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We made it through the first holiday weekend of the 2015 summer season, and the slew of other season firsts that it entails: first hot dog and hamburger on the grill, first bike ride, first Red Sox game over the radio with our toes in the sand. Now it’s time for ice cream and fried clams and consecutive days in short sleeves, and then I’ll know we’re in it.

Tim and Jen Klein had a great gathering on their lawn this weekend for their annual Memorial Day “Rust Remover.” I love this multigenerational event every year, where so many of those of us Edgartown Eagles get a chance to catch up. I love seeing Simon Athearn and Brian Ditchfield, best friends since birth, hanging out on a blanket on the grass with their wives and children, never skipping a beat. Each year there are more and more tiny people, and the group grows. Very cool to watch.

Happy anniversary to Paul and Linda Condlin, who celebrated 35 years of marriage on May 24. The two are freshly back in Edgartown from their winter digs in Florida, and we are glad to have them home. You didn’t miss much, guys, though we did have a couple of light snow flurries here and there.

Looking to support the arts? Dine on Sunday evenings at Beetlebung Restaurant & Bar in Oak Bluffs, and 15 percent of your dinner check will go to Featherstone Center for the Arts. In addition, 15 percent of all purchases made on Sunday evenings at Beetlebung’s retail store, which offers clothing and gifts featuring graphic designs by Vineyard artists, will also be donated to Featherstone. Begins Sunday, June 7, and continues June 14, 21, 28. Visit to make a reservation online.

Mark your calendars: There will be a celebration on July 25th at the Grange Hall in West Tisbury to thank Dr. Jim Weiss, superintendent of schools, for his 10 years of service here on Martha’s Vineyard as well as his career of 40-plus years as an educator. Tickets are available in every school office as well as the superintendent’s office. Tickets will be on sale until June 23rd. Tickets will not be available at the door.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Tom Dresser’s new book, Martha’s Vineyard: A History, you will have a couple of opportunities next week, as Tom will be discussing and signing the book Tuesday, June 2, at 5:30 pm at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, and Friday, June 5, at 12:45 pm at the Anchors. The book captures the overall history of the Vineyard but in an accessible way, so it is easy to read. Tom covers the major events, but also delves into those historical activities that are not center stage, like the train that ran between Edgartown and Oak Bluffs, the demise and possible revival of the heath hen, the filming of Jaws, and the football rivalry between the Vineyard and Nantucket.

Seniors: The Anchors will host “Two to Tango” Tuesday, June 9th, at 1 pm, with actors Richard Clark and Lynne McKenney Lydick. Experience the journey from the dark and stormy war of passion in the 12th century realm of England’s King Henry II to a contemporary clash of bicoastal emotional cultures. James Goldman’s “The Lion in Winter” and Neil Simon’s “Visitor from New York” take us on a bittersweet tour of life, love, and love lost. Please call to sign up for lunch and show.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Dickens Berwind, who celebrates May 29; to Duzza McCarron, May 31; to Bill Brine, June 1; to Hilary Grannis and Mary Johnson, June 2; and to Taylor Pierce, June 3.

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Many of the paintings on display at the Eisenhauer Gallery capture the essence of summertime. – Photo by Michael Cummo

Take a stroll down North Water Street any Thursday evening in the summer, and awaiting you on the steps of the Vineyard Square Hotel is a raucous party, complete with live music, dancing children, and rocking chairs a-rockin’. This weekly spectacle is an offering of the Eisenhauer Gallery, an Edgartown fixture now celebrating its 15th season in business.

The Eisenhauer Gallery kicked off the summer season in style this past Saturday, with Johnny Hoy and the Bluefish setting the musical backdrop, Vintage MV Wine and Spirits pouring the libations, and Sweet Neck oysters providing sustenance. But the true bounty was the art on show. Paintings, sculpture, and jewelry awaited the hungry eye, and the displays did not disappoint.

