martha’s Vineyard Community Services.

Bring your hearts to the Linden Tree.

Please join Sense of Wonder Creations’ young people this Saturday, Feb 14, Valentine’s day from 10 am to 2 pm and after to place your homemade heart on the Linden tree on Main Street in Vineyard Haven (next to Capawock), with your heartfelt hopes, dreams, or prayers for your family, friends, the world or anyone that you know who is in need.

Then, it is up to you and universal love to make your valentine promise come true.

See you on Saturday.

P.S. make it waterproof if possible, or we can help with that.

Write Pam Benjamin with any questions:

Birthday wishes go out this week to Stephanie Vincent, Drew Smith, Steven Dunayer, and Steve Saxonis, who celebrate Feb. 12; to Melissa Lewis, Feb. 14; to Tim Starzyk, Feb. 15; to Mr. Ed Jerome, Feb. 16; and to Barbara Paciello, Feb. 17. Hope you all have a great day.

From left: Rosie Cassidy, Dan Cassidy, Paul Roberts, John McCarron and Dan Deslauriers celebrate a Patriots touchdown during the Super Bowl at The Wharf in Edgartown. – Photo by Michael Cummo

Well, last week was basically canceled due to snow. School, activities, work, life — pretty much all things were canceled or postponed, perhaps with the exception of mass consumption of bread and milk. Luckily, there was no need for battery-operated lighting, despite the many warnings offered on our voicemail by the NSTAR robot. What a lot of snow! And that wind — I thought our whole building might collapse at certain points.

And then there are the pets who require the outside for particular relief. Social media was in a great divide during the storm between dogs who absolutely LOVE the snow and those who find the cold, fluffy white stuff and its accompanying wind a fate worse than death. While Galen Brew and Robbie Robertson were out throwing a ball for an ecstatic Neely, and Whaler Ready was happily burying himself in snowy sand dunes, TeeCee Flynn was cowering under blankets, and my own Enzo and Charlie were looking at me as if I was the meanest human alive. The basic sentiment from the K9 contingent seems to fall into two very separate camps: “Ohboyohboyohboy!!!” and “What exactly did I do to you to earn this abject torture, and if I promise I will absolutely never do it again, will you please for the love of God make all this white stuff go away?” Poor dudes.

Some people were granted their five minutes of fame during the storm, with news trucks on-Island and cable weather stations accepting photo submissions by email and text. Renee and Alissa Habekost graced the NECN weather report in front of a massive snowbank on Planting Field Way. I also saw the Harbor View Hotel on several reports. Perhaps the storm was not quite as historic as we had been warned, but it was most definitely newsworthy. It’s finally feeling like winter in New England.

Speaking of New England, what a Super Bowl! I’m pretty sure that game took years off my life. We had a small crowd of brave souls over at the Shed for an indoor-outdoor “Crock-Pahty”: four Crock-Pots boasted various delicious offerings, which we nervously nibbled through during that nail biter of a game. I’m still in slight disbelief that things ended the way they did — I mean, we thought it was over! But in true Patriots fashion, an opportunity presented itself in the eleventh hour, and our boys got it done. With games like that, we’ll need to equip the Shed with a defibrillator and oxygen masks. Holy cow! Now I suppose it’s time to pack up the hats and jerseys until next year, when this accidental football fan once again hops aboard the roller coaster ride that is New England sports. Good job, Pats! Well done. My heart is slightly the worse for wear, but phew! You certainly finished the job.

We have a new K9 Pats fan on the block this week. Welcome, Cassius! Regular column contributor Hilary Grannis has adopted a boxer puppy, who was recently rescued from Puerto Rico. I’m sure we will be receiving frequent updates on Cassius and his hijinks as he adjusts to Island living. Can’t wait to report on his opinions of snow.

For those of you who were able to escape the recent weather for warmer climes, please take a moment from your sun worship and ambrosia nibbling to share your stories, so that those of us here in the Arctic tundra can bask in the warm golden rays vicariously through you. Seriously. Tell me about your trips, friends. I just wore snowshoes to dig out a heat vent. Throw a girl a bone here.

MV Girls Hockey will be hosting their annual auction Saturday, Feb. 14, at 7 pm at the Wharf, so grab your sweetheart and go help support these talented ladies. Tons of awesome donations will be up for bidding, and yummy appetizers will be provided for your munching pleasure. Find a player and buy your tickets in advance, or else you can score them at the door.

Belated birthday wishes go out to Julianna Nevin Hagerty, who blew out her first candle Jan. 29. Hope you had a good one!

Birthday wishes go out this week to Karen Jardin and Max Sherman, who celebrate Feb. 6; to Stephanie Teller, Feb. 8; to Kelsey Berry, Feb. 9; and to Arielle Hayes, Feb. 11.