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Something’s wrong with Gamaliel

The gentle chirp of crickets alerts me to a weekend text message from my answering service — a pleasant improvement from the days when...

 Travels with Fido

Waving goodbye to my older daughter as she headed off to summer camp in New Hampshire, I sat down, teary-eyed, to write, but I...

Visiting Vet: Little dog brings big challenge

Tidbit is a tiny toy poodle, weighing only 5 pounds. OK, I don’t really have a patient named Tidbit, but let’s imagine I do....

Encountering new diseases

In 2004, 22 greyhounds at a Florida racetrack came down with fever and cough. Outbreaks of respiratory disease in such close-quarter environments are often...

An elderly bishon with a series of troubles

Violet is a bichon frisé. No, that’s not a kind of lettuce. It’s a canine breed the AKC describes as a “small, sturdy, white...

Straight to the specialist?

If you’ve been reading my column faithfully, you already know I broke my big toe a few weeks ago. (I like to remind people...


I fell off my bike last week and, being old enough that I no longer bounce well, I broke my toe. My big toe....

Flea products

Spring arrives, heralded by pinkletinks, crocuses ... and ticks — followed closely by a flood of pet owners in search of flea and tick...

Pet food recall

A glistening golden retriever bounds across a field of green. A border collie leaps to catch a Frisbee. The perfect poster pups for health...

Westminster was a doggone bar

The famed New York dog show began when a group of sportsmen decided to show off their dogs. This year the beagle is top dog.


When Mother Nature first graced us with two feet of snow, we diligently kept our animals inside through the actual storm, but afterward, nature...

What’s that funny bulge?

And how do we get rid of it?

At Hanukkah, remembering Mula Jasny

And the melodies that preserve the bonds among generations.

Baffled by barfing

It’s not unusual for dieting dogs to try to foil our good intentions by finding, well, let’s call it “alternative food sources.”

Triaditis: bad things come in threes

A cat can be in real trouble if its pancreas, liver, and bowel are simultaneously inflamed.

Bug off!

Ear mites cause both mechanical and chemical irritation, and often an allergic hypersensitivity reaction as well.

What’s with the weird eyes?

Though an efficient hunter, Dahlia appeared not to see a mouse when it wasn’t moving.

Visiting Vet

Walter the beleaguered beagle

Fraidy Cats and Panicky Pups

On the way to the vet with a fraidy cat?

Looking out for dry eye

Tears function to nourish, lubricate, and protect the eye as well as remove debris and bacteria.