The Eisenhauer Gallery’s collection varies from realist marine paintings to bold expressionism, exhibiting a diverse body of work that has been carefully selected by gallery owner Elizabeth Eisenhauer, boasting painting and sculpture by both national and international artists.

Johnny Hoy and the Bluefish perform outside the Eisenhauer Gallery to a packed crowd. – Photo by Michael Cummo
Johnny Hoy and the Bluefish perform outside the Eisenhauer Gallery to a packed crowd. – Photo by Michael Cummo

Elizabeth has long been in the business of connecting folks with works of art, having opened her first gallery on Block Island in 1996. The gallery in Edgartown has been in its current location since 2000. Elizabeth says, “I love watching people fall in love with art. The unpredictability of being an art dealer keeps life very entertaining. So much unknown in each day, the adrenalin of the sales, and sheer beauty of my environment is so stimulating.”

Elizabeth credits husband Paul Caval with much of the gallery’s success, as his hard work behind the scene is imperative to the operation. With three sons, a daughter, and four grandchildren, and winters spent in the Abacos, there is no lack of inspiration.

The theme of Saturday’s event was the “Collectors’ Interview,” a new experience complete with ballot boxes and collectors’ commentary. The event welcomed four new artists to the Eisenhauer Gallery’s roster, each with fresh styles and viewpoints. Artist Jill Holland, who was on hand to meet guests and answer questions about her work, presents mixed-media abstract pieces that combine traditional tools with the nontraditional, including gold leaf and spray paint. Raised in Baton Rouge, La., and currently residing in Fredericksburg, Texas, Jill’s work “typically depicts hints of landscapes in abstract form, leaving room for the imagination to tell its own story.”

Suzanne Crocker works in oil on canvas, in large scale, depicting barns. Suzanne says, “My barn paintings are calm and peaceful … the goal is to depict the essence of the place … to capture the mood and light and to focus on what my subject may be feeling.”

Benjamin Anderson presents his latest series of large-scale oil paintings that blend themes of “beauty, war, and materialism.” Benjamin uses water as his visual vehicle, and depicts such things as antique cars just below the surface of a rippling pool of blue. In addition to his own art career, he is also a co-owner and co-curator of the Anderson ART Collective in his home town of Carpinteria, Calif.

Paul Norwood grew up on the coast of Maine, and decided early on that he’d “rather paint the sea than fish from it.” His oil-on-canvas works are fun and vibrant depictions of summer at its finest: swimsuits and sunshine and clear blue ocean for days. Paul’s use of the palette knife provides movement, and his backgrounds of concentric circles offer a note that adds to the almost frantic excitement of the scenes. Paul says, “By combining the figure with bold graphic elements, an invisible, layered reality emerges. Concentric circles echo the rippling of water and heighten the already charged world the figures inhabit.”

These four artists join many others in this bold, daring collection that never ceases to excite the senses. Stop by the gallery next time you are in town, and let Elizabeth help you fall in love with art. You will be glad you did.

The Eisenhauer Gallery, 38 North Water Street, Edgartown. Don’t miss Music in the Square, with a revolving schedule of musicians each Thursday throughout the summer. For additional information on this series and other events, visit


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Last Thursday the restaurant at the Harbor View Hotel opened its doors under a new moniker: the Lighthouse Grill. The new name honors the Edgartown Lighthouse, of which the Harbor View offers the best dining view in Edgartown. The new culinary theme celebrates those who make use of that stalwart beacon in search of safe harbor, with a casual New England bistro-style menu boasting a full raw bar, grilled catches and hearty steaks, and of course a bouillabaisse: the fisherman’s stew of delicious morsels from the sea.

In addition to the dinner choices, Executive Chef Caleb Lara is excited about the new dessert offerings, including a banana split, reminiscent of those summer days of childhood, but with a grown-up twist provided by the brandy-soaked cherries on top. Not to be missed also is the signature cocktail, the Lighthouse Lemonade, a refreshing lemon-infused vodka and elderflower delight.

