Visiting Vet: Summer stress, sometimes deadly

I can’t believe I have to say this again. Don’t leave your dog in the car! Seriously, don’t you people ever go on Facebook? Even my rare forays into social media tell me that FB is plastered with posters about the dangers of hot cars. Do you think your dog is immune? I know, I know. You’re just running in for a minute. Uh-huh. Is there really such a thing as “running in for a minute” on the Vineyard in July?

Visiting Vet: When a dog bites, caution is the best preventative

Michelle Gerhard Jasny, V.M.D. has been practicing veterinary medicine on the Vineyard since 1982 and writing the Visiting Vet column for more than 25 years. She lives and works in West Tisbury. She can be reached at: “Be careful,” the owner cautioned as we led Rita, the shepherd cross, into the living room. “She’s […]

Visiting Vet: False alarm

The day looked fairly routine. Recheck cat with hyperthyroidism. Lyme booster. Annual physical. House call to cat at assisted living residence. Dog with red eye. Cat with head tilt. I paused. Who had the head tilt? A 13-year-old Russian Blue cross named Anastasia whom I had known since she was a little four-pound kitten.

Visiting Vet: When bleak prospects intersect with old age

Definitive treatment requires definitive diagnosis, but was putting Nana through risky and painful procedures in her best interests when the long-term prognosis is very guarded? We had followed a long trail, through the many maladies of her youth to a tumor on her hip, from a cough to hypercalcemia to a second, far more serious tumor. For now, Nana is still wagging that tail.