The new menu features fresh and local favorites. – Photo by Linley Dolby
The new menu features fresh and local favorites. – Photo by Linley Dolby

Lighthouse Grill hosted an opening celebration last week, offering a taste of things to come. Guests sampled the Black Angus steak tartare, the smoked bluefish pate, and oysters, as well as tasty tidbits from the bountiful cheese and charcuterie table, all while sipping Lighthouse Lemonade through black and white striped straws.

General Manager Andrew Bartlett and Chef Caleb Lara addressed the crowd with excitement about the new menu and concept. Mr. Bartlett mentioned other upcoming events and offerings, such as a customer loyalty program; a Father’s Day barbeque featuring antique cars, i.e., a “Car-BQ”; and the opening of the new pool bar, which is slated for June 8.

Also addressed was the team’s devotion to local causes; in particular, the Island Housing Trust. Through May 31, 20 percent of dinner proceeds will benefit Island Housing Trust, which supports Martha’s Vineyard communities by creating and sustaining permanently affordable housing solutions to low- and moderate-income Island families.

Lighthouse Grill will be open daily for breakfast, with brunch on Sundays, and Thursday-Sunday nights for dinner. Starting June 14, the restaurant will be open daily for dinner.


I’ve been working on getting my calendar organized for summer in response to the onslaught of friends eager to plan visits — what’s that quote about how you never knew you had so many friends until you build a beach house? — and I’ve been so thrown by how early Memorial Day weekend seems this year. But as I wander into town, marveling at the lilacs in full bloom that were mere buds only days ago, I stand corrected. When the lilacs come out, it is time to bow our heads in honor of those who have died for our country. Hats off to them.

On a lighter note, it is also time to brace ourselves for the droves that will be bursting in and buzzing about for the next few months. Does anyone else get a jarring feeling the first couple of busy weekends, like you were just alone on a dinghy, then were suddenly joined by a herd of elephants, and are not quite sure how it doesn’t sink? Ah, but we adjust. Time to get the dust off the bike, and let it collect on the car for a bit. I can always use one of the myriad snow-removal tools I employed all winter if I need to dig the four wheels back out for any reason.

Congratulations to Alex Avakian and Emily Norberg on their recent engagement. Always the stylish gent, Big Al waited for a long-planned romantic getaway to Paris to pop the question, and Em’s answer was a resounding yes. We all originally knew Emily as the “girl in the sparkly dress” from Derek and Brooke Avakian’s wedding, who also happened to be Brooke’s first cousin, and now soon-to-be sister-in-law. So happy for you two.

Speaking of growing families, welcome to the world, Owen James Ditchfield. Owen joins parents Brian Ditchfield and Brooke Hardman, and very proud big sis Isla. He is quite the catch, weighing in at 9 pounds, 1 ounce. Have fun getting to know one another.

Sick of all that pollen collecting on your hood? The Edgartown School class of 2016 will hold a car wash this Saturday, May 23, from 10 am to 2 pm at the Edgartown School to raise money for their trip to Washington, DC. The price is $5 per vehicle, and the rain date is May 24. So go give these kids a lesson in economics and auto maintenance, to prepare them for the big trip to the capital.

I love a good free live-music situation, and if you do too, look no further than the Eisenhauer Gallery, which will be celebrating its 15th year on Martha’s Vineyard with the help of Johnny Hoy and the Bluefish this Saturday, May 23rd, from 6 to 8 pm at the Vineyard Square Hotel. Go dance to some tunes and check out a new show experience titled “Collectors Interview,” complete with ballot boxes and collector commentary.

Friends of Family Planning will host its annual Memorial Day weekend Art Show and Fundraiser at the New Agricultural Hall in West Tisbury, Friday, May 22nd, from 10 am to 6 pm, and Saturday, May 23rd, from 10 am to 4 pm. A wine and cheese fundraiser will take place Saturday from 6 to 8 pm. For more information, visit

If you’re looking for a little Edgartown history, in addition to their Sunday service, held at 10:30 am, the Federated Church Meetinghouse will be open daily from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, from May 25th to Oct. 12th, free to the public. The Meetinghouse is located at the corner of South Summer Street and Cooke Street, in Edgartown. Designed by Frederick Baylies Jr., and built in 1828, this was the fifth Meetinghouse of the First Congregational Church of Martha’s Vineyard. Later, Mr. Baylies also designed and built the Baptist Church building on School Street, and the Old Whaling Church on Main Street. In 1925, the members of the Baptist Church, which is now a private home, merged with the members of the Congregational Church, forming what is now the Federated Church. For information, please call 508-627-4221, or visit

Birthday wishes go out this week to Brandon Willett, Tim Klein, and Allison Fisher Savva, who celebrate May 21; to Janice Donaroma and Nicole Le Blond, May 22; to Jerry Bennett, May 23; to Ashley Van Murphy, May 24; and to Liza Dolby and Denise Solomon, May 27. Looks like the party train is rolling on through!

I’m such a proud sister today, having watched my brother Chris sworn in as our town’s new police lieutenant, alongside our new chief, Dave Rossi. I remember riding my bike downtown some 25 or so years ago to hang out with my brother on the corner of Main and Summer while he directed traffic, feeling cool and important. Then, through my teens and early 20s, thinking having a cop for a brother was super lame and annoying, and I couldn’t get away with anything. Now, as an adult and a taxpaying citizen of Edgartown in my own right, it’s just awesome to see and appreciate the progression of his career, and know how lucky we are as a town to have people like Chris and Dave protecting and serving. Hats off, guys.

What a thrilling Mother’s Day for Janice Donaroma, as she paid witness to son Jeff tying the knot with his love, Gislaine Da Silva Barbosa. The two were married by the Rev. John Schule in his chapel, while Janice and Michael, and Gislaine’s brother Alex and his family, shared in this joyous occasion. All the best to the happy couple.

Max Sherman and Danielle Nalepa will be celebrating two weeks of wedded bliss this Saturday, as the two took the plunge May 2 at the Winnetu, surrounded by family and friends. It was fun to see so many familiar faces around town for the momentous occasion. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness.

Bob Avakian has been lauded for his photography from every direction lately. Several of his photos are featured on The Fence Boston, a specially curated exhibit along the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway that will be on display until Sept. 15. Not to be tied to one continent for long, Bob’s Nobska Point photo has been selected for a group show and is headed to Switzerland for the Photo Basel Art Fair in June, and then will be shown at Photo LA in 2016. So very exciting. Check out Bob’s Facebook page, Bob Avakian Photography, for more info on his work.

The Nature Conservatory is seeking volunteers for sandplain grassland restoration,

Friday, May 15, from 1 to 4:30 pm, in Katama. The Nature Conservancy plans to spread native wildflower and grass seeds over six acres of their Bamford Preserve in Katama, so they need lots of help. Stay for the whole afternoon or just one hour; the work involves a lot of walking and can be tiring. Contact Liz Loucks at TNC for more information, 508-693-6287.

And if you can’t get enough of that spring gardening, head over to Mytoi on Chappy for their spring planting and garden cleanup, Saturday, May 16, from 9 am to noon. Celebrate spring by helping care for Mytoi Garden. Spend the morning with the Trustees of Reservations at the Island’s only public Japanese-style garden. Bring your own work gloves, rakes, and shovels. For more info, call 508-693-7662.

Attention fire-fighting enthusiasts, young and old: The Edgartown Fire Museum will open for the season this weekend, and you are invited for an open house, Sunday, May 17, from 11 am to 2 pm to celebrate. The event will include a bouncy house, a cookout, ice cream, fun activities, and of course, fire trucks. So get on down there and ring that bell. You might even see Sparky the Fire Dog sniffing around. This will be a fun event for the whole family.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Jessa Elsasser, who celebrates May 14; to Sara Moses, May 15; to Jamie Le Blond, May 17; and to Casey O’Connor, May 19.


Happy Mother’s Day! The pink and green burgees have been hung along Main Street, and the window elves have been updating their displays in themed colors as downtown prepares for the annual pink and green weekend, a celebration of spring and, of course, Mother’s Day.

One new event this year in the Pink and Green festivities is the Baby Buggy Parade, which will take place Saturday, May 10, at 10 am, beginning in the Mini Park. Decorate your strollers, wagons, and bikes in your finest pink and green and proceed down Main Street. Judging and prizes will take place at the finish.

My favorite pink and green stop is always Donaroma’s, where each year they outdo themselves with fun, flowers, and spectacle. This year’s theme is Cirque du Pink and Green, and the fun will kick off May 8 from 4 to 6 pm. For a listing of more events and specials, visit — and don’t forget to pick up your tickets for the Prom!

It will be an extra-special Mother’s Day weekend in the Klein household, as Jen, Tim, and big brother Elliot welcomed new addition Miss Dylan Paige Klein on April 29 at 12:22 am. The little lady weighed in at 8 pounds, 8 ounces, and the entire family is already in love. Insert heart-eyed emoji here.

In bird news, Jon Laird reports seeing a peregrine falcon taking a dip in his fish pond last week. Says Jon: “Never seen one before … Never expected to while making coffee in my kitchen. Peregrine Falcon 1, Snowy Owl 0.” Amen.

Which reminds me, I still haven’t seen an oyster catcher this year, despite a drive on Norton Point this Sunday. Which additionally reminds me — NORTON POINT! All the way to Chappy! We drove from Katama to the Dike Bridge for the first time in how many years? So exciting. Welcome back to Edgartown, Chappy. We sure did miss ya.

I’ve had a request from the MVRHS Minnesinger Parent’s Group to inform y’all of upcoming opportunities to listen to these talented kids show off their pipes. The Minnesingers present their annual Spring Concert, “An American Songbook,” celebrating 90 years of the Oscars, Saturday, May 9 at 7 pm, and Sunday, May 10 at 3 pm, at the MVRHS Performing Arts Center. Tickets are available from any MVRHS Minnesinger or at the door.

Vineyard Montessori will hold their second annual Flyin’ MV and Fly Me to the Moon events on May 16th. Bring the kids to Katama Airpark from 11 to 2 to check out some marvels of aviation, and then call in the babysitter and spend the evening at the Dunes at the Winnetu from 7 to 10 pm for some grownup fun.

Hey you pack rats: Spring Electronics Disposal Day will take place Saturday, May 16th, from 9 am to 2 pm at Martha’s Vineyard Community Services. Recycle your (personal or business) old and tired air conditioners, cell phones, computers, copiers, dehumidifiers, fax machines, microwaves, monitors, laptops, printers, ranges, refrigerators, scanners, stereo equipment, televisions, washers, dryers, and so on for a nominal fee, which benefits Martha’s Vineyard Community Services. And then enjoy all those clean garage shelves and watch a whole new batch of junk accumulate!

The Martha’s Vineyard Cancer Support Group is having its annual fundraiser, “Evening Under the Stars ” on Thursday, May 14, at Farm Neck from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. The event will include a buffet dinner, drinks, dessert, a raffle, and music by Mike Benjamin. All of the proceeds go to help Island cancer patients and their families with various costs of their treatment. For tickets or more info, call AnneMarie Donahue at 508-627-7958.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Floss Morgan and Leah D’Amato, who celebrate May 8, and to Jessica Burgoyne, May 12. Happy birthday and Mother’s Day, Grammy!

I’m typing this week from one of Edgartown’s winter outposts, out west in Moab, Utah, where several of us winter-weary northerners and assorted East Coast transients gathered for some fun in the desert. Michael and Carol Berwind, our awesome hosts, had our schedule jam-packed with bike rides, hikes, craft projects, and delicious meals, and their adoration for Moab and all its offerings was quite infectious. Laura and Tim Bryan flew in from their winter digs in Sullivan’s Island to join in the red rock fun, and a couple of other Chappy folk popped in for a bit.

Amazing to think in the blink of an eye, everyone will be back in Edgartown. Laura and Tim will be out on the harbor, sails up, racing Miss Aileen; Carol will be in her garden, wrangling weeds and repelling hungry rabbits; and the others will be back in the Chappy ferry line, trying to get the ice cream home from Stop and Shop before it melts into a sticky puddle.

Meanwhile back east, Camden and Ava Townes had the run of Downtown Disney. Though they were thrilled to meet Elsa and Anna from Frozen and partake of all the amusements Disney had to offer, the highlight of the trip was that the girls had their own hotel room. So grown up — thank goodness for those adjoining rooms!

The Martha’s Vineyard Boys & Girls Club, in partnership with the Island Wide Youth Collaborative (Martha’s Vineyard Community Services) and the Harbor View Hotel, invite you to watch the Harlem Rockets take on our local all-star team, the MV Jammers, in a comedy basketball game, Friday, May 8, at 6 pm (doors open at 5:15 pm) in the High School gym. Tickets are available at the Martha’s Vineyard Boys & Girls Club, MV Boys & Girls Club Second Hand Store, and at the door on game night. Bring the family, and be sure to wear green to show your support for National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week.

The fourth annual Pink & Green Weekend, which is a celebration of spring and Mother’s Day, will be held in Edgartown May 8-10. Enjoy the Pink & Green Prom, Mother’s Day brunches, sales, promotions, the third annual Pub Crawl, and more.

Tickets for Pink & Green Prom are now available for purchase online. For info and a full schedule of events, visit

A year ago, a group of Island parents and like-minded community members organized the first After Prom Party for juniors and their dates. The first year, it was a roaring success, and again this year the group is organizing the 2015 After Prom Party. The YMCA has generously donated their facility on the night of May 16th, from 10 pm to 5 am. The Youth Task Force is helping with organization and finances. There is a DJ at poolside until 2 am, excellent food, prizes, music, games, a photo booth, and much more. For more information or to offer support, contact committee co-chairs Rachel Araujo at 774-310-0027 or Debbie DeBettencourt at 774-836-6448.

Friday, May 1st, at the Anchors, the weekly $5 Friday Café lunch at noon will be followed by a free show: “Theatre of the 1930s, 1940s & 1950s” with performing artist and teacher Stephen Collins. Collins explores the legacy of playwrights Tennessee Williams, William Saroyan, Arthur Miller, Eugene O’Neil, and Richard Nash. Call to reserve your spot for lunch and program, 508-627-4368.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Brian Ditchfield, Matt Cutter, and Shelly O’Neil, who celebrate on April 30; to Dave Alton, May 1; to Amy Coffey and Matt Boyle, May 2; and to Hank Leal, May 4. To the other May 4 baby, we’ll continue to keep it anonymous, because as they say, don’t mess with Texas.


We were finally able to entertain outdoors this past weekend, and were so happy to see friends come out of the woodwork for our last-minute throwdown. The most surprising attendee, and the first to grace my lawn, was Jen Klein, who is ready to pop with her second child any day now. I really thought that invite was being sent out into the ether, but lo and behold, Jen is not one to miss a party on a beautiful day.

Another entertaining arrival was Tom O’Hanlon pulling up in his Smart car, which he parked right next to Dave’s newly tuned and tweaked giant pickup truck — essentially it looked like a clown car next to a monster truck. An excellent contrast.

Doug Werther had spent the sunny spring day assembling a new swing set for daughters Violet and Savannah. Coincidentally, a similar project had taken place at the Klein household that day, and Elliot Klein’s and Savannah’s faces lit up with shared glee when it was discovered that BOTH of them had just gotten new swing sets on the SAME DAY. What are the odds? Buddies for life, I think.

Birthday celebrations abounded this past weekend, as Lilly Avakian celebrated her first turn around the sun with a pink and green Lilly Pulitzer-themed birthday party. The highlight for Miss Lilly was having a whole birthday cake all to herself. I love that this tradition continues, as I remember watching her father many, many years ago sink his entire face into his first birthday cake!

Meanwhile, up at Pohogonot Farm, Jason Dyer’s birthday cake risked pyrotechnic disaster, so heavily laden with his 40 candles. The cornhole boards were out, various game balls inflated, and despite a shoulder still recovering in a sling from recent surgery, the birthday boy was quite happy, surrounded by family, friends, K9 buddies, and good eats.

A little public service announcement I thought I would share: I was chatting with Amanda Hollyfield the other day, and I noticed she had a Stop and Shop app on her iPhone. Ever the nosey human, I had to know, Why do you have a Stop and Shop app, and why is it on the first screen of your phone, that sacred space reserved for the most important and frequently used programs? Come to find out, you can input your Stop and Shop card number and then they can just scan your smartphone instead of the actual card. If you are anything like me, bewilderedly shaking your head each time the cashier asks whether you have your card — and forever paying more at the gas pump as those rewards just float away — but are never without your smartphone, then perhaps this is information you too can use.

Calling all opera lovers: The Edgartown library’s Opera Club is meeting Sunday afternoon, April 26, for a special matinee movie on the big screen in the Children’s Room. This month’s program is a screening of Giacomo Puccini’s Turandot. The Metropolitan Opera’s sumptuous production of Puccini’s exciting and majestic final opera is conducted by James Levine, starring Eva Marton in the title role and Placido Domingo as Calaf. Please note, this program is for adults. Call the library for further info: 508-627-4221.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Jason Dyer, who celebrates April 23; to Stacy Ickes, April 24; to Cassie Bradley, April 25; to Coo Cavallo and his honey, Donna, who celebrate April 27 and 28, respectively; and to Lark Bakkensen, April 29. Hope you have a great day.


Opening soon! –MVTimes File photo

What a difference a week will make. Last week, we had crocuses and pinkletinks, and our little world starting to stretch its legs and shake off the sleepy dust. Now we have peeks of sunshine, scattered moments of T-shirt and flip-flop temperatures, and most important, the Red Sox back at Fenway. I was so excited to see the team take the field this week, and the Opening Ceremony was awesome! Tom Brady pitching to Papi? I mean … wow. And how does this relate to Edgartown, you may ask? Because the hammocks go up, the Sox go on the radio, and the napping is nothing short of transcendental. It is a first sign of glorious things to come.

We’re still on a bit of a seasonal cusp, as was made clear while looking for a place to take an out-of-town guest for dinner this past Monday night. We started with Atlantic, which is still closed a couple nights a week, then Rockfish — closed Mondays — then the Harbor View, which was open but slammed for 2-for-1 burger night, and finally we found ourselves back at our old standby: the Wharf. Which, of course, was my original suggestion, ahem. Anyway, as of Thursday, we will have Chesca’s join the ever-growing list of weekend dinner options, and Among the Flowers will be opening its doors this weekend for breakfast and lunch. We also have Atria back, after an early spring respite. And soon everything will be open all the time! Yippee!

April is Poetry Month, and the Edgartown library is celebrating with a special free program on Wednesday evening, April 22: a reading by two Island favorites, poet laureate Steve Ewing, and Rachel Baird. The words — wise, witty, and beautiful — begin to flow at 6:30 pm; a reception will follow.

April is also a favorite of schoolchildren everywhere, as it boasts the eagerly anticipated April vacation. If you have plans to get off the rock for a bit, have fun, and don’t forget to report back your adventures. If you are sticking around, have no fear: Felix has you covered. They invite you to spring into nature with their April vacation programs, April 20–24, 2015, from 8:30 am to 3 pm. Explore different Island properties, learn about wildlife, grow food, make crafts, sing songs, listen to stories, and much more. Every day will offer a different field trip, with destinations including The FARM Institute, where you can help collect eggs, check on the lambs, cook, and prepare for the growing season; Sassafras, where you will learn about survival, play sneak-up games, and spend the day in the Aquinnah woods and be wild; Trustees of Reservations Chappy properties, where you can explore the shore, comb the beach, and check out Mytoi Garden and the Cape Poge Lighthouse; Felix Neck, where you’ll learn about nature’s transformation, explore sights and sounds, and welcome back birds and insects from their winter ways; and Island Grown Schools; where you’ll travel the path from seed to fork: digging in the dirt, planting seeds, and tasting your way through the garden with games and songs. For questions or more information, call Felix Neck at 508-627-4850.

The Pink Squid Yacht Club is making a comeback this year, after raising thousands in past years for college-bound high school scholars. An organizational meeting will take place Tuesday, April 21, at 6:30 pm at the Wharf Pub in Edgartown. Those at the helm strive to continue the great tradition of generosity set by the pioneers of this great club years ago. This meeting aims to discuss the club’s goals and brainstorm fundraising ideas. Contact Ryan Murtha with questions via the PSYC Facebook page.

It seems to be a slow week for birthdays, so that means you get the entire spotlight this week, Megan Shai Brown. Enjoy your April 17th birthday. May it be filled with friends and fun.

What a loss for us all with the passing of Bob Carroll. There is nary an Edgartonian without a story or two to impart about Mr. Carroll. That broad smile. That devilish twinkle in the eye. He always seemed like he was up to something, and all he encountered were eager for a part in it. I’m glad I got to see Mr. Carroll at the Harbor View oyster benefit a couple weeks back, at a big table, holding court as usual. His presence will be sorely missed.

We ran into Peter and Nancy Shemeth on their way home from Mr. Carroll’s memorial celebration, and they assured us it was a very appropriate sendoff, complete with foul language and dirty jokes. Sounds about right. As we chatted on the road, windows down in our trucks, we all had to stop for a minute and listen to the pinkletinks. Jernegan Pond sounds like it is hopping, both literally and figuratively. The frogs have officially declared winter kaput, and hallelujah for that.

My husband Dave celebrated winter’s demise by putting the window scrapers into storage until next year, which was a bit less dramatic than that scene we imagined on West Tisbury Road yesterday when we saw a window scraper lying on the roadside. We decided that driver had had it so badly with snow that he or she threw the thing straight out the window in relief. Amen.

Louis Paciello offered a culinary welcome to spring with the first pizzas of the year from his outdoor pizza oven. A happy Easter indeed for kids Vinny and Frankie and their cousins, who got to munch on the delicious homemade pies. Who needs holiday ham when you’ve got pepperoni? Mangia, indeed.

Are you ready for Town Meeting? The annual gathering will take place Tuesday, April 14, at 7 pm in the Old Whaling Church. If you lost your warrant, which came in the mail recently, you can read up on the town’s website, See you there.

Dianne Durawa, Paul Mohair and many other volunteers from the Healthy Aging Task Force are preparing for the Town Meeting by talking to people about two important items on the Town Meeting warrant — First Stop and MySeniorCenter. If approved by voters in all Island towns, First Stop will be an information and referral website, staffed by a real live human being, to provide comprehensive information for island elders, their families, caregivers on- and off-Island, and Island service providers. Designed to close the current information gap, it will help elders get the information they need about everything from assisted living, home and respite care, geriatric assessments, and ramps, to home repair, transportation, and wellness programs. MySeniorCenter is cutting-edge digital technology to strengthen COAs, saving staff time and enabling COA members to sign up from home for a broad range of activities all over the Island.

Join the Vineyard Conservation Society for their 23rd annual Earth Day beach cleanup, Saturday, April 11 from 10 am to noon. It’s a great activity for families and individuals looking to get outside while giving back to our Island. Volunteers will be on hand with what you need, but bring your own gloves and bags if you have them. For a full list of beaches, go to And make sure to visit the Harbor View Hotel around noon for the afterparty. Contact Signe Benjamin at for more info.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Nancy Morris and Amy Heil, who celebrate April 9; to Jennifer Neville, April 10; to Pam Cassidy, April 12; to Paula Smith, April 13; and to Mikey Harmon, April 14. Have a good one!